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                                   GEMSTONES A -TO-Z Agate Almandine Garnet Amazonite Amethyst Ametrine Andalusite Andesine-Labradorite Apatite Aquamarine Aventurine Azotic Topaz Aquamarine Beryl Cat's Eye Apatite Cat's Eye Tourmaline Chalcedony...

  • The first of the magnificent jewels auction catalogs has finally arrived!  As I mentioned in my post from last week, the sale features extraordinary stones, breath-taking diamonds and marvelous jewels.  (Please see the post for...

  • World of Gems
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    The History and Beauty of GemstonesA passionate study of the fascinating world of gemstones. Beauty, mystery, intrigue, and obsession are to be found in the gem world. This will be a guided tour of that sphere. Diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires and...

  • Gemstones range in color from the dazzling white diamonds to blood-red rubies, from pale citron to deep, vivid green emeralds, and from the palest clear blue aquamarine to the dark blue star sapphire. Trends come and go in fashion and in gemstones....

  • Mention the words “engagement” and “ring” to a girl, and you’re likely to see her jumping up and down squealing about diamonds. While a large majority of the female population do go gaga over these sparkly rocks, not every...

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