Songs 4 U N. SONGS 4 U Welcome to MY website!You will find some awesome stuff here,click on like and +1 if you like the website! Have a nice day...

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  • I wrote awhile back about our thinking around the Webmaker Badges. Well that thinking is now a reality, we launched the first set of Webmaker badges at MozFest. There was a big Mozilla post and fanfare around the launch, so I’ll just let you read that...

  • Awesome Stuff: Sometimes It’s The Simple Stuff (via Techdirt) Going through Kickstarter, looking for interesting projects, I’ve noticed that there are more than a few times I completely skip over certain projects because they just look too...

  • Hugo Wars, Part CCXVIII
    via jimchines

    I debated whether to join the conversation about the recently announced Hugo Awards Ballot. I eventually said the following on Twitter, and figured that would be the end of it for me: I know awards have always had an element of popularity contest to...

  • This is a controversial video on how to train properly but I guarantee it works…unless you want to be a bodybuilder. Hi guys. I’ve got one of the lengthiest and most complicated emails to answer for you today. But I’m going to break...

  • So we're back with another week of awesome stuff. I really did not intend for each week to have a theme, but that's sort of how it's worked out for the past few weeks, and why stop now? This week, let's talk about speakers. First up, there's the Yaba...

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  • Harik Ganjoo Sir | SONGS 4 U

    Hello guys!! This page is Dedicated to one of the Greatest personalities Mr. Harik Ganjoo. He is a Teacher,an expert in Physics but well, see the videos down here and the first word you'll utter is W...

  • songs4u by kamal

    SONGS 4 U Welcome to MY website!You will find some awesome stuff here,click on like and +1 if you like the website! Have a nice day :)  

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