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  • Did you know that exercising and dieting can’t and don’t burn fat on their own? Well yes, and the experts say that these two things actually trigger organs and glands to release hormones that burn fat. I can bet that you didn’t know that, right? So,...

  • It is normal to feel tired sometimes, despite allowing yourself adequate amounts of sleep. Eating a healthy balanced diet, taking regular exercise, reducing stress levels and getting plenty of rest usually relieves tiredness caused by physical or emotional...

  •  Written by Amanda Ennett You can slow down the aging process, stimulate weight-loss, and feel more energetic simply by adding 2oz of wheatgrass to your diet. This sweet green goodness is not simply a passing trend. Wheatgrass is one of those foods...

  • Are You A Highly Sensitive Person?
    via powerofpositivity

    You have probably heard of the term “empath” before, but this grouping of specific characteristics actually has another name as well: the highly sensitive person, or HSP. Dr. Elaine Aron, a psychologist who began studying extreme sensitivity in people...

  • Sixty years of age is a key milestone for the baby boomer generation. Some say sixty is the new forty with all the advancements in medicine and health consciousness. The fact is, people today are living longer and enjoying a higher standard of living...

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