As a yoga teacher and regular practitioner, I’m constantly transporting clothes and yoga gear to and from yoga studios, outdoor locations, and workshop venues. I’m always on the hunt for new and innovative ways to transport my items, while still keeping things light and compact as much as possible. Although I need practical items, I still want colourful and fun items to spice up my yogi lifestyle! It took me nearly a year to find a yoga bag suitable to carry my favourite natural rubber yoga mat and yoga accessories. Thankfully, Dusky Leaf’s bright cerulean blue B.I.G Yoga Bag saved the day! Once I found the perfect eco-friendly canvas bag large enough to carry my mat with room left over for other items, it was time to perfect exactly what essential items I needed in my bag for a smooth and supported yoga practice.

Over time, with trial and error, I learned what I wanted to have in my yoga bag.

So, what’s in my yoga bag?

-Dusky Leaf’s blueberry Natural Rubber Yoga Mat

-Dusky Leaf’s aqua blue Zeroslip Yoga Towel

-2 Dusky Leaf natural Cork Yoga Blocks

-Halfmoon’s glacier Lavender Silk Eye Pillow

-Yoga strap

-Meditation stones


-Journal & pen

-Bueteaful Get the Funk Out deodorizing spray

-Natural room spray

-Essential oils

–Hint of Lime Designs vinyl lined bag

The newest addition in my yoga bag is my Hint of Lime Designs vinyl lined bag. After my essential oils and liquid items leaked all over the inside of my cotton lined yoga bag (yes! I said cotton lined), I quickly learned I needed an alternate solution. After throwing the items in a zip lock bag and trying again, I paid the price when I yet again had another mishap with the fantastic aromas of my essential oils dropping all over the inside of my cloth bag. I needed a permanent solution I could count on. After connecting with an old childhood school friend on social media, I realized she started her own business creating unique one of a kind and limited edition artisanal bags! Not only does she handcraft these amazing bags with original modern designs, she also creates vinyl lined bags perfect for people on the go. Whether you want to use the bag for cosmetics or as a travel bag, I knew exactly what I would use her out of this world creation for: to hold my essential oils, mat cleaner, deodorizers, and room sprays!

When I contacted Sascha about her bags, I opted to have her create a bag for me so that the design would be a surprise! Who doesn’t love surprises? With every handmade item that popped up on her Instagram feed I got more and more excited for the one of a kind bag made just for me to show up at my doorstep. When the cute lime green package arrived, I immediately ripped into the package like a kid on Christmas morning (after taking pictures of her thoughtful packaging of course) to find her creation with just a hint of lime! To my surprise, I was greeted with a hand written card which was attached to lime green tissue paper wrapped around the bag inviting me to enjoy my bag and thanking me for my interest in her business. Inserted were some of her adorable business cards. After pulling on the ribbon to release the tissue hugging the bag, her hand stitched creation was revealed! The bag came with beautifully designed artistic tags describing the details of the bag. The personal touches added to her packaging is undeniably one of a kind and appreciated. In a world focused on mass production, Hint of Lime Designs is a shining gold star. She wants each and every customer to feel as though they are receiving a package from a friend. She does for each customer what she would personally want if receiving a package of her own. It’s her added touches that make Hint of Lime Designs stand out. With Sascha being from the Maritimes, the east coast hospitality and way shines through her company’s mission, values, and goals.

Sascha must know me well because my bag was designed specifically for a turquoise lover like me! What she didn’t know is that I also love purple! It’s as if she read my mind and created a bag with my personality all over it. No one will ever have this one of a kind designed bag but me! How cool is that? Check out Hint of Lime today to get your hands on your very own designed just for you tote. I’m in love with my Hint of Lime Designs bag and it’s a spunky addition to my essential yoga items and know that it can withstand whatever my essential oils can throw at it.

With my bag fully stocked, I’m ready for any yoga adventure! I’m living my life in full colour and Hint of Lime is helping me do just that–with colourful whimsy!

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