WordPress natively incorporates user profiles and access levels. It only makes sense that it can be easily used for membership sites, directories, and more. This is one of the reasons why those building with WordPress find themselves wanting to change up WordPress login forms.

Sometimes you need to modify your WordPress login form to make it easier for clients, make it more user friendly, or maybe leverage social media sign-ins.

Finally, there are some of us who want to modify the login form for the simple reason that it adds a little eye candy to the login process.

No matter your reason, here are some of the best WordPress login forms available on CodeCanyon:

1. UserPro - User Profiles with Social Login

UserPro - User Profiles with Social Login is far more than another way to log in to WordPress. It includes a number of helpful integrations and membership features.

log in to WordPress with one click using social media logins

enjoy well-designed front-end user profiles

use unlimited custom fields

set up content restrictions

and much, much more

While the social media WordPress login is very helpful, it's the many membership site features that make UserPro - User Profiles with Social Login shine.

2. Custom Login & Access WordPresss Plugin

Custom Login & Access WordPresss Plugin is both a beautiful WordPress login form and a restricted content solution.

Features include:

block and/or restrict pages, posts, post types, categories, taxonomies, or all content

CAPTCHA for login, register, and forgotten password and username forms

restrict WordPress Dashboard access for subscriber levels

redirect for both user login and logout

and much more

Custom Login & Access WordPresss Plugin is a beautiful WordPress login and content restriction solution.

3. Modal Login Register Forgotten WordPress Plugin

The Modal Login Register Forgotten WordPress Plugin is a simple, well-designed WordPress login form that brings all your login, register, and forgotten password action to full modal elegance.

You can set it up with:

a custom URL redirect after login

unlimited color styles

login widget

and more

If you're looking for a simple, beautifully designed modal WordPress login form, take a look at the Modal Login Register Forgotten WordPress Plugin.

4. WordPress Custom Login Theme Page

You can easily customize your WordPress login form with WordPress Custom Login Theme Page.

You may never want the default login page again...

Features include:

fully responsive templates

custom logo option

free themes

and more

Straightforward. Easy to use. If you want to quickly and easily customize WordPress login forms, you'll want to use WordPress Custom Login Theme Page.

5. Captcha Plus

With over 25% of the web being powered by WordPress, security is going to be a concern. Adding another layer of login security with WordPress login forms is always a good idea.

You might want to consider Captcha Plus.

The great thing about this WordPress plugin is that it also works with registration forms, comments, and one of the most popular WordPress contact forms, Contact Form 7.

“Captcha plugin is the best security solution that protects your WordPress website forms from spam entries by means of math logic.”

Captcha Plus includes many helpful features and doesn't require a subscription.

6. Popup Plugin for WordPress - Layered Popups & Login Box - Layered Popups Add-On

Popup Plugin for WordPress - Layered Popups combined with Login Box - Layered Popups Add-On gives you more than just a WordPress login forms plugin.

Popup Plugin for WordPress is a full-fledged popup plugin, making it super easy to create pop-ups on your website. Login Box is a premium add-on that gives you WordPress login functionality.

Layered Popup supports:






You can also:

hook into over 50 different marketing systems

pick from over 150 templates

and much more

Popup Plugin for WordPress - Layered Popups combined with the premium addon Login Box - Layered Popups Add-On is a cool way to set up an alternative WordPress login form and give yourself a whole array of popups for other uses.

7. 5sec Google Authenticator 2-Step Login Protection

More and more websites are advising users to use two-step login protection. In fact, some online services are giving customers who enable two-step verification a discount.

Now with 5sec Google Authenticator 2-Step Login Protection you can add that same kind of protection to your WordPress installs.

You are essentially adding bank-grade security. Even if you tick “remember password” or someone knows your password in the first place, you can't get past Google Authenticator.

Moreover, you'll find this WordPress plugin to include:

workarounds for lost/damaged phones using Google Authenticator app

per-user option for two-step authentication

built-in IP-based brute-force protection

and much more

Add more security to your WordPress login with 5sec Google Authenticator 2-Step Login Protection.

8. Master Modal LogIn PopUp

The Master Modal LogIn PopUp is very masterful, packed full of options you're looking for in WordPress login forms.

Templates are fully responsive, any language can be used, and the back-end popup templates can be edited however you like.

You'll also find:

an option to disable the standard wp-login page

redirects for signup, login, and logout

Facebook and Google social login

easy to add a video embed

brute-force login protection

and much more

The Master Modal LogIn PopUp makes it easy to design and deploy custom WordPress login forms.

9. Loginstyle WordPress Login Page Styler

Loginstyle WordPress Login Page Styler provides some beautiful WordPress login forms.

It includes:

unlimited colors and 600+ Google Fonts

5 background styles and 12 templates

video background support

several logo options

and much more

Loginstyle WordPress Login Page Styler takes a fresh approach, making it super easy to customize your WordPress login forms without overwhelming you with too many options and customizations.

10. Smart Security Tools: reCAPTCHA Addon

Smart Security Tools: reCAPTCHA Addon adds reCAPTCHA to your WordPress login form.

This is not a standalone plugin, but adds to the powerful suite of WordPress security tools offered with Smart Security Tools.

If you're concerned with the security of your WordPress login forms, you might want to consider something like Smart Security Tools, and adding Smart Security Tools: reCAPTCHA Addon is a great layer of security to add to your WordPress login.

It also supports third-party plugins like:




11. Modal Login Plugins

Modal Login Plugins is pretty.

Very pretty.

With tons of customization options, you'll also find features like:

header and background image option

form and background opacity control

login/logout redirect

and more

Create stunning modal WordPress login forms quickly and easily using the Modal Login Plugins easy-to-use interface.

12. Smart Security Tools: Login Limit Addon

Smart Security Tools: Login Limit Addon is another addon from Smart Security Tools—and not a complete standalone plugin.

Keep WordPress login forms safe and secure with:

username blocks

login honeypot

login limiter

If you're already using Smart Security Tools, adding Smart Security Tools: Login Limit Addon is a no-brainer. If you're not, and security is a concern, you might take a closer look at what Smart Security Tools has to offer.

13. WordPress Login Themes

WordPress Login Themes provides the most basic way to customize your WordPress login forms.

And it does it brilliantly.

In much the same way as the basic color themes switcher in the native WordPress admin changes colors and themes, so does this.

With eight built-in color schemes and the option to create your own, there's hardly a better way to make your WordPress logins distinguishable than with the WordPress Login Themes plugin.

14. WP Login Plus

WP Login Plus provides a more curious means of security, adding a user id field for users logging in.

There are login page customizations included, but security is this solution's focus.

Some of the options include:

remove “Remember Me” box

remove lost password link

enable id authentication

customized messages

and more

WP Login Plus is best suited for those primarily interested in modifying vanilla WordPress login forms' security functions, and less for those interested in changing their design.

15. PopForms | Material Design WordPress Modal Forms Set

Bootstrap 3 ready, PopForms | Material Design WordPress Modal Forms Set is a slick popup modal set for:

logging in

signing up

forgetting a password


sending a contact message

It's fully responsive and ready to be seen on the front end. Hook it into your WordPress site via function or shortcode, and use the forms within a page or in full modal glory.

PopForms | Material Design WordPress Modal Forms Set is easy to customize and looks fantastic.

16. Login Plugin for WordPress - Grid Locker

Adding the Login Plugin for WordPress - Grid Locker plugin will change how you create and use passwords for login forms.

Think: Android login meets WordPress.

After configuring Grid Locker, you swipe a pattern for your password. If you're using a mouse or trackpad, you click the boxes in the grid.

The pattern you use is translated into a password. So it isn't really the pattern that's the password, as much as it is the pattern that generates and keys the values into the WordPress password field.

This doesn't replace the password system in WordPress, but is a system that is built on top of it.

Login Plugin for WordPress - Grid Locker is a curious take on the complications of password management, and makes a nice addition to any WordPress login forms.

17. Frontend User Pro

Transform your WordPress login form into a full-featured, multi-level membership, front-end profile manager with Frontend User Pro.

Features include:

the ability to create multi-level memberships

multiple forms and logins

front-end profile editor

user role manager

and much more

Use the drag and drop builder to create everything you need for a full featured membership site—conditional magic included—with Frontend User Pro.

18. WordPress Registration Form

WordPress Registration Form makes it easy to set up custom WordPress login forms to help facilitate its built-in member directory, profile editor, and more.

This plugin adds some nice membership and registration features:

setup redirects after login and registration

auto login (following registration)

Facebook signup and login

set up page restrictions

and more

WordPress Registration Form is the key to a successful registration and membership system for your WordPress site.

19. Profile Builder for Forms Management System

Replace the default WordPress login, logout, and lost password, and allow users to register or edit their profiles from the front end with Profile Builder for Forms Management System.

Some of the features include:

easy-to-use visual form builder

custom redirects

hide Admin bar

WPML ready

and much more

The only problem with the Profile Builder for Forms Management System is that it needs the Forms Management System-WordPress Frontend Plugin to work. If you need that kind of functionality, Profile Builder is a great addition.

20. User Signup for Arforms

User Signup for Arforms is an addon for ARForms: WordPress Form Builder Plugin. This is another wonderful form builder that branches out into great WordPress login forms with the signup addon.

This addon adds:

front-end user profile management

BuddyPress profile fields support

login/logout integration

and more

User Signup for Arforms is a great addon for ARForms.


There aren't too many WordPress login forms available. It's far more niche than other solutions, but Envato Market still offers a good variety of solutions. More than likely you'll find what you need.

Otherwise you might consider coding your own solution, using one of the many helpful WordPress Code Tutorials, Code Courses, or eBooks available here on Envato Tuts+.

What kind of changes have you made to WordPress login forms?

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