The Spirit of America: Conservative Grassroots Leaders Plan Massive Pro-Trump Demonstrations Nationwide

8 Feb 2017 by Matthew Boyle

Conservative grassroots leaders are planning a series of massive pro-President Donald Trump rallies nationwide, Breitbart News has learned exclusively.

On Feb. 27 and March 4, the rallies—dubbed the Spirit of America Rallies—will spring up nationwide in cities and towns across America.

“These rallies are inclusive, non-partisan, and open to anyone supporting President Trump in his efforts to bring back manufacturing jobs to America, put the security of our nation ahead of political correctness, improve our infrastructure, revitalize the inner cities and secure our nation’s borders,” Debbie Dooley, a national co-founder of the Tea Party movement and a key organizer of the Spirit of America rallies, says in a press release obtained by Breitbart News ahead of its public release.

Since President Trump’s election, during his time as president-elect and since his inauguration on Jan. 20, hardcore progressive leftists have been repeatedly protesting him in a sometimes violent manner. These rallies, organizers say, are meant to be a peaceful show of force from the “silent majority” that delivered Trump a landslide electoral college victory over failed Democratic president Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Dooley told Breitbart News that since the anti-Trump women’s march in D.C. after the president’s inauguration, she has received so many calls from Trump supporters–including many, many women Trump supporters–urging her to organize a show of force among the silent majority nationwide in response–that she had to turn off her cell phone so she could get work done. The Spirit of America rallies are not Tea Party rallies, she adds, and she hopes that Democrat groups backing Trump–there were many of them nationwide, forming a collective called the “Trumpocrats”–will get involved and step up to help the president, too. She also notes that the selection of Feb. 27 as the kickoff date of these pro-Trump rallies is significant, since that was the first day of the Tea Party movement back in 2009.

“I am proud to lead the charge here in Louisiana to get supporters of President Trump to show their support of his policy agenda through these Spirit of America rallies,” Col. Rob Maness, a retired Air Force colonel, founder of GatorPAC and two-time conservative Senate candidate in Louisiana who’s also involved in helping the rallies in his home state, added in the release. “Average citizens from across the political spectrum and all walks of life elected Mr. Trump and we at GatorPAC are especially pleased to help him with his national effort to Make America Great Again and #DrainTheSwamp priorities in Washington D.C.”

Ralph King, an elector for President Trump from Ohio and the co-founder of Main Street Patriots, added that he believes “the American electorate spoke loud and clear this past November.”

“These Spirit of America Rallies are a continuation of the collective voice of Americans that embrace President Trump’s policies to put the American workers and citizens first once again,” King said.

Rallies are in the works in states as far-flung as Arizona, Georgia, Colorado, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, New Jersey, Ohio, South Carolina, and Washington state—as well as other states, organizers say. More information is available on the Spirit of America rallies website.


WATCH: Awe-Inspiring Pro-Trump Rally Erupts Big Time In NYC, Puts Anti-Trump Protests To SHAME

by Bob Amoroso

Scroll down for video

If you’re like most average individuals tuning in to your favorite news program, then you already have a sense of what is taking place around the country, with those anti-Trump protests, and in some instances the violent confrontations taking place on college campuses, protesting everything from conservative speakers being denied the right to speak on campus, to President Trump’s immigration pause of countries with a dubious history of terrorism, the rabid left has furiously doubled down in their opposition since President Trump’s  Inauguration.

However even in the bastions of a progressive city like New York you’ll find dedicated Trump supporters; brave enough to assemble in the heart of the Big Apple to demonstrate in support of our president.

This small band of well-behaved protesters of about 100-people carrying signs ridiculing those deranged anti-Trump supporters was captured on this brief video clip in midtown Manhattan, in front of Trump Towers.


Newscaster Bryan Llenas of Fox News, interviewed several demonstrators who said they were disgusted by those on the left who have shown disrespect for our president, and were there to remind those individuals and the nation, that President Trump is our elected leader. Some of the demonstrators reportedly held up baby pacifiers, mocking those on the left, for their out-of-control and childish conduct.

However the progressive meltdown that we’ve been witnessing for the past 3-months, by the Hollywood elites, the mainstream media, millennials and those on college campuses, may actually be in fact, a mental disorder called “Trump Derangement Syndrome, or “TDS.”

One researcher studying the effects of this malady said: “In the advanced stages of the disease, the afflicted lose touch with reality. Opinion is unmoored from fact.”

Moreover one thing is certain whether this syndrome affecting the rabid left is real or imagined, President Trump will not be distracted from putting “America first” in fact his aggressive agenda since taking the “oath-of-office, is perhaps one of the most ambitious in the history of the presidency, no doubt another reason for the “loony left” to suffer “TDS!”

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WATCH: Awe-Inspiring Pro-Trump Rally Erupts Big Time In NYC, Puts Anti-Trump Protests To SHAME


Group of Non-White Trump Supporters Deliver Epic Rant Explaining Why Liberals are Losing

Feb 8, 2017 By Onan Coca

Liberal Hollywood actor Shia Labeouf likely never expected his “performance art” installation would be turned against his liberal values, but that is exactly what has happened. In a recent video that is going viral on the Internet, a group of non-white Trump supporters stood before Labeouf’s camera while one of them eloquently explained why the liberals (and neoliberals) continue to lose.

Here’s some of what he had to say:

“This is a message to the neo-liberals, the SJW’s (social justice warriors)… the Antifas, whatever you wanna call yourselves, this is why you lost.

You lost because you told the poor white working families in rural Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan that despite losing their jobs, despite their factories closing down and their communities emptying out that they were privileged ones because of their skin color… you guys are so f***ing out of touch.

You’re sitting in your… ivory towers of University sociology departments and you actually think we working class people give two shi** and a f*** about your identity politics? You think we care about “intersectional trans-feminism”?… I come from a working class family alright, and the struggle doesn’t discriminate. The struggle is the same.

You guys (neo-liberals) are the real racist ones. You’ve redefined the word racism to mean power, privilege, and prejudice. You’ve twisted the definition so that we can’t use the word against you, but you can use the word against us and anybody that disagrees with you. Because under this new definition, all white people are racist, and all people that defend white people are either racist themselves or just self-hating Uncle Toms or Uncle Changs.

You called people that disagreed with you racist, sexists, Nazis. You didn’t listen to us when we try to tell you why we believe what we believe. You’ve demonized us and dehumanize us so that in your mind it’s okay to punch us….”

This is when it gets really good because he comes to an interesting thought about the left’s use of violence.

“You have one foot over the line right now, a line that you do not want to cross. You are NORMALIZING violence… Your side has chased down Trump supporters, beat them up, you’ve egged a woman…, yesterday you pepper sprayed a woman that was no threat to you. You threw rocks at people… it doesn’t matter that you disagree with Milo (or anyone)… You do not hit, and attack, and smash people with rocks just because they wanted to hear what he has to say.

Once you cross that line, you’re starting a way that you cannot win. You think you’re so big and powerful but step out of your bubble, step out of the liberal cities and look at the rest of the country. You’re outnumbered, outmanned, and outgunned. You CANNOT win this if it turns violent. If you normalize violence, if violence is okay, you cannot win….

Put down your fist, take off your mask, fight with your words not sticks and stones because if you do not change you’re going to lose.”

As you watch the videos below – please be warned there are numerous uses of foul/explicit language throughout the video.

Here’s the video in full:

Here’s the video with subtitles on Facebook:


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