These weekend getaways from Bangalore are perfect for a short escape from your daily routine. Are you tired of having to shuttle between home and office? Its time you took some time off for yourself and take a mini vacation. Leave your work at home and enjoy the beauty of nature. It has become a trend these days for one to pack up on a Friday evening and head for a place to spend the weekend.

This escape from the city lights is extremely welcoming as one is given the opportunity to relax and let their hair down. Here are some places that that are ideal for weekend getaways from Bangalore. It’s been a while since you took the weekend off and drove away to a place far from the life in the city of Bangalore.

Yes, I do see that work has kept you busy all this while. This is the reason why I took the liberty of coming up with a list of weekend getaways from Bangalore. Should you decide to take a little vacation, do go through the options that we have considered below. The festive season is upon us. It might be good news for some people. However, for the others, it isn’t. Want to escape the crowds and noise?

Take off to these weekend destinations away from Bangalore. Now known as Bengaluru to many, Bangalore is blessed both with a technologically advanced setting and greenery on the sides. It has perfect weekend getaways to offer its residents. Planning a holiday is never a hassled up process for the vacation minded people here. From beaches to jungles and waterfalls to valleys, all your traveling preferences are well packed in these getaways. So take your pick and start packing accordingly!

Use the upcoming holidays wisely. Head off to a weekend spot that offers peace and quiet. It sure beats having to deal with the large crowds and traffic jams. Tell me, who doesn’t like a quiet little break from all that stress and decision making at office? Even full time home makers deserve a short holiday from their daily chores. If this makes you think, then that is exactly what we want. You and your family need this, so don’t deny yourself of it. We have taken the pain to help compile a few places that you would like considering as options for a weekend getaway from Bangalore.

Are you ready for a weekend away from the daily grind in the city? The hustle and bustle of living in a metropolis can be a tad unbearable. When you feel bogged down, take a small vacation to loosen up. All you need to do is pack light and head off for an experience. Bangalore is known as the IT Capital of India and it is also known as a place surrounded by so many beautiful holiday locations. Starting for hill stations to beaches, Bangalore has a sumptuous spread for travellers. As beautiful as it already is, for those looking to shut themselves out from the drudgery of office like and head on to a weekend far from the city, here is a list of a few weekend getaways from Bangalore that may be of interest to you.

Simply pack your bags without wasting any more time. A weekend is the best way to beat weekday blues. Wondering what to do for the weekend? Choose from a host of places for short breaks from Bangalore and set off. A solo trip is recommended if you are not in the mood to be in charge of a large group. Here are the options to choose from:

1. Coorg -

Known officially as Kodagu district, Coorg is definitely paradise on Earth. This hill station located close to Bangalore city is renowned for its stunning scenery and greenery. Coorg’s hills covered by forests, the coffee and spice plantations add to the beauty of the landscape. The town’s transportation centre is Madikeri – from where cars and buses converge with tourists. The region of Coorg in the Kodagu district of Karnataka presents a pretty picture of rolling hills towering over sparkling lakes and streams and evergreen forests and coffee plantations. There’s plenty by way of adventure activities from trekking, camping and dirt biking to taking a tour of its coffee plantations or exploring the wild side of nature in an excursion through its wildlife sanctuaries.

All of this make Coorg one of the most sought after weekend getaways from Bangalore. Known as the ‘Scotland of India’, Coorg is a beautiful hill station and is very close to Bangalore. Here you will find pristine sceneries and a number of options for trekking. The treks here are of moderate difficulty and thus meant for almost every one. The panoramic views from the top of the hills are mesmerizing. There are also a few old Buddhist and Hindu temples here. Ask anyone in Coorg and they will direct you to a place called Madikeri. It is around 260 kilometers away from the city of Bangalore and has seen much success over the years. Many people flock to this place made famous by its tea produce and wonderful treks. Apart from visiting tea plantations and sampling the varieties grown in the region, one should make it a point to get to Abbey Falls which pulls in a lot of crowds year after year.

2. Kudremukh -

This hill station is actually a hill range located in Karnataka’s Chikmagalur district. It is known for its grasslands, meadows and valleys – rich in biodiversity. Kudremukh is known for its spectacular beauty despite the threat of being stripped of its rich biodiversity. Kudremukh Peak is among the most famous trekking routes for adventure travellers.Naturists will also enjoy taking a walk down its tree-laden paths. The flora and fauna is also well known. Varaha Parvatha, located nearby, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A hill station rich in biodiversity is on the cards for one at Kudremukh. The place is lush and its flora and fauna, rich and diverse. Sightseeing, horse riding or visiting mountain that resembles the face of a horse is what one can do at this Kudremukh.

You are sure to get rid of that stress and worry at this tranquil place. You need to visit this place to behold its beautiful scenery and enjoy the clean air. Kudremukh is a hill station that is resplendent with a rich biodiversity and offers one a picture-perfect landscape. A star attraction here is a mountain that resembles the face of a horse. Trekking, sightseeing and camping are some of the activities that one can be part of when one visits this place that lies just seven hours away from Bangalore. You are sure to relax your taxed mind and rejuvenate here. So take out some time and move to this place for a weekend of all things good and healthy.

3. Anthara Gange -

Anthara Gange is situated around 68 km from the heart of Bangalore. It is perfect for working people who want a little breathing space from office. It is among the most frequented tourist destinations proximate to Bangalore. For adventure enthusiasts, the place offers trekking and cave exploration among the other activities. The entire range is dotted with caves and rolling hillocks, providing stunning views. Trekking and hiking around these areas are perfect. It will help you blow off some much needed steam. This is among the places around Bangalore that you should visit. Anthara fange is just around 68 km from Bangalore. It is definitely one of the most sought after weekend getaways from Bangalore. This place may not be for someone who just wants to relax and unwind. It is geared for people who also enjoy adventure.

Trekking and cave exploration is what this place is most known for. The Anthara Gange range is peppered with hillocks as well as caves formed of boulders and volcanic rocks. Sometimes, a little adventure can help beat the stress. Give this place a shot. At an hour’s drive tops, Antara Gange makes a potential weekend spot from Bangalore. Campfire to evening cave adventures, rock climbing to rapelling and abseiling, all fun things find their home here. When climbing the mountain, the freshness in the wind will let your inner peace out all by itself. A tranquil ambience awaits you once you’ve set your foot to this place.

4. Kanakapura -

Kanakapura is your answer to a quick weekend getaway from the heart of the city. Located at a distance of just 50km, you can take the time out for even a day to enjoy a break. There are a number of adventure activities you can take part in too. The famous nature adventure camp, is full of fun and a great way to shake off all the tiredness. Water sports like canoeing and paddle rafting will give you an experience of a lifetime. Savour the weekend with a visit to Kanakapura.

5. Bheemeshwari -

One of the best weekend getaways around Bangalore is Bheemeshwari. Located on the fringes of Mutati forest as well as along Cauvery River’s shores, this weekend retreat is perfect for some rest. Surrounded by nature, you can hope to lay back and enjoy the scenery. The jungle lodges are located around 100 km from the place. If you are on the lookout for a non-descript weekend retreat, journey towards Mutati Forest near the banks of the Cauvery River. A trip to the heart of nature will serve your weary body and soul well. A 100-km drive will bring you to Bheemeshwari Jungle Lodges. A short stay here will definitely energise you. Once you are done, you can be assured of being at your best once again. If you are looking for a favourable spot that is best visited between August to February, then how about trying out Bheemeshwari?

Around 100 kilometres away from the city of Banglore, this place lies in the district of Mandya and is famous for its Mekedatu Falls. Temples and deep valleys dot the terrain here and one can indulge in activities like tiger sighting, going on a fishing safari angling, a host of water sports and visiting wild life sanctuaries. Take out some time, plan and make sure you make it here. You will relish every moment of this short vacation. Bheemeshwari lies of the edge of the Mutati Forest and is bordered by the Cauvery River on one side. This place is a great retreat spot for those in need of a short weekend of peace and fun. A trek or walking safari is what you want then you shall get the same here. Just sit back and soak in what nature presents at this place and see the change it makes to you. You will return calm and energized. To stay here, you can opt for the Jungle lodges. Well, you have guessed it, this place culminate my list on the weekend getaways from Bangalore.

Just 100 kms from Banaglore, Bheemeeshwari is where serene seekers travel in packs. The resorts here will take care of your lodging needs, so you take pleasure only in indulging yourself to the whimsical scenery around. Discovering the wild forest around is suggested, though you might want to take caution and stay away from the denser regions of the jungles.

6. Mysore -

Mysore is a majestic sight of architectural wonders reflective of a bygone era of the mighty Tipu Sultan Dynasty and the supreme rule of the British Raj. The Grand Mysore Palace heads the list of famous tourist destinations. The entire palace comes alive with merrymaking during the festival of Dasara. Museums, Gardens and the Mysore Zoo complete the list. This is a charming city which was once the capital of the Nawabs and especially of Tipu Sultan and the Shahs. The beautiful Mysore Palace with its blue tile detailing and intricate designs looks like a dream till now. The beautiful silk work and sandalwood carving are other specialties of Mysore. Other than that there are a number of very old mosques and other monuments too out here.

7. Nandi Hills -

Peace, yes that is exactly what the body, mind and soul looks for. This is what one gets at the wineries at Nandi hills that are to be found just 45 kilometres away from Bangalore. Doesn’t the idea of visiting a brewery sound enthralling to your ears? The Grover Zampa vineyard is a great place to explore her and taste some the best wines produced by India. Add to that some quality time spent trekking through the vineyards and you have yourself the deal of a lifetime. With this much on the plate, one would just have to include this place on my list of most needed Bangalore weekend getaways. Literally a stone’s throw away from Bangalore at a distance of 60 kms is the ancient hill town of Nandi offering the best ever wine experience to get your spirits high. A sprawling 400 acres of the Grover Zampa vineyards is where all the action is.

From tracing the origins of wine making to witnessing the art of wine making culminating in a bout of wine tasting, it’s all yours for the taking. Nandi Hills is the perfect destination for a short break from the hustle and bustle of Bangalore. It is located around 100kms away from the city and is at an altitude of 1,479 metres. The terrain is conducive for a trekking expedition. A short hike along some of the trails will serve you well. Are you game for a cycling adventure to Nandi Hills? It will rejuvenate you and give you a sense of accomplishment. Bonding with your team members is a great way to build your network of friends. Travel for 45 kilometers away from Bangalore to the Nandi Hills and have a taste of your life here. Sweet and sour wines make up for a great relaxing experience here. You will be pampered and will not want to leave the place. Surround by beautiful sights you need not straining your eyes any longer and get accustomed to the beauty around you.

Around 45 kilometres from Banagalore lies the Nandi Hills that is home to the best wineries in India. How about paying a visit to this place for an experience that will last for a lifetime? Apart from being peaceful, you can indulge in the process of wine making and taste some the brews produces there. This is one weekend trip that is both fun filled and relaxing at the same time. So you should decide on packing off to this place that is called the Grover Zampa vineyard in the Nandi hills and make the best of the weekend.

8. Savandurga Hills -

About 60 kms west of Bangalore is one of Asia’s largest monolith hills which comprise the Billigudda and Karigudda peaks. If your idea of a perfect weekend is to go trekking, the Savandurga hills is a good place to start. Dozens of trekking trails carved into the hills leading up to the peak cater to the huge number of adventure enthusiasts who throng the place. Savandurga hills are beautiful and they make for the perfect quick break from the city. It is located around 50 kms away from the heart of the city. Billigudda and Karigudda peaks form part of the Savandurga hills and is a trekking paradise from adventure seekers. Perched at an altitude of 1,200 metres, the range is perfectly poised for a hike and/or trekking. It is also regarded as one of the highest monoliths anywhere in Asia.

9. Kanakapura -

Situated in the Ramanagar district of Karnataka and just 55 kms outside city limits is the famous town of Kanakapura, renowned for being a favourite among the weekend getaways from Bangalore. Looking for adventure, a journey back in time or a tryst with wildlife, Kanakaoura has it all. Unleash the adventurist in you when you visit the nature adventure camp that has a host of water sport activities lined up to keep you busy. A journey to Kanakapara, located just 50kms away from Bangalore is another option for thrill seekers. Apart from the adventure activities, you can also enjoy some peace and quiet at a nature camp.

There are a host of water sports opportunities like canoeing and paddle rafting. The experience will definitely be worth it. One of the best places near Bangalore to visit would have to be Kanakapura. It is just a 50km drive away from the busyness of the city. Enjoy some much needed peace and queit away from revellers and traffic jams. There are quite a few adventure activities for people who love getting in touch with nature. The nature camp will give you the leisure to relax and unwind with a book the entire day. If you enjoy the thrill of water sports, you can always go canoeing or even paddle rafting. You will not regret the time spent here.

10. Sakleshpur -

Let the hill station town of Sakleshpur be your sanctuary when you want to escape the mad rush of city life. It’s a place where mist covered mountains give way to green carpeted meadows which lay captive to sprawling coffee, pepper and cardamom plantations. Sakleshpur is a treat for nature lovers and it’s just a 4 hour drive away. Nature lovers and trekkers alike find the free flowing natural energy at Sakleshpur irresistible. An ideal spot for photography, those keen on traveling to exotic remote locations will love it here. Sakleshpur is basically a hill station town based in the Hassan district of Karnataka. It is a package all in one with its attractions like Manjarabadh Fort, Madikeri and Gorur Dam. Set only at a distance of 220 kms from Bnagalore, the charming hilly landscape is a delight to the eye.

11. Shivanasamudra Waterfalls -

Located at a distance of 135 kms from the city, the falls near the River Cauvery is a peaceful retreat. The natural beauty is absolutely breathtaking, giving you peace of mind. It offers tourists the chance to enjoy some sightseeing and trekking. A 2-day short break here is all you need to help you face the challenges of a new work week.

These destinations for short breaks from Bangalore should help you make your decision easier. Here’s to a great weekend ahead!

12. Chikmagalur -

Nestled in the lap of the beautiful Baba Budan Hills, this is a good option for trekking for all tourists. It is also known for its coffee plantations and you can taste some of the best coffee in the world out here. It is said that long back a Sufi saint named Baba Budan brought 7 ripe coffee seeds from the Port of Yemen, while returning from Haj. These seeds were later planted here and are known to be the origin of the coffee plantations out here.

Other than that there is a fort as well as a rose garden to explore. If you like to travel by road, then get into your car and drive to the place which is called ‘the coffee district of Karnataka’ – Chikmangalur. This tourist destination is located 236 away from Bangalore and will take one around 4 hours to reach by road. Amidst the Bab Budan hills, this place is sublime for trekkers. According to local lore, upon returning from Haj, the Sufi saint, Baba Budan had sown seven un-roasted coffee seeds that he had brought with him from Yemen. As a result, coffee plantations have bloomed here and now, one can get a taste of the best coffee in the world at Chikmangalur.

Chickmangalur is an ideal place to take a break and spend the weekend there with family. Tall trees, lush greenery, majestic mountains, and relaxation are what this place has to offer. When there, do visit the Mahatma Gandhi Park, known locally as Rathnagiri Bore.The Nehru Rose Garden, resplendent with over 250 species, is another hotspot here and one can participate in music and cultural festivals while visiting here. Enjoy the toy train and you will surely get a good glimpse of the place.

13. Honnemardu -

Situated on the slopes of Karnataka and sitting beautifully in the Sharavathi River Valley, is the beautiful village- town of Honnemardu. This place has diverse options so you can trek as well enjoy the backwaters over here. This is no doubt one of the best weekend getaways from Bangalore and you get a lot to do here. Among all the best is sailing or kayaking. Camping is another thing to be enjoyed here.

14. Gokarna -

This is a very small yet beautiful town just about an hour from the very popular holiday destination- Goa. It is however in the State of Karnataka and is known for the beautiful beaches. There are four beaches here namely the Om Beach, Kudle Beach, Half Moon Beach and the Paradise Beach. Out of all the Om Beach is the most visited presently and is known for the beach in the shape of the symbol Om. The beaches here are not safe for swimming so surfing can be a better option. You can also enjoy picnics here. Travel for 8 hours (518 kilometers) along National Highway 4 and one will reach a quaint little town called Gorkhana.

You must know that this place is famous for its beaches and is home to the famous Om Beach that got its name as its shape resembles the Hindu symbol. Other beaches that draw people round the year are Kudle, Paradise and Half-Moon. How does the prospect of going snorkeling, boat riding and parasailing sound? Up for it? Then get there by road, as it’s the only way to do so. You will thank us for including this spot in my list of weekend getaways from Bangalore. Gorkhana lies on the National Highway 4 and is a great escape from Bangalore, just around 518 kilometres or 8 hours away. It you want beaches and sunshine, please make your way here. The Om beach here is quite famous and it is said to bear semblance to the Hindu symbol, hence the name. Some of the other beaches worth visiting here are Half-Moon, Kudle and Paradise. Once there, you would wish that the weekend never came to an end. Enjoy your day splashing around in the water or try parasailing and snorkeling. You are bound to have the time of your life. This is precisely why we thought of including this place on my list of weekend getaways from Bangalore.

15. Chennai -

This is an absolute metropolitan and yet so rich in history and culture. In spite of being so developed and urbanised, it is considered as a good option for weekend getaways from Bangalore. The beautiful old buildings which were built by the nawabs as well as the British many years ago talk a lot about the glory of this city in the past. The lakes, dams, parks and restaurants are other options to spoil your -self. Shopping is a great pass time in Chennai with a number of malls where you get high end to normal every day options.

16. Kudle Beach -

It will take you 8 hours and around 518 kilometres to get to a place called Gorkhana. It is a place filled with sand and beaches. The Om beach is extremely famous as it is said to bear semblance to the Hindu symbol, the beaches Half-moon, Kudle and Paradise are other options for those who wish to stay away from the crowds. If you wish to go snorkeling or water skiing, you have picked the right place here. Parasailing is just another option for all adventure sports lovers. Don’t miss out on this place. Get yourself there as soon as you can.

17. Grover Zampa Winery -

Essentially, this place is a peace lovers paradise. The wineries at the Nandi hills are a great option on this list of weekend getaways from Bangalore. Grover Zampe is a fine vineyard for one to visit and sip on the wine made there. Great trekking trails, tasty food and beverages, outdoor camping facilities and a hospitable crowd – this is what one get at this place. Your family will be extremely thankful to you for this unforgettable experience.

18. Madikeri -

At a distance of 260 kilometers from Bangalore is Madikeri, the capital of Coorg. Known for its lush tea estates and pristine Abbey Falls, this is one of the many places that has seen a growth in the number of visitors round the year and thus is one of the places to visit near Bangalore. Walking activities like trekking, camping out and bird watching will occupy most of one’s time here.

19. Yelagiri -

Yelagiri provides a superb option and thus makes it to the list of weekend getaways from Bangalore. At a distance of 160 kilometres, this hill station offers one sight of the Jalagamparai Waterfalls, the Swami Malai Hills, trekking, and relaxation to the maximum. Your trip to this place will be worth the time and money spent.

20. Munnar –

Munnar is 10 hours (477 kilometers) away from Bangalore and is ideal for a weekend trip. The place is situated on the banks of three rivers – Nallathanni, Madupetti and Periavaru. The place is known for its tea plantations, beautiful views, and rich biodiversity. The best time to visit the place would be from the month of September through May. Trekking, sightseeing, tea tasting ceremonies and absorbing nature are what one can expect at Munnar. If you have the time, drive along the highway for 10 hours or 477 kilometres and you will reach a place called Munnar, situated on the banks of the Rivers Madupetti, Periavaru and Nallathanni. A number of plantations that grow tealeaves make for a great visit here. You may also want to indulge in the scenic views that this place has to offer. Trekking tours and tea tasting make this trip a relaxing one while one can also throw in a bit of sightseeing.

21. Golden Palms -

The Golden Palms resort is a must-visit for luxury travellers. It has been designed on the lines of Moorish-Spanish casitas. Each of the rooms are tastefully furnished, perfect for a luxury weekend with family and friends.

The resort has close to 150 rooms with luxury suits on offer from weekend visitors. The resort has a spa, a lagoon-shaped swimming pool, fitness and recreational facilities, and world-class restaurants for its patrons. You can expect a relaxing weekend here. It is among the best places near Bangalore to give you a relaxing weekend.

22. Windflower Prakruthi -

Situated in the outskirts of Bangalore, The Windflower Prakruthi is spread across 7 acres and is perfect for weekend escape. The lush greenery and fresh air will embrace you as soon as you enter its environs. If you are looking to relax and unwind with family and friends, this could be the ideal spot. If you want to sample an array of delicious and varied cuisine, pay a visit to the resort’s restaurant.

For those that want to enjoy indulging in a few activities, you can unwind at the swimming pool or spend time playing a host of other games.

23. Wonderla Resort -

Wonderla resort is situated in the heart of a large amusement park. It is a balance of fun and luxury. Each of the rooms are furnished with modern amenities. There are high class services on offer. You will also have access to the amusement park. Most of the rooms overlook the park, offering relaxation and comfort.

The resort’s multi-cuisine restaurant is perfect for a hearty meal. The Swedish rest-o-bar is also swanky. This resort is located around 30km from the city. Among the many places near Bangalore, this one definitely ranks among the best. Make sure you plan a trip here on your next weekend off.

24. Guhantara Resort -

If you are looking to connect with nature, Guhantara resort should feature on your list. It will take you back to the basics while also offering you sophisticated services. If you are wondering why this resort is hyped, you should know that it is India’s only underground cave resort. Apart from offering a host of facilities, it is also considered an architectural wonder. Apart from the tastefully decorated rooms, Guhantara also has a multi-cuisine restaurant, an exquisite spa and a bar to kick back and unwind.

25. Mekedatu -

Close to Bheemeshwari is another great spot for a weekend getaway from Bangalore. Mekedatu is a beautiful place that is home to a number of bird species and is a popular picnic spot today. The Cauvery River flows through this place and one would do good to pay a visit to this place sometime between the months of October to May. If connecting with nature is what one seeks, then you will get to do this in abundance at Mekedatu. The options of fooding and lodging are reasonable and one will fins this place to be a peaceful heaven away from the life at the city. Call a time out and get away to Mekedatu.

26. Hampi -

If you are still looking for more options then Hampi in the northern part of Karnataka is a nice place to choose to be at during the weekend. This city of ruin lies on the River Tungabhadra and it used to be the capital of the Vijaynagar Kingdom. The Jog falls are a famous hot spot here and it is close to 900 feet high. This place is highly recommended by locals and is best visited during the month of October through to March. The Hampi bazaar and monolith bull happen to be other attractions that one can visit when here. One is sure to purchase quite a number of products from this rural bazaar and go bathing in the Jog Falls during the summer months. Hampi is a place that one will never regret visiting. Instead of some high end vacation spot, why don’t you try this place for a change? You are sure to enjoy as much and save much while doing so.

27. Ramanagara –

A place with connection to the bollywood movie Sholy is Ramanagara. It was called Ramgarh in the movie. What makes this place that is 50 kilometres away from Bangalore a place to get away to? Dotted with boulders and rough topography, this place offers great night treks, camping and bonfire options that will make the adventurous wild and crazy. Apart from that one can also try water sports like kayaking and rappelling. Needless to say, you will want to extend your stay here and this is why we wanted to include this place on my list of weekend getaways from Bangalore.

28. Saklespur -

Saklespur lies about 223 kilometres away from Bangalore and offers one a great escape option. The place has been declared to be a hot spot by UNESCO and thus has become a major tourist attraction. The lush mountains, clean air, steams of water and the environment here is simply mesmerizing. The Murkannu Gudda and the Hadlu waterfalls must be visited when you come here over the next weekend. If you wish, you can book one of the homestay options available as it is considered to be the best way to explore the place and the culture. There is a lot of water and rope based activities that are planned for visitors, or simply enjoy staying by the river side in one of the tents here and you will be blown away.

29. Gandikota -

Gandikota is an offbeat destination for people who need a break from the city. Erramala Hills surrounds this location. The deep valley and impassable hills provide isolation and peace. The main attraction of the place is Gorge Viewpoint, which is India’s version of the Grand Canyon in the USA. If you are in the mood, try the local Andhra cuisine. A cab will bring you here.

30. Kalpetta -

Kalpetta is one of the most peaceful places near Bangalore. The hill station is never crowded and is great for absolute getaway from the more popular hill stations. Lush greenery, fresh air and a scenic lake make it a good choice for nature lovers. The coffee and tea plantations you find here are also quite interesting.

31. Kabini -

Kabini is situated on the backwaters and is among the more offbeat weekend getaways from Bangalore. A boat ride is a must. You will be isolated from the outside world. A jungle ride to spot wild animals is also something one should undertake. Follow the signboard to find your way to the place. The route is quite scenic barring the last few kilometres. There are a few resorts in the area which also offer guided tours. This short weekend trip could do you a world of good.

32. Masinagudi -

With just the right blend of the nature and comfort, Masinagudi is a place where you can lose and find yourself all over again. Escaping the troubles of your stressful life is easy here with its almost abandoned woods. The untouched backwoods of the place will embrace you, as you engage yourselves in the other charms that the nature tricks you into.

33. Dubare Forest Reserve -

Don’t forget your camera if you choose this reserve as your weekend spot from Bangalore. Often popular among the crowd for its elephant camp, the other notable tourist attractions are the banks of river Kaveri nearby and a quick trip to the Kodagu district where the forest lies in.

34. Chunchi Falls -

Located at the Kanakapura area of the state of Karnataka, Chunchi Falls is at a negligible distance of 90 kms from Bangalore. Famous for the confluence spot of river Akravati at Sangama, the clear waters here offer a ‘never seen before’ sight of the reflections of the greenery around, and will easily have you spell bounded, staring at the cascades of nature.

35. Kannur -

When you take the Mangalore to Calicut route, what falls in between is the ‘land of loom and lores’- Kannur. Known for its pleasant climate and pleasing scenery, Kannur is surrounded by either beaches or mountains. With the Lakshwadeep Sea set to the west and Western Ghats towards the East(ironically! ), no other place can be better to liven up your spirit after a long week.

36. Kappad Beach -

Kozhikode is home to Kappad Beach- yes the one where Vasco da Gama first set his foot on in 1498. The sandy shores of the beach are extremely enchanting with the wind around and the glowing sand. Watching the sky at different intervals of the day is an enthralling experience with the changing colors- a hue of yellow, then on the brighter side of orange, hot pink and finally the night setting in.


Taking the weekend off for some quiet introspection is essential. There are some fabulous hotels near the city which offer a pleasant weekend stay. Book a room and enjoy the quick escape. A relaxing weekend spent in a hotel room could actually be calming. You can visit a few local places while you are there. Spending time away from home could be soothing to the mind and body.

There’s not much planning involved when you visit these places near Bangalore. Some of them can even be covered in a day and therein lays the beauty of the city. It presents you with every opportunity to relax and unwind and the weekend is always the best time to do it. Sometimes a weekend escape is all one needs to regain their sanity. If you live in Bangalore, all the more reason to head on out and explore unknown territories that bring about a refreshing change of scenery.

Well if you are looking for a getaway, go for the best. The fact that you need one suggests that you are probably physically and mentally tired and need a place to simply unwind and rejuvenate. While there are options galore, how about going a little off beat and choosing from one of the following weekend getaways from Bangalore? The places mentioned are beautiful, offer much in terms of relaxation and is a great way to pamper oneself, especially since you work so hard all week long.

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