Think Space. 4th Think Space Conference - New Publicness The Think Space programme in 2015 is getting closer to its conclusion with the, already...

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  • Whether in the Syrian or international media, Tartus is often presented as an island of calm in the ongoing Syrian crisis. The typical response of a Tartus resident to a non-resident interlocutor inquiring about the local situation is “Hon ma fi...

  • In Europe, right-wing extremism is no longer a marginal phenomenon. This is shown by the neo-fascist movements in Hungary and Greece, Jobbik and Golden Dawn, both of them exercising violence in the public space against political opponents and minorities...

  • Author: Ellen Dillon [The following report chronicles – for the record – the range of events at last year’s Outside-In/Inside-Out festival of outside & subterranean poetry in Glasgow.  The starting point of course was Barbaric Vast & Wild (Poems...

  • [] Perhaps, while strolling down the sidewalks of New York City, or scanning your Instagram feed, you’ve encountered a thick crop of black block letters set against a neon yellow background that read “Lower the Pitch of Your Suffering,” or “Tell Your...

  • PART I When the city of Lagos comes up in conversation, what is the first thing that springs to mind? Is it the ubiquitous black and yellow minibus taxis, or the throaty calls of their passenger-seeking conductors? Is it the teeming markets that melt...

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    SAVE-A-BUILDING RECIPE: (RE)DISCOVERING A NEW MARKET.view details CAIRN A Marker for Cultural Exchangeview details

  • PAST FORWARD • Think Space

    Description: n our re-evaluation of the Peak on conceptual grounds, we explored the experiential and sensory aspects of the venture towards a Peak. As one moves through and within the ri...

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