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  • Hi Friends Today, I’m talking about a book, The Heart Listens to No One: It Hums Its Own Song. It’s a collection of 35 Love Poems, written and compiled by Purba Chakraborty. It’s my third book of Purba. In her first book Walking in the Street of Love...

  • To meet You I look at face after face, appearance after appearance…. To see Your face I pass by like the morning wind. – Al-Hallâ j Romantic love A woman is God shining through subtle veils. – Rû mî [1] Falling in love A young man once came to...

  • PROPAGANDA WITHOUT A SHRED OF TRUTH. The Wages of Idealism Tracy Abel, American Renaissance, September 2010 I grew up in a suburb of white, middle-class families. My schooling, from elementary school through college, was with people who...

  • This is a slightly abridged transcript of a lecture delivered in Newcastle on 19th November, 1900, to the members of the Literary and Philosophical Society by Karl Pearson, F.R.S., Professor of Applied Mathematics at University College, London. Karl...

  • It is commonly said that we should never mix business with family. However, Jason Boyce Co-Founder and CEO of has proven that not only is that a false mantra, but that the bond of familial trust and strong leadership is the ultimate weapon...

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    Lois is a wonderfully sweet 88-year-old neighbor who has dozens of friends, is always busy with community affairs, and has the loveliest garden in the world. How does Lois do that? At age 88, how i…

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