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  • Big Ideas for Arkansas
    via arktimes

    Since 2009, the Arkansas Times has solicited suggestions from readers and a variety of experts on how to make Arkansas a better place to live. 2012 Give art jobs to teen-agers By Leslie Newell Peacock John Gaudin has so many ideas for North Little...

  • The Pasty Little Putz has decided to ‘splain to all of us “How the Post Was Lost.”  He gurgles that The Beltway’s hometown paper gave away its natural advantage.  Well, I suppose it’s better than one of his screeds...

  • Who or What is the Whore of Babylon Drunk from the Blood of Her Victims An article to fellow Patriots for a call to action to expose: Corporate spoils of war–assets, slavery, and pedophilia Warlord banker lobbyists providing politician’s their secret...

  • WASHINGTON (AP) — A selection of issues at stake in the presidential election and their impact on Americans, in brief: IRAN Last year’s nuclear deal with Tehran has removed for now the threat of a U.S.-Iranian military confrontation. But the deal rests...

  • It was a Tuesday, over a week after the killings, when they finally opened the immediate area around Pulse to the public. The June 12 massacre at the Orlando gay nightclub left 49 victims and one shooter dead and many more wounded. It also created a...

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  • Get Involved :

    The HIV Prevention Justice Alliance is a network. A network is “a collection of people and/or organizations connected to each other through purposeful relationship.” Together, we will achieve our purp...


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  • Ryan White. Real Lives. :

    In 2010, an estimated 4,690 people were living with HIV/AIDS in Oklahoma. The State of Oklahoma has not yet expanded Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act. As a result, the lowest-income HIV+ residen...

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