Philippinen Ahk. We will transition our office phone number to (+632) 8519 8110 and fax number to (+632) 5310 3656 as mandated by the National Telecommunications...

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  • On October 12 to 14, 2012, the German community with its companies and institutions operating in the Philippines will once again gather at the Bonifacio Global City for the annual Mabuhay Germany celebrations.  Now on its 5th year, this year's theme...

  • ( The local creative scene continued to thrive in 2016, and how could we help being excited? New theaters were opened, old ones were restored, contemporary artists were recognized here and abroad, and whole cities were transformed into huge canvases...

  • The Department of Finance (DOF) pushed for greater German investments in the Philippines during the recent German Asia-Pacific Business Association (OAV) Liebesmahl event in Hamburg, Germany, attended by over 500 German business executives of the OAV...

  • The Volkswagen Tiguan was featured at the recent “Mabuhay Germany” at Bonifacio Global City. VOLKSWAGEN PH PHOTO Volkswagen Philippines, the No. 1 European car brand in the country, was among the key participants in the “Mabuhay Germany 2017” trade...

  • Food Tasting for GPCCI
    via momsworldofartsandhappiness.blogspot

    To celebrate more than 60 years of German-Philippine friendship, the German-Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GPCCI) in cooperation with the German Embassy, Goethe Institut and supported by the German-Philippine community, will hold the annual...

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  • AHK Philippinen

    Announcement Starting 06 October 2019, we will transition our office phone number to (+632) 8519 8110 and fax number to (+632) 5310 3656 as mandated by the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC...

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    Benefits Be a part of this large, influential business network in the Philippines and benefit from our Services! For more information click here. Language can be a barrier in a new country, but clarit...

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