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  • One of the common misinterpretations of jailbreaking is that it means the same as unlocking. Your phone is now free from your carrier, Google, and Motorola. Once jailbroken, you will be able to download all possible applications, extensions and themes...

  • Ubuntu Bluetooth Headphones Fix
    via freedompenguin

    After extensive testing and research, I have put together a complete work-around for playing high-quality audio through Bluetooth headphones using the Blueman Bluetooth application. I haven’t bothered testing this with other Bluetooth applications. If...

  • The charts below represent the results of a survey by the Aberdeen Group asking ERP decision makers about their plans for an ERP upgrade. What is wrong with these charts? It’s not a trick question – if you’ve identified nine questions...

  • Wacom Tablet (日本語)
    via wiki.archlinux

    Created page with "Category:Graphics tablet (日本語) en:Wacom Tablet == イントロダクション == まず、このガイドでは ''USB'' を使う Wacom タブレットを念頭..." New page [[Category:Graphics tablet (日本語)]] [[en:Wacom Tablet]] == イントロダクション == まず、このガイドでは ''USB'' を使う Wacom タブレットを念頭に置いているということを提示しておきます...

  • Getset by millennium Offers , Download VIP Tools If need, How Do I/You Get i.OS 7.0.3/7.0.4  Download j.ailbreak/Unlock Tool for iPhone, iPAD, iPOD Touch or APPLE TV?!.Pro et contra' special feature for  Unlock...

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