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  • For the past few years , fans have been wanting a Black Widow Film since her first appearance in 2010's Iron Man 2. Scarlett herself and co-star Anthony Mackie has even suggested a Black Widow solo film. This movie could be excited and let fans and new...

  • Let me just get this out of the way. Captain America is in my top four favorite superheroes, mainly because of Ed Brubaker’s now-classic run which heavily relied on espionage and spy drama. And of course, Brubaker’s The Winter Soldier&nbsp...

  • Captain America Vol. 4 #21-32 (February 2004 – December 2004) Written by Robert Morales (#21-28), Robert Kirkman (#29-32) Penciled by Chris Bachalo (#21-26), Eddie Campbell (#27-28), Scott Eaton (#29-32) Inked by Tim Townsend (#21-26), Aaron Sowd...

  • When you think about it, right from the very beginning of his first appearance, Captain America has been about transformation. Steve Rogers was a scrawny reject from the United States Army who instead volunteered to become the test subject for a Super...

  • Best Forties Adventure
    via hilobrow

    The Best Adventure series of posts will list my favorite 21 adventure novels from each of the 20th Century’s first eight (socio-cultural) decades. Plus, I kicked off the series with a list of the Top 32 adventures from the 19th Century; in total...

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  • sam_storyteller | MASTER FIC LIST

    Punching is Touching: PG, Gen, Ninth Doctor. There was a word for a person who was at once Me and Not Me. For those rare times when you had to talk to yourself. Eillul. The Gift Of The Mad Guy: PG, G...

  • sam_storyteller | Tags

    On Storytelling: Fanfiction is a way of the culture repairing the damage done in a system where contemporary myths are owned by corporations instead of owned by folk. -- Henry Jenkins Life is very sh...

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