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  • Australia’s record-breaking summer...
    via australian-politics.blogspot

    Australia’s record-breaking summer heat linked to climate change (?) This is just modelling:  Games with numbers.  There has been no statistically significant change for decades anyway.  So there is nothing to link to.  Big fraud! The record-breaking...

  • Protestors take to the fence line to protest Colin Barnett's Roe 8 road project. Andrea Gaynor Perth Friday, February 10, 2017 A battle is raging over a 5 kilometre stretch of road known as Roe 8. Work on the project, part of the proposed Perth...

  • New South Wales twenty-fifteen
    via andrewelder.blogspot

    This NSW election is a bizarre one for me, on a number of levels. My Young Liberal contemporaries are in positions of power. Labor have sprung back with a series of positions that simply don't stand up to scrutiny. They are complaining about dodgy donations...

  • Australia 2013
    via welections.wordpress

    Federal elections were held in Australia on September 7, 2013. All 150 seats in the House of Representatives, the lower house of the Australian Parliament, and 40 of the 76 seats in the Senate, the upper house, were up for reelection. Australia&rsquo...

  • The result of Australia’s recent Federal election remains unclear, as the count has continued — as of this writing — for days. What is clear is that the major parties suffered a rebuff. One in four Australians voted for an alternative to the traditional...

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  • Seat of the day #8: Lilley

    Lilley is a marginal Labor seat in northern Brisbane, covering Chermside, Stafford, Nudgee and Deagon, along with surrounding suburbs. Labor’s MP Wayne Swan has held Lilley since 1998 after first […]

  • Redrawing council borders in Sydney

    I’ve been thinking recently about the Local Government Areas in Sydney. With the exception of the City of Sydney, which has grown and contracted over time, and Canada Bay, which […]

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