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  • Headlines of the day II: EconoGrecoEcoNoFuku
    via richardbrenneman.wordpress

    A rare day when Fukushima rates only a tangential headline. But never fear, things are at a rolling boil in lots of other venues. . . We begin with a hint of things to come from Want China Times: US dollar era could end: Nobel laureate Thomas Sargent...

  • As a small economy that relies on global trade to thrive, Singapore needs to be able to adjust to technological disruptions and shifts in international business trends. This is especially relevant in today’s economic climate, where global powerhouse...

  • From James Harkin (Webmaster & Editor of Here is a summary of articles of interest from around the world for this week. Please LIKE the Lindsey Williams Online Facebook Page to see stories posted daily regarding the current...

  • The Burning Questions For 2015
    via rays-stock-world.blogspot

    By John Mauldin Louis Gave is one of my favorite investment and economic thinkers, besides being a good friend and an all-around fun guy. When he and his father Charles and the well-known European journalist Anatole Kaletsky decided to form Gavekal...

  • 07 February 2017 — Tuesday YESTERDAY in GOLD, SILVER, PLATINUM and PALLADIUM The gold price attempted rally in the first two hours of trading in New York on Sunday evening, but ran into ‘resistance’ around 9 a.m. China Standard Time on their Monday...

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