My wife's email account suddenly stopped working 7 days ago. She had been receiving undeliverable notifications on it for 2 months so I think it was being spoofed and then she bought a new mobile 8 days ago and I logged onto webmail twice that evening. Next day she received an email alright and then the account locked; by co-incidence (?).

Four on-line chats later (the first 3 froze) a technical chat person logged on to my pc and confirmed what I had seen, that the auxiliary addresses were not available in My Account. His diagnosis was that she would just have to sort out a new email address and forget the Tiscali one. My wife was NOT happy!!

I have tried webmail using firefox and ie on Windows 10, Safari on the iPad and Telnet on the pc. With Telnet it was able to see my email accounts but not hers.

After time reseaching the forums I managed to persuade a technical person to raise a fault ticket to reactivate the account with a new password, 6 days ago, and he said a maximum of 24 to 48 hours. After 72 hours I eventually managed to get someone to talk to Networks and it would be sorted in 24 to 48 hours. He implied I had been low priority as I no longer have an active account but he had managed to get an engineer assigned. I made the mistake of giving my mobile number but was careful to give instructions for Networks not to phone it unless there was no answer on the house phone as reception is poor here.

Yesterday Networks phoned the mobile and left a message to say they would phone back. I am now not only stuck in the house but in the one room that sometimes has reception.

I originally left TalkTalk because it used to cost a lot in money, blood pressure and days (usually about 10) just to get fault tickets raised with BT to sort faults on the phone.

Anyway sorry about the ramble but I do have a few question please.

If Networks do eventually reactivate the account what is to stop the miscreant spoofing her account from continuing to pretend he is sending emails from her account?

Why can't Networks just set up a new account, probably on a new TalkTalk (instead of legacy Tiscali) server and then text me her new password?

Has she lost all the emails over the last week?

Will/can Networks ever reactivate her account without me having an active TalkTalk account?

Thank you for your patience if you got this far.

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