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  • Ed Simon Before the United States was even founded, in our collective mind, America was seemingly always a nation in decline. As a tenet of our national identity this sense of entropy crosses ideological barriers, in a country divided the idea that...

  • Exhibition dates: 3rd November 2015 – 20th March 2016 The last in my trilogy of postings on 19th century photography features a rather uninspiring collection of daguerreotypes. Perhaps there were better ones in the exhibition. Of most interest to me...

  • Investigating Tiwanaku & Pumapunku in Bolivia
    via ascensionearth2012.blogspot

    Archeology generally dates Tiwanaku to 1500 BCE as a small agriculturally-based village, it has not always been attributed this date. The first investigator, Prof. Arthur Posnansky, a Polish engineer dedicated fifty years to the study of Tiwanaku(Spanish...

  • First, some real news from RT Russia that carries serious stories and not endless propaganda designed to drive the US public into one war after another:  US withdraws Aleppo proposals, says no consultations yet – Lavrov, the foreign minister for Russia...

  • NOVANEWS by David Livingstone The Oxford Movement A speaker increasingly popular among Muslim audiences, known as Sheikh Imran Hosein, was featured recently at the University of Moscow, hosted by Russian fascist ideologue Alexandre Dugin. Disturbingly...

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