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  • Dr. Mercola Waking Times Researchers are increasingly starting to recognize gut microbiota as one of your unappreciated “organs.”1 It may be even more apt to view your body as a “super organism” composed of symbiotic microorganisms...

  • Dr. Jennifer Bunzenmeyer, ND Hormonal Cacophony: a Bloody Menses Often, when I ask my clients if they have PMS, they jokingly respond, “you should ask my husband!” It is well accepted that women can be more “sensitive” around their menses but why?...

  • Sweet peppers facts and health benefits
    via healthbenefitstimes

    Sweet Pepper Quick Facts Name: Sweet Pepper Scientific Name: Capsicum annuum Origin Central and South America Colors Green when young to mostly red orange Shapes Berry, pericarp fleshy and firm, hollow, pendent up to 15cm Calories 30 Kcal...

  • Off the Record
    via theava

    LOCAL CORRUPTION? Not to put too fine a point on this one, but draw your own conclusions from this set of facts: DA David Eyster worked in Duncan James’ law office before being elected DA. Daniel Camara, 25, was originally charged with assault...

  • By Dr. Mercola Omega-3 fats are essential as your body cannot make them. The only way to get them is through your food. They are important to energy storage, cell membrane function, regulation of inflammation and oxygen transport. They are also important...

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