I will give you 1000 working proxies. At least 20% of these will be Level 1 Anonymous Proxies, and at least 20% will be from the USA. I have multiple accounts at proxy resellers, and a proxy scraping software, and I will pull new fresh proxies for you, and give you two updates over two days.
These won't be yesterday's proxies. Or proxies from 6 hours ago. These will all be fresh proxies. Proxies have a limited lifetime, and I won't expect these all to work. But when I send them to you, they will have been freshly tested, and working.

If you wait 2 days to download these proxies, you may expect to find 20% or more do not work. So download them quick. Most of the proxies will continue to work for days or even weeks. But as a fair warning, some will drop off.

Proxies will come in a text file (they can come in CSV if you request).

The text file looks like this below, except there will be anywhere from 1000 to 10,000 proxies in the list. Below is a sample;


Let me know if you want a TEXT or a CSV file. I can also arrange to have the new proxies pulled at a specific time, and send them to you when you are most likely to use them.

So if you want to run your jobs at 7pm EST for example, then let me know what time and what time zone, and I will send these two you at that time.

I will send this list twice, so be sure to put two times for the scheduled proxy drops.

For example:

7pm EST on Monday 11/2/2015
9pm EST on Friday 11/6/2015

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