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  • D-Arts Zero Type 2 Review
    via quentinlau.blogspot

    After a more than a year's waiting since I got D-Arts Mega Man X, the long-anticipated D-Arts Zero Type 2 action figure with the symbollic Z-Saber is finally here! D-Arts Zero Type 2 is released in end of May for an official retail price of 3500 Yen...

  • Headlines of the day II: EconoEthnoFukufury
    via richardbrenneman.wordpress

    Lots to cover, including the latest bizarre twists at Fukushima after the jump/ Our first story, in which the third point precisely refutes the claim made just before, comes from the Department of Ironic Self Refutation via the London Daily Mail: Home...

  • THAT LETHAL FIVE-CAR pile-up on Highway 20 near the Potter Valley turn-off? Captain Randy Johnson of the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Department kicked it off when he stopped to make a left turn into his private, unmarked driveway across a double...

  • --IMF: BOJ Should Show Asset Buying Target Beyond End-2014 --IMF: Japan Calendar 2014 CPI Excluding Tax Impact Seen +1.1% --IMF: Japan Can Hit 2% Inflation by 2017, Later Than BOJ Expects --IMF Japan GDP Fcast Remains at +1.4% in 2014, +1% in 2015 -...

  • By John Mauldin, February 19, 2017 Free, or Fair? Tariffs Ruin Christmas Retail Rubble Manufacturing Jobs Are the Last War Dollar Disaster Game Theory: Destroying the Nash Equilibrium Revisiting Hooverville A Most Intricately Balanced Nash Equilibrium...

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