Every year in the United States alone over 50 billion plastic water bottles are purchased, emptied and discarded. Only about 23% of these water bottles are recycled, leaving over 38 billion plastic water bottles wasted every year, creating a huge stress on the environment and worldwide refuse infrastructure.

A brand new crowdsourcing project hosted on Kickstarter has created waves all over the world recently by providing a functional alternative to traditional BPA plastic water bottles, picked up by major news outlets such as Cnet, Fast Company and more.

The Ecomo bottle is the world’s first smart water bottle, offering thirsty consumers the ability to replace disposable and environmentally damaging BPA water bottles with an intelligent personal water bottle that can test, purify and filter water from any source in a few simple steps.

Promising to help users save approximately 228 plastic water bottles every month, the Ecomo bottle is a huge step forward in environmentally conscious and renewable product design.

What is the Ecomo Bottle?

Consisting of a streamlined design that easily attaches to backpacks, lanyards or daypacks, the Ecomo Bottle is the world’s first smart water bottle.

Designed to function as a long lasting and environmentally conscious alternative to costly and damaging disposable BPA plastic bottles, the Ecomo Bottle uses a patented, built in water quality analyzing system that pairs with a custom built app for both Android and iOS.

The Ecomo bottle is able to give users comprehensive information on the mineral and toxin content of the water placed within, allowing consumers to monitor the levels of total organic carbon, total dissolved solids, turbidity such as rust, salt and cloudiness, as well as water temperature.

Users are delivered the results of an analysis through a simple and easy to navigate smartphone app, and with the unit completely machine washable and ruggedized, the Ecomo bottle promises to be the last water bottle you’ll ever need.

How Does the Ecomo Bottle Work?

The Ecomo Bottle functions in just three easy steps. Once filled, users simply shake the Ecomo bottle to instruct the onboard sensor suite to perform a comprehensive analysis.

Quick results are available on the outside of the Ecomo Bottle itself, through a number of colored LED lights that light up either red, yellow or green for bad, moderate and great water quality respectively. More in depth results are available through the Ecomo Bottle App.

After analysis, the Ecomo Bottle is able to filter water contained within through a miniaturized and highly effective carbon filter system.

As the second step of the Ecomo Bottle process, filtering water placed within the Ecomo Bottle is as simple as twisting the bottle, causing the three in one filtration system to remove most major contaminants such as bacteria, heavy metals, pesticides, petrochemicals and more. The Ecomo Bottle can filter water from almost any source, including mountain streams and lakes, making it an essential hiking companion.

Design & Construction

The sensor suite in the Ecomo Bottle is powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery that is completely waterproof and can power the Ecomo Bottle for up to a week at a time.

Complete with a wearable activity tracker that can provide the user with information on hydration needs and water intake, the Ecomo Bottle is compatible with both Fitbit and and the Apple Watch. The three in one filter system of the Ecomo Bottle uses an activated carbon filter to remove contaminants from water, an ion exchange filter to remove heavy metals and minerals, and a nanofiber membrane to remove bacterial contaminants and cysts.

Users are notified of filter replacement schedules via both push notifications in the Ecomo App and LED notifications on the Ecomo Bottle itself. A stainless steel external shell provides a rugged and hardy frame to protect the internal components from damage, and double layer insulation is able to keep water hot or cold for up to 12 hours.

Ecomo Bottle Pricing & Availability

The Ecomo Bottle can be preordered from the Ecomo Bottle Kickstarter page and is currently priced at $139 USD for the Ecomo Bottle unit with a tracker wristband. Replacement filters for the Ecomo Bottle are priced at $10 USD, and both are expected to ship Q1 2017.

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