By Hardaway1818

Time: Friday morning

Venue: Office

The green envelope has been posted out on Wednesday. It would have reached the letterbox on Thursday.

The only problem is how to ensure the letterbox has been opened. I mean, how can I assume he will open his letterbox on a daily basis?

In order to make sure Stuart opened his letterbox yesterday, I purposely took this month’s utilities bill and went to him during lunchtime yesterday.

“Hey boss, can check with you something personal? Have you received this month’s utilities bill?”

“Errr….no. I usually open my letterbox during the weekends.”

“Oh need a favour from you. You are one of those few I know who is staying in a condo in the east like myself. There is a GST-saver package in this month’s bill. Want to know how much the rebate is. There is some dispute on the amount at my condo area.”

Yes, I know it is a totally lame excuse, but as long as I can get Stuart to open his letterbox, who cares? Indeed the call with him this morning has confirmed that he has opened his letterbox, which means he would have seen the green envelope.

11.50 am

*New email*

From Stuart. Good. He has opted to join the Special Club.

How about Jenny? She is an existing member. I can’t get her to restart all over again.

I have sent her an email on Tuesday night. Also used a software to sms her to check her email for the Special Club Invitation. Have to use the software to conceal the identity of the sms sender, and would need the sms to get her to check her emailJenny_funlover82@gmail.com, which I know is specially created for the Special Club.

This is the email sent:

“Hi Jenny,

Welcome back to the Special Club.

I am sorry the second mission for you was aborted previously. That’s because your husband has engaged a Private Investigator to check on you. I am sure you would have known that your first mission has been uncovered by your husband.

As such, we have to abolish your second mission in order to protect the Special Club as well as the identity of your partner for the second mission.

Good news is that we have taken care of the Private Investigator engaged by your husband and it is now 100% safe for you to take on the mission again. You don’t have to worry how we did it but the fact that we know about this would have convinced you that we have our way.

Further good news is that you can proceed with the mission again with your intended target, Wilson.

Would just need a confirmation from you that you would like to continue with the mission.”

I have received a positive reply from Jenny within an hour of that email sent.

Step One of my plan – cleared.

Now for Step Two.

By the way, why am I so confident that Jenny can proceed with the mission without any worry about George anymore?

Coincidence of Coincidences – The private investigator engaged by George is actually under Mark’s agency. Yes, the same Mark, my best buddy.

The best thing is, George doesn’t know it and is still using his agency. And Mark has taken over the case personally.

Time: Friday afternoon

Venue: Office

1.35 pm

Everyone is back from lunch and resumes their afternoon work.

I pick up my phone and call Mr Jackson, one of the top 50 richest men in Singapore.

Mr Jackson is a personal friend of Stuart and has decided to go with our bank to manage his $200 Mil funds because of Stuart’s relationship and of course, our bank’s repute. The only question now is whether to let my unit or George’s unit to manage the funds. Stuart is placing a lot of emphasis on this account; whoever can win the account and manage it well will be given huge credits in his career.

Both our teams have made our presentation and proposal to Mr Jackson and of course, each one of us have entertained and tried to get into his good books on a number of occasions; we are just waiting for his final decision. Gut feel is he is leaning towards my team.

“Hi Mr Jackson, it’s Wilson.”

“Hey Wilson. I am still pondering about….”

“No worries Mr Jackson. I am not calling to rush you for the decision. In fact, I just need to give you an update. This morning, because of the Fed chief’s comments and new direction, the financial markets might be in for an upheaval. I am not going to bore you with the details, but with the new info, I must confess you to that George’s team might have a stronger strategy than my team.”

“Huh? This is a surprise, Wilson. You are actually speaking up for your rival?”

“Haha no sir. We are not rivals, we are in the same bank and we are both under Stuart. Our job is to ensure we can perform a good job for your account, which is in the interest for you, for our bank and for our unit under Stuart. If George’s strategy can work better for your objectives, I must be gracious to advise the best for you too.”

“That’s nice, Wilson.”

“But just a note on that, you know I am the best in the market when it comes to forex and interest rates products but George is the man for the commodities. In his strategy, the position on the coal and gold prices is critical. I think it’s best you get him to explain that part in greater details to you. I have received some news that there is something huge that might come out early next week at the South America side so you might want to talk to George soonest possible. I want to make sure you get the best too.”

“Hmmm ok, I have some time now. I will call George now. Thanks Wilson. You are a good team mate.”

Off the phone with Mr Jackson.

Within 1 minute, the phone next door rings. The next moment, a grinning George is assembling his team to go out.

2.05 pm

“Hi Felicia, can you come to my room for a moment?” Felicia is George’s Personal Assistant.

*Knock knock*

“Hi Felicia, this is a highly confidential document relating to Mr Jackson’s account. I want you to pass to your boss. Don’t leave this lying around in the in-tray. Lock it up in his drawer and let him know when he is back. Very important. Oh and these empty envelopes as well. Put them together inside the same drawer.”

“Ok noted, Wilson. What are these envelopes for? Such an interesting colour, green.”

I just look at her and give her a smile.

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