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  • Found on AskReddit. 1. The Diary of Anne Frank. “The Diary of Anne Frank. I mean, I obviously didn’t masturbate to all the Holocaust stuff. But it was the diary of a girl, my age (at the time), who was in the process of discovering herself, both sexually...

  • IIFYM Interviews Dr. Joe Klemczewski, PhD – Founder: The Diet Doc, LLC, Team Klemczewski Perfect Peaking Program, ALPHA Mag: The Evolution of Fitness, The Shadow Foundation, LLC IIFYM: For those of our readers that are not familiar with you and your...

  • Flexible dieting (a.k.a. IIFYM) is quickly gaining popularity as the new way to transform your physique. I’ve mentioned before how helpful it has been in my own journey and I’m a huge advocate for people giving it a go. It can really...

  • Source: WOD Talk Magazine By Alexis Bennett This weekend marks the last of Regional competition, one step closer to the conclusion of the Open season and The Reebok Games. For many, the 2014 season is over and athletes are already looking forward...

  • Member Spotlight: Nate Holtz
    via crossfitbelltown

    Name: Nate Holtz…although my mom and Nadia both call me Nathan, so that works too.  DOB: 12/02/81  Occupation: Network Engineer  CrossFitting Since: April 1st, 2013. First Memorable CrossFit Experience:&nbsp...

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