Pepstaxidermy. Whether it is a gamehead, bird, mammal, rug or fish, requires knowledge and skill. While we know there are kits are available to anyone...

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  • Nyquist has won his seven races, including four prestigious Grade 1s, by a combined 15 lengths - an average of just over two lengths. On the flip side, the same trend erects serious barriers for Republicans trying to grab Senate seats in Oregon, Iowa...

  • This article is a collaboration between Thomas Baekdal and the wonderful Ana Milicevic, principal of Sparrow Advisers, a boutique consultancy that helps companies scale, build relevant products, enter new markets, and navigate the digital world. If you...

  • @marimphil wrote: Is Being a Doctor Reasonable Anymore? Is there a Better Option Out There? I’m 27, a junior doctor from India here in UK, will be appearing for PLAB Part 2 exam soon, and will be appearing for the MRCS Part 1 & 2 exams in January...

  • The No-Tipping Point (Rebroadcast)
    via freakonomics.blogs.nytimes

    Servers get tips and kitchen staff don’t, creating two tiers of employee. Danny Meyer wants to fix that. (Photo: Yuri Arcurs/Getty Images) Our latest Freakonomics Radio episode is called “No-Tipping Point (Rebroadcast).”  (You can subscribe to the podcast...

  • Sergio Resurgent
    via consciousentities

    Sergio’s thoughts on computationalism evoked a big response. Here is his considered reaction, complete with bibliography… +++++++++++++++++++ A few weeks ago, Peter was kind enough to publish my personal reflections on computational functionalism,...

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  • Pep's Taxidermy - Award Winning Quality Service

    Professional Quality Taxidermy Quality taxidermy, whether it is a gamehead, bird, mammal, rug or fish, requires knowledge and skill. While we know there are kits are available to anyone who desires to...

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