Below see the list of Federal Commonly used Acronyms or all the hard to understand works used by the government.  The list is designed to help safe time for new vendors when trying to uncover language in a government RFP. John Wayne at US Federal Contractor Registration put this list together by dealing with countless Federal contracts while working as a placement specialist at US Federal Contractor Registration.  If you have some other Acronyms you would like to add to this list please feel free to call or email John Wayne at 877-252-2700 Ext 747 or jwayne@usfcrgov.com.

Federal ACRONYM List


A&E         Architect/Engineer

AAOP     American Academy of Orthotics and Prosthetics

ABC         American Board for Certification in Orthotics, Prosthetics & Pedorthics

ACAT       Acquisition Category

ACC         Air Combat Command

ACO         Administrative Contracting Officer

ACWP     Actual Cost of Work Performed

ADA         Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990

ADR         Alternative Dispute Resolution

ADPE       Automated Data Processing Equipment

AETC       Air Education and Training Command

AF            Air Force

AFI           Air Force Instruction

AFPIMS   AF Public Information Management System

AFRIMS   Air Force Information Management System database

AFSSI       AF System Security Instructions

AFRC       Air Force Reserve Command

AFROTC  Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps

AFSPC     Air Force Space Command

AFV          Alternative Fuel Vehicle

AI             Action Item

AI             Adobe Illustrator

AIS           Automated Information System

ANSI        American National Standards Institute

AOPA    American Orthotic and Prosthetic Association

ARRA       American Recovery Reinvestment Act

ASBCA    Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals

ASAP        As soon as possible

ATN         Air Training Network

ATM        Automatic Teller Machine

AV           Audio visual


B&P         Bid and Proposal

BAA          Buy American Act

BAA         Broad Agency Announcement

BAFO       Best and Final Offer

BASE        Building Antennae Span Earth

BCA         Board of Contract Appeals

BD            Business Development

BIA           Bureau of Indian Affairs

BKA          Below Knee Amputation

BMP         Bitmap

BMSC      Base Multimedia Service Center

BMM       Base Multimedia Manager

BOA         Basic Ordering Agreement

BOA         Basis of Award

BOC         Board for Orthotis-Prosthetist Certification (Accredited Facilities Program)

BOD         Beneficial Occupancy Date

BOSC       Base Operating Support Contract

BPA          Blanket Purchasing Agreement

BPO         Blanket Purchase Order

BRAC       Base Realignment and Closure


CA          Cooperative Agreement

CAC        Commander’s Access Channel

CAC        Common Access Card

CAD/CAM Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturer

CAGE     Commercial and Government Entity

CAV       Contractor Assistance Visit

CBA       Collective Bargaining Agreement

CBO       Congressional Budget Office

CCD       Contract Completion Date

CCN       Contract Change Notice

CCP        Contract Change Proposal

CCR        Central Contracting Registration

CD           Compact disk

CDC       Center for Disease Control

CDC        Career Development Course

CDD       Contract Delivery Data

CDSAR    Course Development & Student Administration Record-Keeping System

CE            Civil Engineering

CEN       Bureau of the Census

CFE        Contractor Furnished Equipment

CFM       Contractor Furnished Material

CFDA      Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance

CFR        Code of Federal Regulations

CFSR      Contract Funds Status Report

CHESS    Computer Hardware Enterprise Software and Solutions

CIA         Central Intelligence Agency

CICA      Competition in Contracting Act

CIO        Chief Information Officer

CLIN       Contract Line Number

CLIN      Contract Line Item Number

CLS         Contractor Logistics Support

CMO      Contract Management Office

CNO       Chief of Naval Operations

CO/KO  Contracting Officer

CO          Comanding Officer

COC       Certificate of Competency

COI          Conflict of Interest

COMPUSEC  Computer Security Program

COMSEC   Communications Security

CONUS Continental United States

COR        Contracting Officers Representative

COTR     Contracting Officer’s Technical Representative

COTs      Commercial-Off-The-Shelf

CPAF     Cost Plus Award Fee

CPARS   Contractor Performance Assessment Review/Reporting System

CPES      Comprehensive Professional Energy Services

CPFF      Cost Plus Fixed Fee

CPIF       Cost Plus Incentive Fee

CPM      Critical Path Method

CPN       Contract Payment Notice

CPR        Cost Performance Report

CRADA  Cooperative Research and Development Agreement

CSA        Client Support Activity

CSP        Commercial Sales Practices

CTA        Contractor Teaming Arrangement

CQC       Contractor Quality Control

CWHSSA Contract Work Hours Safety Standards Act


DA            Department of the Army

DAR         Defense Acquisition Regulation

DAU         Defense Acquisition University

DB Act     Davis Bacon Act

DCAA      Defense Contract Audit Agency

DEA         Drug Enforcement Agency

DFARS     Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement

DFAS       Defense Finance and Accounting Service

DHS         Department of Homeland Security

DI             Document Identifier

DIA          Defense Intelligence Agency

DISA        Defense Information Systems Agency

DLA          Defense Logistics Agency

DLH          Direct Labor Hour

DMEPOS Durable Medical Equipment Prosthetics, Orthotics, and Supplies

DNB         Dun & Bradstreet

DOC         Department of Commerce

DOD         Department of Defense

DOE         Department of Energy

DOI          Department of the Interior

DOJ          Department of Justice

DOL         Department of Labor

DoN         Department of the Navy

DOS         Department of State

DOS         Disk Operating System

DOT         Department of Transportation

DPS          Digital Processing System

DSBS        Dynamic Small Business Search

DSN         Defense Switched Network

DSS          Defense Security Service

DTRA       Defense Threat Reduction Agency

DUNS      Data Universal Numbering System

DUN’S#   Dun & Bradstreet Number

DVD         Direct Vendor Delivery

DVD         Digital Versatile Disk


EAR          Export Administration Regulations

EBSA       Employee Benefits Security Administration

EC            Electronic Commerce

ECD          Estimated Completion Date

ECI           National Institute on Early Childhood Development and Education

ECI           Extension Course Institute

ECP          Emergency Conservation Program

ED            Department of Educuation

EDA         Economic Development Administration

EDGAR    Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis and Retrieval

EDWOSB Economically Disadvantaged Women Owned Small Business

EEO          Equal Employment Opportunity

EEOC       Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

EFA          Engineering Field Activity

EFD          Engineering Field Division

EFT           Electronic Funds Transfer

EIA           Energy Information Administration

EISA         Energy Independence and Security Act

EIC           Electronic Imaging Center

EIT           Electronic and Information Technology

EM           Office of Environmental Management

EO            Executive Order

EPA          Economic Price Adjustment

EPA          Environmental Protection Agency

EP Act      Expedient Payment Act

EPS          Encapsulated postscript format

EPLS        Excluded Parties List System

ESRS        Electronic Subcontract Reporting System

ETA          Employment and Training Administration


FAA        Federal Aviation Administration

FAC        Federal Acquisition Circular

FAI         Federal Acquisition Institute

FAO       Food and Agriculture Organization

FAPIIS     Federal Awardee Performance Indication Information System

FAPRS   Federal Assistance Programs Retrieval System

FAR        Federal Acquisition Regulation

FAS        Federal Acquisition Service

FEDREG Federal Agency Registration

FBI         Federal Bureau of Investigation

FBO        Federal Business Opportunities (FedBizOpps)

FCC        Federal Communications Commission

FDA        Food and Drug Administration

FDIC       Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

FDR        Final or Formal Design Review

FEB        Federal Executive Board

FEDBID   Federal Bids

FEC        Federal Election Commission

FEMA    Federal Emergency Management Agency

FEMP    Federal Energy Management Program

FERC      Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

FETC      Federal Energy Technology Center

FFATA   Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act

FFP         Firm Fixed Price

FFRDC   Federally Funded Research and Development Center

FHA        Federal Housing Administration

FIA         Federal Insurance Administration

FI Act      Freedom of Information Act

FIPS       Federal Information Processing Standard

FISMA   Federal Information Security Management Act

FLRA      Federal Labor Relations Authority

FLSA      Fair Labor Standards Act

FMLA    Family and Medical Leave Act

FMS       Financial Management Service

FMV      Fair Market Value

FNCS     Food, Nutrition and Consumer Services

FNS        Food and Nutrition Service

FOIA       Freedom of Information Act Program

FOSE      Federal Office System Exposition

FOUO    For Official Use Only

FOIA       Freedom of Information Act

FOYA      Facility of the Year Awards

FPDC     Federal Procurement Data Center

FPCON   Force Protection Condition

FPDS      Federal Procurement Data System

FPR        Final Proposal Revision

FR           Federal Register

FRB        Federal Reserve Board

FSC        Federal Supply Code/Classification

FSO         Facility Security Officer

FSIS       Food Safety and Inspection Service

FSRS      FFATA Subaward Reporting System

FSS         Federal Supply Service

FTA        Federal Transit Administration

FTC        Federal Trade Commission

FTE         Full Time Employee


G&A      General and Administrative

GAA       General Agency Agreement

GAO      Government Accountability Office

GCA       Government Contractors Association

GE          Government Estimate

GFE         Government-furnished equipment

GFP         Government-Furnished Property

GIDM     Government Industry Data Mart

GIS         Geographic Information Systems

GIS          Graphics Imaging System

GPE       Government Wide Point-of-Entry

GPO       Government Printing Office

GPS       Global Positioning System

GSA       General Services Administration

GSAR     General Services Administration Acquisition Regulation

GSFC     Goddard Space Flight Center

GUI         Graphical User Interface

GWA     Government Wide Accounting Project Group

GWAC   Government Wide Acquisition Contract

GWOB   Government Without Boundaries


HAC          Health Administration Center

HAZWOPER  Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response Standard   OSHA Training consist of a 24 hour course and followed by a 16 hour course.

HCPCS      Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System

HHS          Department of Health and Human Services

HIPAA      Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996

HPCC        High Performance Computing and Communications

HRSA        Health Resources and Services Administration

HSB           Head Start Bureau

HSPD        Homeland Security Presidential Directive

HUBZone Historically Underutilized Business Zone


IA               Information Assurance

IA               Import Administration

IAAP          Information Assurance Awareness Program

IAOP          International Association of Orthotics and Prosthetics

IAW           In accordance with

ICC             Interstate Commerce Commission

ICS             Incident Command System Training FEMA

ICW           Interactive Courseware

ID               Identification

IDIQ           Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity

IES             Institute of Education Services

IFB             Invitation for Bid

IFF              Industrial Funding Fee

IG               Inspector General

IGCE          Independent Government Cost Estimate

ILAB           Bureau of International Labor Affairs

ILC             Irrevocable Letter of Credit

IMF            International Monetary Fund

IMI             Interactive Multimedia Instruction

INS             Immigration and Naturalization Service

INTERPOL International Criminal Police Organization

IO               Bureau of International Organization Affairs

IOA            Industrial Operations Analyst

IQC            Indefinite Quantity Contract

IRS             Internal Revenue Service

ISC             Inter-agency Security Committee

ITA             International Trade Administration

ITC             United States International Trade Commission

ITP             Integrated Test Plan

ITSS            Information Technology Solutions Shop

ITR             Initial Technical Review

ITU             Instructional Technology Unit

IFYC           Institute of Youth, Family, and Community (formerly YFC)


J&A          Justification and Approval

JCP          Joint Certification Program System

JCS           Joint Chiefs of Staff

JCCC        Joint Combat Camera Center

JEC           Joint Economic Committee

JPEG        Joint Photographic Experts Group

JV             Joint Venture

JWOD      Javits-Wagner-O’Day Program


KAFB        Keesler Air Force Base

KETV        Keesler Television

KO/CO    Contracting Officer


LAN         Local Area Network

LC/LOC   Library of Congress

L-CODE   Medicare Code for Artificial Limbs

LD            Liquidated Damages

LEED        Leadership in Environmental and Engineering Design

LOB          Line of Business


M&O        Management & Operations

MAC         Multi-Agency Contracts

MARAD    Maritime Administration

MARVEL  Machine Assisted Realization of the Virtual Electronic Library

MAS         Multiple Award Schedule

MATOC    Multiple Awards Task Order Contract

MBDA      Minority Business Development Agency

MEP          Multimedia (Visual Information) Equipment Plan

MEPCOM Military Entrance Processing Command

MEPFP     Mechanical Electrical Plumbing Fire Protection

MEPS       Military Entrance Processing Station

MFC           Most Favored Customer

MILCON   Military Construction (Appropriation)

MILHDBK  Military Handbook

MILSPEC   Military Specification

MOBIS      Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services

MOD         Modification

MOU         Memorandum of Understanding

Mpin         Marketing Partner Identification Number

MSA          Metropolitan Statistical Area

MSC          Military Sealift Command

MSDS        Material Safety Data Sheet


NAAOP    National Association for the Advancement of Orthotics and Prosthetics

NAC          National Agency Check

NACIC      National Counter Intelligence Center

NAFTA     North American Free Trade Agreement

NAICS      North American Industry Classification System

NAL          National Agricultural Library

NARA       National Archives and Records Administration

NARFE      National Association of Retired Federal Employees

NASA       National Aeronautics and Space Administration

NATO       North Atlantic Treaty Organization

NAVSAC  Naval Air Systems Command

NAVFAC   Naval Facilities Engineering Command

NAVSEA   Naval Sea Systems Command

NAVSUP   Naval Supply Systems Command

NBC          Nuclear, Biological and Chemical

NCBSI       National Center for Small Business Information

NCEH        National Center for Environmental Health

NCES        National Center for Education Statistics

NCHC       National Crime History Check

NCHS        National Center for Health Statistics

NCID         National Center for Infectious Diseases

NCMA      National Contract Management Association

NCR          National Capital Region

NCS          National Communications Systems

NDA          Non-Disclosure Agreement

NEC          National Economic Council


NIH           National Institute of Health

NIJ            National Institute of Justice

NIMH       National Institute of Mental Health

NIMS        National Incident Maqnagement System (FEMA Training)

NIPC         National Infrastructure Protection Center

NLT           No later than

Npin         Nato Partner Identifcation Number

NSA          National Security Agency

NSC          National Security Council

NSN          National Stock Numbers

NSTC        National Science and Technology Center

NTE           Not to Exceed

NTP          Notice to Proceed

NWS         National Weather Service

NAAOP    National Association for the Advancement of Orthotics and Prosthetics


OASIS       One Acquisition Solution for Integrating Services

OWBO      Office of Women’s Business Ownership

O&M        Operation and Maintenance

OA            Office of Administration

OBE          Overcome by Events

OBL           Office of Business Liason

OCONUS  Outside the Continental United States

OCSIT       Office of Citizen Services and Innovative Technologies

OCR          Optical Character Recognition

ODC          Other Direct Costs

OFM         Office of Financial Management

OFR           Office of the Federal Register

OGE          Office of Government Ethics

OGP          Office of Government Wide Policy

OHRP       Office of Human Research Protections

OIG           Office of Inspector General

OJT           On-the-job-training

OMB         Office of Management and Budget

ONR          Office of Naval Research

OPSEC      Operations Security

OPM         Office of Personnel Management

OPR          Office of Primary Responsibility

ORI/UEI   Organizational Readiness Inspections/Unit Effectiveness Inspections

ORCA       Online Representations and Certifications Applications

OSBP        Office of Small Business Programs

OSDBU     Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization

OSHA       Occupational Safety and Health Administration

OSTI         Office of Scientific and Technical Information

OTA          Office of Technology Assessment

OTP          Operational Test Plan

OWCP      Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs


P&L         Profit and Loss

PA            Public Affairs

PBA         Performance Based Acquisition

PBS          Public Buildings Service

PCO         Performance Contracting Officer

PCS          Permanent change of station

PCU         Procuring Contracting Officer

PDF          Portable Document Format

PDR         Preliminary Design Review

PHS          Public Health Service

PIV           Personal Identification Verification (Federal)

PL             Public Law

PMO        Program Management Office

PMP        Program Management Plan

PO            Purchase Order

POC         Point of Contact

POP         Period of Performance

PPIRS      Past Performance Information Retrieval System

PRC          Price Reduction Clause

PSC          Product and Service Codes

PTACs     Procurement Technical Assistance Centers

PTO         Patent and Trademark Office

PW           Public Works

PW           Prevailing Wages

PWS        Performance Work Statement


QA         Quality Assurance

QAE       Quality Assurance Evaluator

QAP       Quality Assurance Plan

QASP     Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan

QC          Quality Control

QCS       Quality Control System

QCP        Quality Control Plan

QPL        Quality Products List

QSLD      Qualified Suppliers List of Distributors

QTP         Development & AF Qualification Training Package


R&D       Research and Development

RA          Reserve Affairs

RAM       Random Antiterrorism Measures

RAM       Random Access Memory

RFB        Request for Bid

RFI         Request for Information

RFP        Request for Proposal

RFQ        Request for Quotation

RMA      Risk Management Agency

RMS      Resident Management System

ROM       Read Only Memory

RS Act     Randolph Sheppard Act

RSPA     Research and Special Programs Administration


SAM      System for Award Management

SAP        Simplified Acquisition Procedures

SAR         Search and Rescue

SAT        Simplified Acquisition Threshold

SATOC  Single Award Task Order Contract

SBA        Small Business Administration

SBG       SBA’s Surety Bond Guarantee

SBIR       Small Business Innovation Research

SCA        Service Contract Act

SCAC       Standard Carrier Alpha Code

SDDC       Surface Deployment and Distrobution Command

SEC        Securities and Exchange Commission

SECDEF Secretary of Defense

SF           Standard Form

SIC         Standard Industrial Classification

SIN         Special Item Number

SIOH      Supervision, Inspection & Overhead

SIPRNET Secret Internet Protocol Router Network

SITIS        Interactive Topic Information Systems

SMDP      Standardized Military Drawing Program

SMPTE    Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers

SOC         Solutions Order Contract

SOF          Special Operations Forces

SOL          Solicitations

SOP         Standard Operating Procedure

SOW        Statement of Work

SPAWAR Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command

SPEC        Specification

SS             Secret Service

SSA          Social Security Administration

SSI           Supplemental Security Income Program

SSN          Social Security number

SSP          Strategic Systems Programs

SSQ          Schedule Sales Query

SSFO        Servicing Security Forces Organization

STTR        Small Business Technology Transfer


T&C       Terms and Conditions

T&M      Time and Materials

TA          Teaming Agreement

TAA       Trade Agreements Act

TBD        To Be Determined (Developed)

TD          Technology Development

TDY         Temporary duty

TEMS    Telecommunication Expert Management Services

TFC        Termination for Convenience

TFD        Termination for Default

TIFF        Tagged Image File Format

TIN         Taxpayer Identification Number

TJC         The Joint Commission

TM         Technical Manual

TO          Task Order / Technical Order

TOC       Task Order Contract

TQM      Total Quality Management

TRW       Training Wing

TS           Top Secret (clearance)

TS/SCI   Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information


UCI         Unit Compliance Inspection

USA         United States of America

USAS       USA Spending

USC         United States Code

USDA      United States Department of Agriculture

USFCR     United States Federal Contractor Registration

USITC      United States International Trade Commission

USTR       United States Trade Representative

UCA         Undefinitized Contract Action

UI             Unit of Issue

USA         United States Army

USACE    United States Army Corps of Engineers

USAF       United States Air Force

USCG      United States Coast Guard

USG         United States Government

USMC     United States Marine Corps

USCJCP   United States / Canadian Joint Certification Program System


VA          Department of Veteran Affairs

VAMC   VA Medical Center

VAR       Value Added Reseller

VBA       Veteran’s Benefits Administration

VE          Value Engineering

VECP     Value Engineering Change Proposal

VGSA      Visitor Group Security Agreement

VI            Visual Information

VIDOC   Visual Information Documentation

VIEP       Visual Information Equipment Plan

VIPR        Virtual Incident PRocurement

VIRIN     Visual Information Record Identification Number

VOSB     Veteran Owned Small Business


WAWF  Wide Area Workflow

WDOL   Wage Determinations Online

WIFCON Where in Federal Contracting

WIP         Work in Place

WMF       Windows Metafile

WOSB     Women Owned Small Business

WTO        World Trade Organization


XSD         X-Ray Science Division


YCC         Youth Conservation Corps

YE4C       Youth Engaged 4 Change

YFC          Institute of Youth, Family, and Community (changed to IYFC)

YRBSS     Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System

YSS          Year of the Solar System

YTS          Youth Tobacco Survey


ZBA          Zip Code Business Patterns

ZCTA        Zip Code Tabulation Areas

ZIPCode  Zone Improvement Plan Code

Product Service Codes (PSCs)

A – Research and Development

B – Special Studies and Analyses – Not R&D

C – Architect and Engineering – Construction

D – Automatic Data Processing and Telecommunication

E – Purchase of Structures and Facilities

F – Natural Resources and Conservation

G – Social Services

H – Quality Control, Testing, and Inspection

J – Maintenance, Repair, and Rebuilding of Equipment

K – Modification of Equipment

L – Technical Representative

M – Operation of Government Owned Facilities

N – Installation of Equipment

P – Salvage Services

Q – Medical Services

R – Professional, Administrative and Management Support

S – Utilities and Housekeeping Services

T – Photographic, Mapping, Printing, and Publications

U – Education and Training

V – Transportation, Travel and Relocation

W – Lease or Rental of Equipment

X – Lease or Rental of Facilities

Y – Construction of Structures and Facilities

Z – Maintenance, Repair or Alteration of Real Property

Federal Supply Classification / Codes (FSCs)

10 – Weapons

11 – Nuclear Ordinace

12 – Fire Control Equipment

13 – Ammunitions and Explosives

14 – Guided Missiles

15 – Aircraft and Airframe Structural Components

16 – Aircraft Components and Accessories

17 – Aircraft Launching/Landing/Ground Handling Equip.

18 – Space Vehicles

19 – Ships, Small Craft, Pontoons, and Floating Docks

20 – Ship and Marine Equipment

22 – Railway Equipment

23 – Ground Vehicles, Motor Vehicles, Trailers, Cycles

24 – Tractors

25 – Vehicular Equipment Components

26 – Tires and Tubes

28 – Engines, Turbines, and Components

29 – Engine Accessories

30 – Mechanical Power Transmission Equipment

31 – Bearings

32 – Woodworking Machinery and Equipment

34 – Metalworking Machinery

35 – Service and Trade Equipment

36 – Special Industry Machinery

37 – Agricultural Machinery and Equipment

38 – Construction, Mining, Excavating, Highway Maint.

39 – Materials Handling Equipment

40 – Rope, Cable, Chain, and Fittings

41 – Refrigeration, Air Conditioning Equip.

42 – Fire Fighting, Rescue, and Safety Equipment

43 – Pumps and Compressors

44 – Furnace/Steam Plant/Drying Equip, Nuclear Reactors

45 – Plumbing, Heating, and Sanitation Equipment

46 – Water Purification and Sewage Treatment Equipment

47 – Pipe, Tubing, Hose, Fittings

48 – Valves

49 – Maintenance and Repair Shop Equipment

51 – Hand Tools

52 – Measuring Tools

53 – Hardware and Abrasives

54 – Prefabricated Structures and Scaffolding

55 – Lumber, Millwork, Plywood, and Veneer

56 – Construction and Building Materials

58 – Communications, Detection and Coherent Radiation

59 – Electrical and Electronic Equipment Components

60 – Fiber Optics Materials and Components

61 – Electric Wire, and Power and Distribution Equipment

62 – Lighting Fixtures and Lamps

63 – Alarm, Signal, and Detection Systems

65 – Medical, Dental, and Veterinary Equipment

66 – Instruments and Laboratory Equipment

67 – Photographic Equipment

68 – Chemicals and Chemical Products

69 – Training Aids and Devices

70 – ADP Equipment Software, Supplies, Equipment

71 – Furniture

72 – Household/Commercial Furnishings and Appliances

73 – Food Preparation and Serving Equipment

74 – Office Machines

75 – Office Supplies and Devices

76 – Books, Maps, and Other Publications

77 – Musical Instruments

78 – Recreational and Athletic Equipment

79 – Cleaning Equipment and Supplies

80 – Brushes, Paints, Sealers, and Adhesives

81 – Containers, Packaging, and Packing Supplies

83 – Textiles/Leather/Furs/Apparel/Shoes/Tents/Flags

84 – Clothing, Individual Equipment, and Insignia

85 – Toiletries

87 – Agricultural Supplies

88 – Live Animals

89 – Subsistence (Food)

91 – Fuels, Lubricants, Oils, and Waxes

93 – Nonmetallic Fabricated Materials

94 – Nonmetallic Crude Materials

95 – Metal Bars, Sheets, and Shapes

96 – Ores, Minerals, and Their Primary Products

99 – Miscellaneous

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