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  •     Whether you offer free or premium themes, testing should be a major part of your development process. By planning in advance, you can foster a development environment that deters some bugs by design and that helps you prevent others. The...

  • alvinashcraft shared this story from .NET – Simple Talk. A software application can be robust, scalable, easily maintained, and easy to use, but if it doesn’t do what the customer needs then it is useless. The success of a new product or software application...

  • Enterprise collaboration tools (e.g. Jabber and Sharepoint) are being increasingly implemented in companies, helping employees communicate and collaborate in new ways. However, experts report low adoption rates of these tools and delayed improvements...

  • This is apparently the second part of our AT&T Galaxy S3 (i747) Problems and Solutions. The issues aggregated in this post are among the most common concerns AT&T customers complain about when calling the carrier’s support hotline. We...

  • The select command may be executed directly through the SDK's CommandProcessor class, or indirectly through either stcmd or stcmdEx. The syntax of the command is select * | all | access-rights | changes | linked-items | changed-files | enhanced-links...

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  • Sprintly

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  • Progress View – Sprintly

    The Progress report shows burn down and measurable progress over time for each tag in your product. We track velocity in the...

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