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  • I’ve strolled past the Adventureland Egg Roll Wagon lots of times. Learn About: Egg Roll Wagon Magic Kingdom Disney World Restaurants Maybe you have, too… and possibly without even knowing it. Adventureland hosts a few carts featuring the regulars...

  • Dear Custodians of Earth Star Gaea Terra We are living in a most wonderful time. We are the Makers and the Weavers of our very Reality. Our choices are bringing forth the Reality that is playing out around us. It is time now to stand in your true power...

  • Created page with 'Travelling to distinct sites can equally be having fun with and within the same time tiresome. Taking pleasure in from the feeling that you will be able to have some fun and expe…' New page Travelling to distinct sites can...

  • Did An Extraterrestrial Speak To Us?
    via naturalplane.blogspot

    Three years ago (6/2010) the following narrative was posted at the MUFON Case Management System page...the submitter was from Mississippi. On the same day I received a email from a man in Mississippi that contained the same text. After I contacted this...

  • What Makes A Man A Good Father?
    via goodmenproject

    The prerequisites for being a father are scarce. Anyone can be a father, but what does it mean to be a good one? — A few days ago I received the following email from a reader, a touching plea for help: “I feel my twin 14-year-old son’s deserve more...

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