The 46th Annual St. Patrick's Day Parade, Georgetown Art Attack, A Guilty Pleasures Dance Party, And More Events That Won't Cost More Than $10

by Stranger Things To Do Staff

Just because you haven't planned your weekend far in advance doesn't mean you can't still go out and have a good time. Below, find all of your options for last-minute events that won't cost you more than $10, ranging from themed dance parties (guilty pleasure music, dead hipsters, and Bollywood and glowsticks) to artsy events (including Georgetown Art Attack, a pop-up light installation in Seattle Center, and the Seattle Web Fest), and from a broadcast of the Seattle Kennel Club Dog Show at Bill's to a Sticker Swap at Push/Pull.



1. Art Up PhinneyWood

Walk around charming Greenwood/Phinney and take in art from dozens of venues, from galleries to restaurants to bookshops, including Couth Buzzard Books, Naked City Brewery, and the Phinney Center Gallery. This week, check out the opening reception for Greenwood Rising, an art show commemorating the first anniversary of the natural gas leak that destroyed several businesses in Greenwood.
(Greenwood/Phinney, free)

2. Belltown Art Walk

Wander around Belltown and check out their hyperlocal art scene amidst the waves of drinkers and clubbers. Convene at the Belltown Community Center to pick up a map (and maybe some snacks/goodies), then head out to explore nearby galleries while taking advantage of all the artists' exhibitions (and provided refreshments). Plus, stop by the Crocodile for the Back Bar Flea Market.
(Belltown, free)

3. Strange Coupling Fundraiser & Pairing Announcement Party

Every year, Strange Coupling pairs UW students with artists from the greater Seattle community. This year's artists will include, among many others, Amy Simons, Dakota Gearhart, and FEMAIL. Come hear the announcement of the pairings and bid on items at a silent auction to help make these projects concrete.
(University District, free)


4. JeJoJuke

Alumni of the Unexpected Productions Improv School, Jessica Lea, Justin Lund, John Stevens, and Kelsey Todd, will spin funny stuff out of NOTHING (or maybe audience suggestions; they don't specify exactly where their inspiration comes from). They studied under David Razowsky, a former collaborator with Stephen Colbert and Steve Carell. They say: "It's like staring into the eyes of God and weeping." We say: It'll probably be a fun night.
(Greenwood, $10/$14)


5. Chantey Sing

Every second Friday, the Northwest Seaport, a maritime heritage preservation organization that has a floating fleet moored in South Lake Union Park, has "chantey sings," when local groups sing maritime working and leisure songs aboard the ships. Participation in the singing is encouraged (but not required). This month, Irishman Captain Dano Quinn will lead the evening's singing, which, because of the proximity to St. Patrick's Day, will include maritime Irish songs.
(South Lake Union, free)

6. Landing of St. Patrick

Celebrate the arrival of Patron Saint Patrick in South Lake Union, by boat, with fellow revelers. You'll take a boat trip from Pioneer Square to South Lake Union (and back), and participate in the annual "Laying O' The Green" which marks the St. Patrick's Day Parade route.
(Pioneer Square, free)

7. Mac McGregor Benefit Show with Vicci Martinez and Guests

Community member Mac McGregor is running for Seattle City Council, and will be trying to whip up support with this fundraiser show, featuring live music from Voice finalist Vicci Martinez, drag king Ceasar Hart, drag queen superstar Aleksa Manila, and many other performers there to support the cause.
(Capitol Hill, $10+)

8. Scandinavian Folkdance

It's Saint Urho's Day! Urho is the legendary patron of banishing frogs, or something like that—he was apparently invented by a Minnesotan department store worker who wanted a Finnish analogue to Saint Patrick. Whatever the origin of the saint, celebrate by dancing to the tunes of Folk Voice. Arrive early to learn the traditional steps.
(Queen Anne, $8/$10)


9. Capitol Hill Series Release: Said in Zest

Celebrate the release of the newest beer in Elysian's Capitol Hill Series (a collection of new and old beers from the brewery's original Capitol Hill brewhouse) and the second to be released this year: Said in Zest, featuring "five pounds of freshly grated grapefruit zest, top secret saison yeast, Chinook Cascade, and experimental 5256 hops," which "all combine for an aroma of citrus and pine with banana, clove, and bubble gum flavor." There will be a ceremonial tapping of the beer and a toast from Capitol Hill Lead Brewer Hiawatha Rhyans, plus a performance from Boyfriends, about whom Robin Edwards once wrote, "Ripped straight from the pages of Tiger Beat, Seattle's dreamiest all-boy band Boyfriends sing bop-along pop songs that will make you swoon with their groovy bass lines, feminist subject matter ("Future Is Female" is a total hit), and on-point fashion choices." All proceeds from Said in Zest sales will go to nonprofit thrift store Out of the Closet.
(Capitol Hill, free)


10. Band in Seattle: Duke Evers and Snuff Redux

Band in Seattle's featured artists this session are unbridled up-tempo indie rockers Duke Evers with Snuff Redux, and they'll be taping a live television segment at Victory Studios, with free beer, live performances, and post-set music trivia.
(Queen Anne, $10)

11. Burufunk, Channel Surfer, Mike Devlin

For DJ Chris Herrera's birthday, the Underground has organized a night of breakbeats, electronica, and tech-heavy prog immersed in the live sets from Burufunk, Channel Surfer, and Mike Devlin.
(Pioneer Square, free)

12. The Daisy Strains, High Turnover, Basement Surfers

Psych-rock outfit the Daisy Strains hit the University District with a '70s-influenced slacker garage vibe, and touches of deep South and English rhythm and blues. They'll be joined by High Turnover and Basement Surfers.
(University District, $7)

13. The Doctor Visits The Mirror Universe

Doctor Who and Star Trek multi-verses collide in this dance party with spacey soundtrack by DJs Major Tom and Black Maru, and decorations by Judy. Star Trek Mirror Universe and Doctor Who-inspired fashion is highly encouraged.
(Capitol Hill, $5)

14. Electric NoNo, Pale Noise, Electric Juice

Seattle two-piece (brothers!) whose power melodies and driving pop are the perfect soundtrack to an all-night party where you a) get drunk and pick a fight with your best friends, b) continue drinking, but apologize profusely, c) end the night hugging and/or screaming "I LOVE YOU" to everyone you know, then d) wake up wearing nothing but your old Weezer shirt. EMILY NOKES
(Ballard, $10)

15. Fallen Heroes: A Sing-Along Tribute with Shenandoah Davis

Led by local songstress and Cloud Room member Shenandoah Davis, the Cloud Room Sing-Along is back for a tribute show that promises tunes from many of the music icons who died in 2016, and craft cocktails from the bar to keep your heart warm. Joining Davis will be Molly Sides of Thunderpussy, a string section, and a designated homage group of Seattle musicians.
(Capitol Hill, $10)

16. Famous Fridays: Drake & Friends

Famous Fridays lays out a night of tribute to a different artist each time. This time it'll be a DJ block of Drake's biggest hits and best side cuts, with features from his peers.
(Capitol Hill, free)

17. Loudmotor, Late Night Shiner, Juicy Thompson, Sonic Caravan

Rock and rollers Loudmotor hit Lucky Liquor with a vengeance, joined by Late Night Shiner, Juicy Thompson, and Sonic Caravan.
(Tukwila, $5)

18. The Loveless Building, Weezy Ford, Avians Alight

Alt-rock power trio The Loveless Building saturate the Central Saloon with their post-grunge tones, with bill support from Weezy Ford and Avians Alight.
(Pioneer Square, $5/$8)

19. Onionz, Brian Lyons, Xan Lucero, Chasen-Tec

NYC house legend Onionz brings '80s DJ culture to the 2010s with a live set at Substation, and support from Brian Lyons, Xan Lucero, and Chasen-Tec.
(Ballard, $10)

20. ONYX: Snapdragon, N So B2B Justin Hartinger, Maia Avalon, Noelle Reifel

Onyx is Q Nightclub's dark new concept, promising a line-up designed to get you tearing up the dance floor all night, with heavy bass beats and featured DJs Snapdragon, N So B2B Justin Hartinger, Maia Avalon, and Noelle Reifel on the decks.
(Capitol Hill, $10)

21. Pampa, Le Grotto, Retail Space, A Breakthrough In Field Studies

Pampa, an Argentine-American Latino psych folk rock band, will hit the Victory stage, joined by Le Grotto, Retail Space, and A Breakthrough In Field Studies.
(Eastlake, $5/$8)

22. Refugee Alliance Benefit Show

All proceeds from this show, featuring sets by The Guessing Game, Nick Foster Band, Sam Russel & The Harborrats, and Brenda Xu, go to benefit ReWA, a local multiethnic, nonprofit organization assisting refugee/immigrant women and their families.
(Ballard, $10)

23. Squarewave, Frank Loud Wrong, Protycal Octycal

Started in the '90s, rock group Squarewave continues to grace the stage, this time with Frank Loud Wrong and Protycal Octycal at Slim's.
(Georgetown, $5)

24. Strangelove: The Depeche Mode Experience

Tribute group Strangelove bill themselves as the "ultimate Depeche Mode experience," playing covers of '80s classics all night long. The event is free for Muckleshoot Casino Players Club members, and to become a member, you just have to show up with your photo ID.
(Georgetown, free)

25. Sundog, Lanford Black, Moon Temple

Sundog are undeniably consistent, in that they always seem to crank out solid roots and blues-inflected rock for the discerning Fremont Solstice or Folklife attendee. They'll be joined by Lanford Black and Moon Temple.
(Capitol Hill, $8)

26. The True Loves with pigWar

Eight-piece instrumental soul group The True Loves, often seen backing singer Grace Love, focus on tight grooves and modern soul motions influenced by the generations of the genre before them. They'll be joined by pigWar.
(Fremont, $10/$12)

27. W Live: Themes, Bryan John Appleby, Ghosts I've Met

Anthemic pop, rock, and folk-crafters Bryan John Appleby, Themes, and Ghosts I've Met will play a free live show together in the Living Room of the W.
(Downtown, free)

28. The Whorewoods, Burn Burn Burn, Poke Da Squid, The Disorderlies

White Center-bred punk rockers The Whorewoods converge on the Kraken for a rowdy night out with Burn Burn Burn, Poke Da Squid, and The Disorderlies.
(University District, $7)


29. Make Out Party!

NARK (Bottom Forty, Dickslap) will be laying down the tracks all night as you figure out the best way to ask your crush to make out (hot tip: free jello shots for loose lips). There's also a photo booth by Nark Magazine and Rachel Robinson, so go get cute.
(Capitol Hill, no cover)


30. Abeer Y. Hoque and Friends

Abeer Y. Hoque (author of short story collection The Lovers and the Leavers and monograph The Long Way Home) will visit Elliott Bay to share her latest work, a memoir titled Olive Witch. Poems and weather conditions punctuate the narrative, which focuses on Hoque's experiences as a young Bangladeshi girl living first in Nigeria and then in Pittsburgh. It's a meditation on culture and identity—with detailed and intimate depictions of depression, including institutionalization—that Kirkus Reviews called "quietly moving." Hoque will be joined by poet and prose writer Carol Guess, comics artist Amanda Davidson and poet, critic and book artist Deborah Poe.
(Capitol Hill, free)

31. David Bosworth

David Bosworth, former director of the University of Washington creative writing program and author of several books of cultural criticism, is old enough to remember Fukuyama declaring modern history over, effective 1989. All the major intercontinental wars were won or otherwise settled, democracy won, capitalism won, everything was going to be great forever, amen. Then 2001 happened. Then came the War on Terror, the Great Recession, and the ascension of a bankrupt-real-estate-magnate-turned-reality-television-star to the Oval Office. In his latest book, Conscientious Thinking: Making Sense in an Age of Idiot Savants, Bosworth argues our 20th-century solutions aren't working and that we need to adopt postmodern solutions to solve our postmodern problems. I went to graduate school at UW and physically saw Bosworth only one time. If he's coming out of his writing den to give us some answers, they're worth paying attention to. RICH SMITH
(University District, free)

32. Dr. James Lyons-Weiler: The Environmental and Genetic Causes of Autism

Dr. James Lyons-Weilers advocates viewing the causes and compounding factors of autism spectrum disorders through both an environmental and genetic lens—at this event, he'll share the research he uncovered while writing his new book.
(University District, free)

33. Dr. Matthew Carrano: Dino Talk

Learn about dinosaurs—from their large-scale evolutionary patterns to the way they interacted with their environment—from Dr. Matthew Carrano, curator of "Dinosauria" at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. Then, come back on Saturday and Sunday for Dino Weekend.
(University District, free)

34. Kevin Craft: Vagrants & Accidentals

Celebrate the release of Vagrants & Accidentals, the second full-length collection by Kevin Craft, who was the editor of Poetry Northwest for six years, and now serves as their executive editor of publishing house Poetry Northwest Editions. About the collection, David Baker (Scavenger Loop: Poems) wrote that "dislocation and disruption become like guideposts in his poems, not to be ignored but heard, heeded, and embraced in the natural disorder of things."


35. Seattle Playwrights Salon: With Dignity

This vaguely creepy slapstick comedy is about the annual holiday party at a funeral supply company and promises "coffin hijinks."
(Georgetown, free)


36. Know Your Grower Event with Doctor & Crook

Meet the natural weed growers of Doctor & Crook, who proudly declare their refusal to use pesticides on their product. They'll be hanging out with Hashtag's chill staff.
(Wallingford, free)



37. The BottleNeck Lounge Turns Ten

Celebrate a decade of The BottleNeck Lounge with this celebration featuring special drink deals, performances, and maybe even some prizes. On Friday they promise a bourbon-soaked happy hour from 4-8 pm (with $4 pours of Evan Williams) and a dog-themed cocktail menu with $10 specials. Saturday will offer a Bang Your Head happy hour with $3 PBR Tallboys and the Buttrock Suite Dancers.
(Central District, no cover)


38. Unmuted

MonoMyth Theatre will gather diverse speakers from the community to talk about the election's impact on their lives and their rights. They say: "Let's listen the people who have been silenced for far too long."
(Greenwood, $10/$14)



39. Marimekko, With Love

Marimekko is a Helsinki-based company specializing in fabrics, furnishings, and fashion, whose vibrant and cheery patterns rose to fame in the 1950s and '60s (and took off in the United States in 1960, after Jackie Kennedy bought seven Marimekko dresses at once and wore them on the campaign trail). This exhibit, which opens on Friday, will feature Marimekko's significant fabrics and fashions from the '50s through the '70s, in addition to archival material "highlighting the personal stories and social relationships at the heart of the company’s international impact."
(Ballard, $8)



40. 2nd Saturdayz Market

If your taste runs to "fine arts, antiques, and curiosities," this market at the architectural salvage depot is for you.
(Beacon Hill, $2)

41. Georgetown Art Attack

Once a month, the art that resides in the tiny airport hamlet of Georgetown ATTACKS all passersby. In more literal terms, it's the day of art openings and street wonderment. This month, don't miss the opening reception for Other Russias: Victoria Lomasko's Graphic Journalism and the closing reception for Echo, Echo.
(Georgetown, free)

42. Gimme Shelter! Designing Affordable Housing

Learn about designing affordable housing (as well as models including mixed-income housing, co-op housing, and tiny homes) at this workshop aimed at kids 6-11 and their guardians.
(Downtown, free)

43. SODO Flea Market

Deck your house with furniture and vintage decor/goods from this flea market, close to the Pacific Galleries and the Filson Flagship Store.
(Sodo, free)

44. Winter Weekends: Kids' Saturday

Bring your kid(s) for a free arts day at the Olympic Sculpture Park, featuring a movie screening (the surprisingly profound Inside Out), fun games with the environmental organization Forterra NW, and activities around Richard Serra's sculpture Wake.
(Belltown, free)



Sketch group BEEF! (Brian Borra, Samantha Demboski, Raul Lezcano) will reveal what happens when Marvel superheroes confront the annoyances of everyday life and the weirdness of modern politics.
(Greenwood, $10/$14)


46. 43rd District Town Hall

The 43rd District Democrats will host this community town hall featuring local politicians including Speaker Frank Chopp, Senator Jamie Pedersen, and Representative Nicole Macri.
(Capitol Hill, free)

47. Anti-Oppression Mass Incarceration Workshop

Learn about what Michelle Alexander dubbed "the new Jim Crow"—the pervasive and destructive pattern of racist mass incarceration—and how it intersects with other forms of oppression at this workshop hosted by Freedom Project WA.
(Hillman City, free)

48. St. Patrick's Day Parade

After the Irish flag is raised, the Irish Heritage Club and friends will march to commemorate St. Paddy from outside the King County Administration Building, down Fourth Avenue, and to the reviewing stand at Westlake Park. This year's guests will include Mayor of Galway Noel Larkin, grand marshal Timothy Egan, and honorary grand marshal Mary Charles. After the parade, everyone's invited to travel for free on the Monorail to the Irish Festival at Seattle Center.
(Downtown, free)

49. Wheel of Purim: A Family Adventure

Spin the Wheel of Purim with Kadima Reconstructionists and enjoy free pizza, hamantashen cookies, political theater, music, and more.
(Central District, free)


50. 3rd Annual Metropolist Movie Night

Metropolist will screen a double feature of one kids' film and one feature selected by YOU, or at least by their survey-takers. As of writing, the choices are Up, Wall-E, or The Secret Life of Pets, followed by the first Indiana Jones, The Man from U.N.C.L.E., or Curse of the Black Pearl.
(Sodo, free)

51. Saturday Secret Matinees

Every Saturday until March 25, the Sprocket Society will screen a chapter of the 1936 16mm adventure serial The Undersea Kingdom, starring Ray "Crash" Corrigan as an American he-man battling the evil king of Atlantis, Unga Khan. Watch our hero battle "killer robots, disintegrator rays, and rocket aeroplanes" every week.
(University District, $9)

52. Seattle Web Fest

Now in its third year, the free Web Fest shows you the best of internet-based fiction and nonfiction film. The screenings will be complemented by panels and workshops.
(Capitol Hill, free)


53. Ancient Warlocks, Cody Foster Army, The Valley, Powerhitter

As long as there are stoners (they don’t seem to be diminishing in number much around here), there’ll be a need for stoner rock. When it’s done well, stoner rock is very satisfying, like being swaddled in blankets made out of woolly mammoth pelts while the earth rumbles moderately in the distance. It’s down-tuned ecstasy in (almost) slow motion. Seattle’s Ancient Warlocks do this low-slung, methodical grind with requisite swagger, and vocalist Aaron Krause’s ravenous yowl makes him a dead ringer for Monster Magnet’s Dave Wyndorf—a great thing in any sensible person’s book. DAVE SEGAL
(Ballard, $10)

54. Benefit Show for Mike Landry

Lucky Liquor will be hosting a benefit show for longtime friend of the bar and employee Mike Landry, so come out and support a local cause, with live sets from Wreckless Freeks, Bigfoot Accelerator, The Lucky Boys, Junto, Reinstated, and Missing Cat.
(Tukwila, $8)

55. Caturday! Enchantment Under The Sea Dance

Mercury's recurring animal adoption fundraiser has turned its focus on the creatures of the sea this year, with this Little Mermaid-inspired DJ night raising money to take care of as many as catfish and purrmaids as possible, with synthy, EBM, and wave spins by DJs Hana Solo and Jen Doe. Show up in your best under-the-sea costumes to get you in the giving goth mood, as all proceeds go to benefit the Ocean Research and Conservation Association.
(Capitol Hill, $5)

56. Danny Newcomb, Chad Bault, Stereo Embers

Folksy indie rocker Danny Newcomb (absent: his Sugarmakers) will headline the Conor Byrne stage with evening support from Chad Bault and Stereo Embers.
(Ballard, $8)

57. Dany Laj & The Looks, The Scheme, The Cheap Cassettes

Singer-songwriter Dany Laj pays homage to his power-pop roots with his band The Looks, along with The Scheme and The Cheap Cassettes.
(Eastlake, $6/$8)

58. Devin Sinha, Band of Lovers, March to May

Singer-songwriter Devin Sinha shows off music influenced by his Midwestern roots, with support from Band of Lovers and March to May.
(Belltown, $8)

59. Gibraltar, Head Like A Kite, Wiscon

A tumultuous rock group with a knack for surging dynamics and rousing buildups, Gibraltar sound like a passionate convergence of Interpol and Built to Spill. Tonight they’re celebrating the release of their latest album, Let’s Get Beautiful. Leader Aaron Starkey cites Lou Reed’s Transformer as an inspiration, but Beautiful has a heart-on-sleeve brashness that reveals a more blustery take on glam-informed rock—plus, Starkey has way more range than Reed. If anything, Beautiful leans more toward New York Dolls’ flamboyant dynamics and emotional fireworks. Seattle’s Head Like a Kite began life as a fun-loving dance-rock band—with sporadic forays into motorik krautrock—headed by ex-Sushirobo guitarist/vocalist Dave Einmo. But recent HLAK releases skew darker and more introverted, as exemplified by 2016’s No Two Walk Together EP. Forgoing vocals, Einmo explores a deep vein of post-rock intrigue and orchestral somberness à la Tortoise and Rachel’s. “Return to Order” is the jam. DAVE SEGAL
(Capitol Hill, $10)

60. Hey Now! All Your Guilty Pleasures & One-Hit Wonders

Sweat out all your insecurities about your music taste at Hey Now!, the Barboza official dance night for all your guiltiest pleasures, including tracks by Carly Rae Jepsen, Blink 182, The Black Eyed Peas, Britney Spears, Nelly, Aaron Carter, Kelly Clarkson, Justin Bieber, Ashanti & Ja Rule, Fall Out Boy, Usher, and many more.
(Capitol Hill, free)

61. Levels of Movement, DBST, Radio Raheem, Wax Martini

Emerging trip-hop group Levels Of Movement break out their brand of electronica with DBST, Radio Raheem, and Wax Martini.
(Fremont, $8/$12)

62. Northwest Brass Band Festival Concert

Celebrate the culmination of the Northwest Brass Festival with their finale gala concert featuring internationally recognized masters of brass like trombonist Scott Hartmann, trumpeter Alexander White, and conductor Michael Garasi.
(West Seattle, free)

63. Primary Pulse, Wynn C. Blue & Her Troublemakers, These Young Fools

Created by a collection of complementary jam sessions, high-energy quartet Primary Pulse shares its uptempo work with a Blue Moon audience along with bill support from Wynn C. Blue & Her Troublemakers and These Young Fools.
(University District, $5)

64. Schroeder Bomb, Grindline The Band, Hideous Creep

Portland skate rockers Schroeder Bomb will tear up the Highline stage with support from Grindline The Band and Hideous Creeps.
(Capitol Hill, $8/$10)

65. The Snakebites, Sir Coyler & His Asthmatic Band, Creature Hole, Half-Breed

Garage country twosome the Snakebites headline Slim's, with support from Sir Coyler & His Asthmatic Band, Creature Hole, and Half-Breed.
(Georgetown, $8)

66. Snowday, Subtle Triumph, Fort Loveless

Seattle rockers Snowy take on the Skylark with a little help form Subtle Triumph and Fort Loveless.
(West Seattle, $7)

67. St. Elmo's Fire presents I ShinnDigg

St. Elmo's Fire presents I ShinnDigg, an artistic showcase of local hiphop talent to stimulate your mind, with merch available, food and drink specials, and DJs soundtracking the whole night.
(Belltown, $10)

68. SubMerge: Metamorphosis with Lauren Ritter

SubMerge takes on the earthbound themes of metamorphosis on the night of their one-year anniversary, featuring sets by Lauren Ritter, Joe Bellingham, Mark Lippert, Pezzner, and Simic, with spacey visuals by BlackWaterStars, and art installations by White Buffalo.
(Downtown, $10)

69. W Live: Dead Hipster Dance Party

The best (but that's arguable) dance party crew comes to the W for a night of high-energy DJ sets.
(Downtown, free)

70. Wicked Karma Presents: Bollysutra Glow

Celebrate the Indian springtime holiday of Holi with glowsticks, blacklights, Indian beer for purchase, and DJ RDX's sultry Bollywood tunes.
(Pioneer Square, $5)


71. Rapture ft. artStar Charlatan & Miss Texas 1988

Queerdos Arson Nicki and guest stars artStar Charlatan and Miss Texas 1988 will be back with more avant-garde drag and dark techno. Dress up as your own alter ego and parade your weirdest dreams up and down the runway.
(Downtown, $10)


72. Lena Khalaf Tuffaha: Arab in Newsland

Before the release of local poet Lena Khalaf Tuffaha's debut book, Water & Salt (a poetry collection that will offer an emotional and varied take on people whose lives have been marred by violence), celebrate the launch of her new chapbook, Arab in Newsland, which won the 2016 Two Sylvias Poetry Prize.
(Wallingford, free)

73. Rad Families

Learn about amazing and unique family arrangements with local progressives including Tomas Moniz, Scott Winn, Krista Hanson, Nina Packebush and Burke Stansbury—the editor of and contributors to a new collection titled Rad Families: A Celebration.
(Capitol Hill, free)


74. People Power Action Event

The ACLU is launching a new tool: People Power, a network of grassroots anti-Trump activists. Use their tool to find and RSVP to one of myriad resistance training events being held for People Power's first day: There are several dozen within 20 miles of Seattle, so you can take your pick.
(Various locations, free)



75. Numinous

This light show will pop up one weekend every month for six months. Bring the kids for illuminative after-dark wonder. "In keeping with the theme of exploration," the installation will be hidden and it's up to you to find it. This month, they will highlight Kelly Fleek's textile LED art.
(Seattle Center, free)


76. Seattle Kennel Club Dog Show Broadcast at Bill's

Do you love the Seattle Kennel Club Dog Show, but don't necessarily want to experience all the spectacle close up? Good news, Bill's is airing the full show both nights with a repeat play starting directly after the initial broadcast. There will also be specials like hush puppies and salty dogs to get you in the mood.
(Capitol Hill, free)


77. Irish Festival Seattle

Rendez-vous with Irish vendors and exhibitors. There will be music, dancing, art, a genealogy workshop, films, activities, lectures, and a drawing for a vacation in the lovely green country.
(Seattle Center, free)


78. Dino Weekend

Chat with paleontologists, touch bones, see fossil preparation, dig up your an ancient treasures, and give your respects to prehistory. This family-oriented event is hugely popular: the sooner you buy tickets, the better.
(University District, $10)


79. Tim Egan

Timothy Egan (former Seattle Times correspondent, current lefty columnist for The New York Times, winner of a Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting, and winner of a National Book Award for Nonfiction for his book The Worst Hard Time) will share two new biographies: a colorful portrayal of Thomas Francis Meagher titled The Immortal Irishman, and Short Nights of the Shadow Catcher, which tells the story of famous photographer and ethnologist Edward Curtis (who has strong connections to Seattle, and is known mainly for his pre- and early 20th century portraits of Native Americans).
(Seattle Center and Capitol Hill, no cover)


80. Shakespeare Dice: Twelfth Night

Eight actors have memorized the entire script of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, and at this performance presented by immersive/experimental theater company Dacha, an audience member will roll the dice and decide who will play which character.
(Capitol Hill, $10-$20)



81. Sticker Swap

Bring literally any kind of stickers you can get your hands on ("full sheets, partial sheets, homemade, hand-cut, mass-produced, silk-screened, puffy, kawaii, glow-in-the-dark") and prepare to trade at this Sticker Swap. If you absolutely can't find stickers to swap, you can bring a $5 donation and check out the goods.
(Ballard, $0-$5)


82. Mixed Media: Stand Up, Music & Improv Explore Politics

Pete GK, Unexpected Productions' improv players, and stand-up comics Andre Pegeron and David Crowe will animate this edition of the monthly show and riff on the theme of politics. They'll be joined by Smashie Smashie and their hippie post-punk rock.
(Downtown, $7-$10)


83. Hoppy Purim!

Dress in costume, as befits the holiday, and celebrate the escape of the Jews from persecution in ancient Persia. There will be kids' activities and stories, courtesy of the Jewish organization PAVE Seattle.
(Capitol Hill, free)

84. Super Purim Carnival & More

The Stroum Jewish Community Center invites you to a free carnival for Purim (the celebration of the Jewish people's escape from disaster at the hands of Haman), featuring food trucks, a mechanical bull, mini-golf, and other games.
(Mercer Island, free)


85. SHRIEK: The Wicker Man + Happy Hour Heckling
Shriek is a recurring film class about women in horror (taught by Evan J. Peterson and Heather Marie Bartels) that features screenings as well as engaged, thoughtful, and hilarious discussions. On March 12, they'll host a screening of the 1973 version of The Wicker Man, which is host Evan J. Peterson's favorite film, and was described by Cinefantastique as "the Citizen Kane of horror movies."
(Greenwood, $10)


86. Bad Idea, W16, Pellegrini, Riot in Rhythm

Bad Idea show off their vintage hard rock style at the Skylark, with bill support from W16, Pellegrini, and Riot in Rhythm.
(West Seattle, $5)

87. Fraktured

Fraktured is a recently formed Kremwerk night on Sundays centered on bringing the best in breakbeats to a Seattle audience, with drink specials like $1 beers and $4 shots. Enjoy sets by Flave, Haaps, Digital Dragon, and JROK.
(Downtown, free)

88. Interzone: The Women of Goth

Mercury's recurring DJ night of dark, dynamic tunes from the golden age of goth takes the evening to feature the Women of Goth in honor of International Women's Day, with tracks by The Bags, X-Ray Spex, Siouxsie, Lisa Gerrard, Cosey Fanni Tutti, and many more.
(Capitol Hill, $3)

89. Joe August, ZAHARA, Further North

Los Angeles singer-songwriter Joe August blends '60s grooves with a light handed touch of indie rock for a modern twist on the decade's more classic sounds. He'll be joined by Lofty Stills and Shady Hallows.
(Capitol Hill, $10)

90. Nauticult, Hybrid Jesus, 25th Frame

Esoteric hiphop fusion group Nauticult will be joined by Hybrid Jesus and 25th Frame for a night out at Substation.
(Ballard, $8)

91. NXCxNW: Underdog, Pixelon, Michete, Guests

Nightcore (NXC) has arrived at Vera for an evening of lightspeed hyper-pop from featured artists Underd0g, Pixelon, Atris, Hojo, KLSLWSK and Michete, and more special guests.
(Seattle Center, $5)

92. Open Space

A brief evening interlude of laying on the floor to contemplative music by candlelight, thanks to the dulcet tones of different local musicians each month. BYOCushionsPillows&Blankets and be sure to silence your phones, shut your mouths, and take off those loud shoes you're always wearing.
(Fremont, free)

93. Sarah St. Albin, My Cartoon Heart, Tobias the Owl

Seattle-based singer, pianist, and songwriter Sarah St. Albin will share her intimate balladry with a Sunset audience, flanked by My Cartoon Heart and Tobias The Owl.
(Ballard, $8)

94. Seattle JazzED

Seattle JazzEd is a local non-profit that empowers students through music education. The current students and alumni of the JAzzED program will be gathering every Sunday of March at the Royal Room for performances as new works ensembles, with special guests each week.
(Columbia City, free)

95. Yak Attack, Eminence Ensemble

High-energy sextet Eminence Ensemble will blend their live menagerie act with that of live electronica trio Yak Attack for a wild night out at Nectar.
(Fremont, $7/$10)


96. Sara Crow: Even Superheroes Have to Sleep

Sara Crow will present her children's book, a rhyming story designed to help parents get Super Notsleepychild into bed. Distract the babies with a reward chart and stickers until you bend them to your will, in, like, a wholesome, nurturing sort of way.
(Capitol Hill, free)

97. Writers Read

Local writers will share their work at this monthly reading series—come with some material if you'd like to participate in the open mic.
(Columbia City, free)


98. South Seattle: We Stand Together!

South Seattle will come together at this rally celebrating all the members of the community ("people from many countries and of many religions, races, sexual orientations, abilities, classes, and beliefs") and emphasizing inclusivity, love, and support.
(Columbia City, free)


99. Fishbowl III

It's a mini-marathon of 25 new pieces in 50 minutes by Caitlin Obom, Ade Ajayi, Wryly Tender, Claire Webber, Lauren Brazell, Ravella Riffenburg, Emily Sershon, and Lauren Bond. If you like your theater in small but powerful doses, this is for you.
(Sodo, $10/$14)

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