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  • Hello all, I am working on conversion of infix to postfix expressions, for this the precedence table that I have is like, precedence order (descending 1 to 4) symbol (operator) 1 parenthesis () 2 exponentiation ^ 3 multiplication * and division...

  • So for a school project we need to convert a infix expression to a postfix expression. Infix being like what we read in normal mathematics: ( 6 + 2) * 5 - 8 / 4 and postfix having the operator after the numbers: 6 2 + 5 * 8 4 / - This is a problem from...

  • infix to postfix help - C++/C
    via codereview.stackexchange

    I am doing infix to post fix notation. my program complies, although, for some reason it will not take in any infix expressions, only postfix expressions. Which is the opposite I wanted to do. Here is my program: Here is what I know: If you run the...

  • Hi, I am trying to write a program to convert an infix expression to a postfix expression. My task is as follows: To enter an expression, enter the numerical values in place of the variable names. Terminate the expression with the symbol $. For example...

  • I have written a C++ program to convert an infix expression to postfix expression using recursion. I would like to know if it can be improved if possible. Can we improve it by not using a stack? I am …

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