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  • By: Tom Ndahiro* Why do they eat my people as they eat bread? (Psalm 14)  All over Rwandan hills, valleys and mountains, thousands of crosses mark mass graves of genocide victims of 1994. During the genocide, many Tutsis were massacred in or around...

  • My column in last Sunday’s Times-Picayune poked a bit of fun at literalist Christians who contend that every word of the Bible is the inspired (i.e., dictated) word of God. Those who take that position to support their condemnation of homosexuality,...

  • Throughout its history, the church has tended to view itself as extraordinary. For example, in the medieval period, the church was an extraordinary place apart from the world, the sacred separated from the profane, the place of salvation, the holder...

  • Rich Stearns. The Hole in our Gospel: The answer that changed my life and might just change the world. Thomas Nelson, 2009, 2010. (335 pages) INTRODUCTION What does God expect of us? … What is the Christian faith all about? … God asks...

  • Today is the last day of the year, the liturgical year, that is. It is also a very short day, liturgically speaking, as is the case with almost every Saturday of the liturgical year. Our current liturgical year ends with First Vespers for the First Sunday...

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