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  • My name is David. And I am a pastor who deals with bouts of depression. I don’t write as someone who is specialized in the medical or psychological field, but as someone who fights a personal battle while refusing to let others stand alone in theirs...

  • No. 1462: How will the Holy Spirit be in eternity? On the throne with the Father and the Son, or in the hearts of believers? Scripture gives clear answer, this is not mysterious or incomprehensible as the Trinity claims! http://the-heavenly-blog.janchristensen...

  • By Michael Rabus The June 2016 issue of the Ensign magazine, which is the official magazine of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, contained a short article by the Second Counselor in the First Presidency; President Dieter F. Uchtdorf titled...

  • While disturbing news of hatred and violence seem to dominate social media, the airwaves, and the thoughts and conversations of so many, isn’t it good to know that the answer for the hatred in the world today is still “…the love of God, which is in Christ...

  • Kevin DeYoung: The Holy Spirit is often described as light. He shines into the dark places of the heart and convicts us of sin (John 16:7-11). He is a lamp to illumine God’s word, teaching what is true and showing the truth to be precious (1 Cor...

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