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  • waderoush writes "An Xconomy column [Friday] suggests that Google is getting too big. When the company was younger, most of its acquisitions related to its core businesses of search, advertising, network infrastructure, and communications. More recently...

  • Time for checking out yet another list of best jQuery plugins that we are sure all our developer friends are loving for the fact that we carefully pick them up and prepare our compilation of the same. While choosing the plugins we make sure that they...

  • Open Source Alternative for GSA
    via blogs.walkingtree

    Google Search Appliance (GSA) is Google’s search solution for the Businesses on their private data stored in the various formats. Most of the Businesses need the crawl and search capability of Google (or something similar) for the quicker access to the...

  • ..would fnck off and get back to their scruffy little Rotherham sh1thole hovels, and ... stop monopolising Radio FNCKING SHEFFIELD.   Those m0r0ns should wake up and realise that VERY FEW people outside of Rotherham could give a FLYING FOOK about...

  • Google Search tips and tricks
    via subhblog.blogspot

    Search Specific Websites This is perhaps my most-used Google Search trick, and it allows you to perform normal searches, but the results that you get back will only be from a specific website that you specify in the search bar. By typing in site:gottabemobile...

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