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  • We’re firm believers in the power of hacking and tinkering to solve real-world issues, which is why, in June, we helped sponsor a collaborative residency program between our friends at Public Knowledge and Eyebeam. The idea behind their program...

  • Why Some Mentors Fail
    via theatlantic

    When Leo Hall was 8 years old, his mother sent him to a tutoring program that served the African American and low-income neighborhood of the Cabrini-Green public-housing projects where they lived in Chicago. There, he met a volunteer tutor, Daniel Bassill...

  • Tara Tiger Brown
    via sandboxsummit

    Founder, LA Makerspace, KitHub Tara is the co-founder of KitHub, Connected Camps. She also founded the nonprofit organization, LA Makerspace, the primary STEAM service provider for the Los Angeles Public Library. She has served as a Director of Technology...

  • The Left Hates You. Act Accordingly…What Are YOU Gonna Do ‘Bout It? They hate you. Leftists don’t merely disagree with you. They don’t merely feel you are misguided. They don’t think you are merely wrong. They hate you. They want you enslaved and obedient...

  • Looking back on 2016, it would be tough to argue that there was any single cultural phenomena that was bigger, or had more of an impact on American society than what has been referred to by many as “Trumpmania,” or “Trumphoria.” If Donald Trump was the...

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