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  • Since 2015, GOOSWYN MUSIC STORE is officially a proud member of : NAMM - THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF MUSIC MERCHANT - USA (please check on my website frequently for the available items) Update : 29 August 2016 : ** USED & NEW GUITARS : - RARE...

  • 7 Great Blues Amps for Guitar.
    via middle8reviews

    What makes for good blues amps? It’s a question with many answers, but  sustain, crunchy overdrive, good clean tone and a certain look are all part of the formula. It’s true that the blues can be played on just about any amp, but here are 7 amps that...

  • Question about guitar amp
    via forums.cockos

    My question isn't realy reaper related... I've had my guitar, kh602 for a couple years almost. Had my fender mustang amp for a few. I really haven't used the amp for a while. However, since I came back to it, I've noticed a noticeable difference in the...

  • The Mustang Amps have been designed to attract everyone from the beginner guitarist to the weekend hero. Treat yourself or a friend this Christmas with one of the most versatile amps on the market!

  • Solid-State Amplifier
    via keytarhq

    Guide to Solid-State Amplifier Simply put, these amps use transistors (small electronic device) instead of tubes for their preamp and power sections of the amp. The feedback from most guitarists is that these amplifiers provide a very clean tone. Some...

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  • The Divided Sky - Live Phish

    In light of the fact that I posted recently about Languedoc guitars now being available to the general public, I thought that for this week’s great guitar

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