PART ONE: “HEAVEN’S GATE” EXPOSED: Satanic CIA Suicide Brainwashing Cult in Damascus, OR?


PART TWO:”HEAVEN’S GATE” EXPOSED: 1997 Hale-Bop False Flag Run by CIA and Hillary Clinton


PART THREE: Obama/CIA/FBI False Flag Terror Attacks Unleashed on Portland, OR and Suburbs?


PATRIOT NEWS NOTE: The FIRST of the Swiss CIA/Vatican’s mad “Heaven’s Gate” False Flags happened back in 1997, during the coming of the comet Hale-Bop. The CIA mass murdered their MK Ultra cultists then and are certainly planning to now again unless they are stopped by exposing this horrific False Flag Attack.

Another site’s info and opinions on the first H.G./Hale-Bop 1997 False Flag:


Heaven’s Gate – The MK-ULTRA Cybercult Exposed


Heaven’s Gate – The MK-ULTRA Cybercult Exposed

This nights synchromystical investigation turned out to lead me into an area of MK-ULTRA and psyops at a cosmic level. I’m taking a closer look at the Heaven’s Gate cult that decided to commit mass suicide shortly after the spring Equinox on March 22 1997, as the comet Hale-Bopp passed by Earth.


The ritual suicide was performed wearing white Nike sneakers, and the Nike logo represents Saturn, the God of time. We have also seen a lot of time travelers associated with the Nike logo:

“The Terminator”:

“Back To The Future Part III”:


“Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me”:

The mass suicide in San Diego happened shortly after the Phoenix Lights incident, which received huge media coverage at the time:


The Phoenix was now ignited, time for some good old ritual sacrifice.

The Heaven’s Gate logo depicts a key with the Masonic G highlighted. The logo has been decoded by violatoR to be originating from the heart of the the constellation Lepus. Let’s go down the rabbit hole Alice:

ViolatoR investigates Heaven’s Gate a bit in his New Religion For New Age blogpost.

Lepus is hunted by Orion and his dog, down the rabbit hole, the Galactic Center.

In 1982, a TV-movie called “Mysterious Two” was produced. The movie is about two aliens that come to Earth promising mankind a better future, and the two main characters “He” and “She”, where based on the founders of Heaven’s Gate, Marshall Applewhite and Bonnie Nettles. Marshall Applewhite himself was hired as an uncredited technical advisor for the movie. Haven’t watched the full movie yet, but it looks like it’s riddled with clues for those who have ears to hear:

Applewhite and Nettles met at a psychiatric hospital in Houston, Space City, where Applewhite sought help for hearing voices and Nettles worked as a nurse. Beaming voices into peoples heads seems to be a common way to operate.

Another version of the story says Applewhite was hospitalized for heart trouble and had a “near death” experience. Another says Applewhite checked into the psychiatric hospital to have himself “cured” of homosexuality.

Applewhite has described their relationship being a master/disciple relationship, with him being the disciple.

Nettles was already involved in Theosophy, a spiritualist movement founded in the 19th century by Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, a Russian-born mystic, and is the basis upon which the New World Religion stands, with the connections going all the way up to the highest levels of the UN. Blavatsky envisioned a magical universe of disembodied spirits of white light and a Great White Brotherhood of “ascended masters.”

Later on, Applewhite had found a new belief system:


“One of the major tools of Lucifer is the New Age movement — Theosophy, Ascended Masters, channeling, Eastern religions, mysticism, yoga, Christ consciousness within, and the ‘Ye are God’ concept,” Applewhite wrote. “All are a fantasy and a trap.”

Applewhite was sounding more and more paranoid, feeling more and more persecuted. “Luciferian” space creatures were conspiring with the government. He compared Heaven’s Gate’s situation with that of David Koresh and the Branch Davidians, the apocalyptic Christian sect that a few years earlier battled federal agents before their Waco, Texas, compound erupted in a blazing inferno.

I’m not sure that Applewhite *really* rejected the Ascended Masters teachings, he was very much involved with the Galactic Federation of Light, and I’ll show you more on that connection in the end of this post. Maybe Heaven’s Gate adapted these later anti-theosophical beliefs as part of a psy-op in order to portray people that have been starting to understand the agenda behind the real Luciferians and the New World Religion as suicidal maniacs?


In 1972, Applewhite met a 44-year-old nurse named Bonnie Nettles at a Houston psychiatric hospital, which he had voluntarily entered because of depression and hearing voices. Nettles convinced him that they were on earth as aliens and that Armageddon was coming. On August 28, 1974, the 43-year-old Applewhite was arrested in Harlingen, Texas for stealing credit cards.

After Nettles told him that he possessed special astrological attributes, Applewhite declared himself the individual in whose mind was held that of Christ, the reincarnation of Jesus Christ. By 1975 they had begun Total Overcomers Anonymous together, which eventually became Heaven’s Gate.

In 1975, Applewhite and Nettles convinced 20 people from Waldport, Oregon to join their group. Applewhite told them there would be an alien appearance by means of a UFO, but when the encounter never happened they left the group. However, more people joined and soon the group had 93 members. Initially, meetings were held in various locations in the Waldport area, and soon spread to multiple meetups at churches, halls, lecture theatres, and new age awareness centers elsewhere; their last public meeeting in Oregon being held at Portland State University in Lincoln Hall. Flyers had been posted some time before the actual meeting, but interest was poor and not more than a dozen or so people attended. Over a 9-month period in 1975 Applewhite, Nettles, and small groups of their followers travelled to nearly all 50 states and parts of Canada. The group became more structured, and moved periodically over the years to various locales in California, Colorado, and New Mexico. Finally, Heaven’s Gate moved to the mansion at Rancho Santa Fe, California, the site of the group’s mass suicide.

Nettles and Applewhite were nicknamed ‘Ti and Do’ or the ‘UFO two’. Nettles died in 1985 of cancer and Applewhite led Heaven’s Gate alone from her death to his suicide in 1997. At some point, Applewhite had himself surgically castrated.

Their activities inspired the 1982 TV movie Mysterious Two, with John Forsythe as “He”, the Applewhite role.

ViolatoR wrote:

39 members committed suicide. Same amount as the members of the Great White Brotherhood.


The Heaven’s Gate cult committed mass suicide just days after the Arizona sighting. Marshall Applewhite received a “sign” that it was time for him and 38 of his followers to shed their human containers and join the Evolutionary Level Above Human in a spaceship hiding behind the comet Hale-Bopp. The acronym for Evolutionary Level Above Human is ELAH, the name for God, and, when inverted, spells HALE. Was this part of a psy-op to trigger a response?

Coincidentally, three members of the Heaven’s Gate “away team” worked for Advanced Development Group, Inc. (ADG), a company that developed computer-based instruction for the U.S. Army. ADG later became ManTech Advanced Development Group; these organizations have connections to the First Earth Battalion, a psy-op group formed within the U.S. military to allegedly handle extraterrestrial affairs such as abductions or contact through telepathy or remote viewing, and to hold simulated extraterrestrial “drills” using holographic technology. First Earth Battalion eventually became the Jedi Project. All of these secretive psy-op groups are, or were, well skilled in spreading information and disinformation about the occult, the Heaven’s Gate cult, the attacks of 9/11, remote viewing and UFO’s.

Lee Johnson was a member of a Utah rock group called Dharma Combat. He was a Heaven’s Gate away team member and committed suicide with the cult members. After his death the surviving members of the band released an EP that featured a song called MESLIM written by Johnson. The song featured some odd lyrics about a possible attempt by the U.S. government to stage an alien threat. What did he know, and why did he and the 38 followers of Heaven’s Gate believe that there was an alien spaceship following the Hale Bopp comet? Was all of this a test run for a mass exercise?

Jacques Vallée wrote a book called “Messengers of Deception” where he revealed that groups like Heaven’s Gate and the Raelians and events like the “alien autopsy” seemed to be linked to military intelligence.

Allegedly, branches of the military are engaging in psychological warfare involving false flag exercises. These include simulated extraterrestrial attacks. The frightening part is that the military psy-ops groups are conducting these alien-based psychological experiments to test the collective acceptance of a real alien landing. They are allegedly faking occasional UFO reports and YouTube videos to gauge public reaction. They are also allegedly taking real events shown on YouTube and creating a sense of confusion by creating very sophisticated fakes that appear to be eyewitness documentation.

These fakes are used to discredit any and all anomalous events as hoaxes. The mainstream media then takes the story and jokingly ridicules those who believe that the event was out of the ordinary. This has been lost on many armchair skeptics who believe that they know CGI when they see it. Of course there is CGI; your taxes paid for the intelligence blackouts and disinformation. The psy-op begins and soon everything is a hoax and evidence is overlooked in the race to debunk and not to decipher.

Source: Project Bluebeam And The Rise And Fall Of The Neo-skeptic

Applewhite and Nettles for a while took on the names of “Guinea” and “Pig” in 1973. MK-ULTRA?

The trigger that drove the cult to mass suicide was the arrival of the comet Hale-Bopp, and military trained remote viewers where the ones who gave them the trigger:


It was a celestial omen, Comet Hale-Bopp, that provoked their departure. For they thought that it carried with it a UFO spacecraft — an event already proclaimed on the nationally syndicated Art Bell radio show when Whitley Strieber and Courtney Brown maintained that a spaceship “extraterrestrial in origin” and under “intelligent control” was tracking the comet. According to astronomer Alan Hale, co-discoverer of the comet, what they probably saw was a star behind the comet.

Source: UFO Mythology – The Escape To Oblivion

All of the cult members went to the grave with $5.75 in their pockets. Mark Twain was cynical about religion and once wrote:

“The fare to get to heaven on the tail of a comet was $5.75.”


Halley’s Comet appeared in 1835, the year Twain was born, and appeared again in 1910, the year he died. Twain wrote of Halley’s Comet in 1909:

“It is coming again next year, and I expect to go out with it. It will be the greatest disappointment of my life if I don’t go out with Halley’s Comet. The Almighty has said, no doubt: ‘Now here are these two unaccountable freaks; they came in together, they must go out together.’ ”

One more footnote: Heaven’s Gate members were devoted fans of the “Star Trek” TV show, which has featured a Mark Twain character on several of its episodes.

Source: The Gospel According To Applewhite / A Bit Of Theosophy, A Bit Of X-Files, A Bit From The Book Of Revelation — The Mix-and-match Theology Of The Heaven’s Gate Cult Had Antecedents Everywhere

Another interesting and shady character that has a big role to play in this story is Lee Shargel. He was also on the Art Bell show in early 1997, claiming that there was a “companion” following Hale-Bopp. Lee Shargel wrote the book “Voice In The Mirror”, in which Applewhite saw a message being communicated to the group. Shargel claims to be the last person who saw Applewhite alive:


“[Applewhite) seemed to think I had been given a wonderful gift,” Shargel said, “a gift of prophecy, and that my prophecy was outlined in the book.”

Shargel says his connection with the cult began in December, when he received the first of four phone calls from Applewhite. Applewhite had heard Shargel on Art Bell’s nationally syndicated late-night radio show, a fringe forum on the paranormal.

“[Applewhite) explained to me that he ran a cybermonastery near San Diego,” Shargel said. “He called me three times after that, to ask about meeting me in Nevada at a conference there.”

In January, at the Sixth Annual International UFO Congress in Laughlin, Nev., Shargel says Applewhite and 38 other cult members filled the front row for his lecture.

“They liked my way of looking at things,” Shargel said. “They looked relatively normal to me, except they all had the same haircut.”

Bob Brown, the conference’s organizer, remembers things differently. He says none of the cult showed up.

“We had a camera mounted above that also caught part of the audience,” Brown said. “The same people in the front row were the ones who were there every day.”

On March 15, Shargel says, he was the last person outside Heaven’s Gate to see Applewhite alive. Shargel was in Southern California for a book-signing and lecture at Heaven On Earth, a metaphysical bookstore in Encinitas, near the cult’s rented mansion in Rancho Santa Fe.

According to Shargel, a sickly Applewhite attended, accompanied by a dozen other members. Before leaving, the cult leader gave Shargel a page of Egyptian and Hopi hieroglyphics, a picture of an alien and a tubular chime in a wooden case.

“We never saw any of those people in our store,” said Cheryl Phibbs, the bookstore’s owner.

After learning of the suicides, Shargel called the television networks and told his story. Hours later, he was on Nightline, telling a nationwide audience that Applewhite was dying of liver cancer. News of a possible reason for the suicides spread like wildfire.

Three days later, Applewhite’s autopsy revealed no trace of cancer. But Shargel was in greater demand than ever.

During the following weeks, Shargel became a fixture on the airwaves. He spoke with grieving cult members’ families. He analyzed Heaven’s Gate’s inner workings. He described the group’s admiration for him and his book.

Source: Sci-fi Writer’s Tales: Cult Connection Or Vivid Imagination?

So Lee Shargel claimed to have been involved in secret NASA programs and claimed that he held a PhD in “Egyptian Quantum Mechanics”. Thanks to his false credentials, he where a speaker at the Sixth Annual International UFO Congress in Laughlin, Nev. His false credentials were called upon and his reputation in the ufologist community was ruined. Later on he “confessed” to having faked his background story in order to sell more copies of his book:


In 1996, I wrote a science fiction novel entitled “Voice in the Mirror.” It was a fictional story about the discovery of life on another planet. The other planet was Earth. Yes, they discovered us. Now that’s a switch. In my pursuit to find a publisher, I found that I was gathering enough rejection slips to wallpaper my house. Since, my wife felt that the rejection slip pattern did not fit the decor, I decided it was time for a different approach to this publising game. So, Doctor Lee Shargel, Top Secret NASA scientist was born.

I decided that the best way to get the book published was to make the slightest inference that it just might be real. Lo and behold, the NEW AGE publishers were beating down my door. I secured a publisher and a nice (if not small) advance check. I was ready to meet the world as a fictional Top Secret NASA scientist and holder of a PhD in Egyptian Quantum Mechanics. (That degree was made up in a pinch, but it, too, worked) I got an agent and a manager who were only to eager to cash in on the UFO craze. But first it required a plan.

Source: Abduct My Wallet: Confessions of a UFO Hoaxer

So, the guy was a hoax, case closed? Not quite yet.. In January 2011, Lee Shargel published another article, where he claims that he was used by NASA in a psychological experiment. Here is how he describes how he was approached by NASA:


I was asked to take part in an experiment. One that would involve my book and the story I wanted to tell. It turns out that NASA had been very interested in the UFO community in a way that I would never have imagined. They wanted to use the belief in UFO’s, or NEV’s (Non-Earth Vehicles) as they referred to them, in order to gauge reaction from that control group. I asked, “Reaction to what?”

They said they had numerous computer scenarios depicting the landing of a Non-Earth Vehicle in a public place under a variety of conditions and the outcome was always the same, chaos. They were now proposing a new scenario, one that could be postulated by me. Using my book as the foundation for this experiment, a lecture series with undeniable photos and supporting information supplied by others, I embarked on this seemingly preposterous endeavor.

The book was completed and an unsuspecting New Age publisher was found to publish the book. Now I needed to embark on a book and lecture tour. It was decided that a dress rehearsal was required so I was booked into a UFO convention in Philadelphia.

I was given a series of photos and three poster sized images of a UFO that supposedly was taken by a P-51 Mustang search plane out of Roswell, New Mexico. I was also given a set of NASA credentials proving that I was indeed, Doctor Lee Shargel. To my utter astonishment, I was a smash at the convention. My next foray into the world of UFO’s was as the featured guest on Art Bell’s Coast to Coast radio broadcast where I informed the world that an extra-terrestrial probe was accompanying the Hale-Bopp comet as it flew by planet earth in 1997.

The coup-de-grace was my being booked as the primary speaker at the largest meeting of UFO believers in the world. The International UFO Congress convention in Laughlin, Nevada. My preparations for a lecture was nothing less than spectacular. My friends at NASA, Goddard and the DOD were also there and later applauded my convincing presentation. They assured me that the experiment was yielding an immense amount of data. I continued with this charade until the unexpected occurred. The Heaven’s Gate cult suicides. At that point I was told that the experiment was a complete success. Then I was dropped like a hot potato.

My efforts to contact the people who had been, so to speak, handling me had vanished. It was as if they never existed. I tried everything to get an audience with them but I was told, “No one by that name is employed here.” I eventually gave up and made the decision to abandon any future forays into the world of UFO’s. I am still writing books and have had some success writing screenplays for motion pictures. I often wonder though, what experiments are being played out now, where and why?

Source: The NASA UFO Test Of 1997

A science-fiction writers fantasies or a truthful confession to what really happened?

The Heaven’s Gate is of course a Stargate, and many believe that 9/11 was a ritual opening of a Stargate by TPTB. There are deep connections running between 9/11 and Heaven’s Gate:


Apparently, an associate of the FBI informant Abdusattar Sheikh who housed some of the 9/11 hijackers in San Diego named Sam Koutchesfahani rented out the mansion the Heaven’s Gate UFO cult killed themselves in in 1997. This man had been involved in a scam to get terrorists into America and posing them as college studentsThen there is the famous Adnan Khashoggi. This billionare Saudi is literally the Forest gump to every known conspiracy known to man.

He was good friends with the head of the warrent commission, uncle Princess Di’s Dodi Fayed, has attended Bilberberg, advised Nixon and attended his funeral, dated Jackie O’ after JFK’s death, met with Richard Perle(AKA neocon Iraq war architect) before the 2003 invasion…and so on and so forth. A lot of Adnan’s immediate family is deeply involved in Scientology, and one of his protege’s happens to be 9/11 hijacker flight school owner Wally Hilliard(both Hilliard and Kashoggi are intimately linked to CIA-narco drug trafficking)Stranger yet, this Osama funding terrorist financier and businessmen became a partner with bestselling “Men Are From Mars” author John Gray who has sense become a big 9/11 Truth funder and financier.

John Gray, who claims his father tried to warn authorities that JFK was going to be killed in Dallas apparently was taught by Heaven’s Gate cultleader Marshall Applewhite in college…and his mother, who ran an occult book store knew Marshall ApplewhiteDoes it get any more bizarre that a guy funding and promoting 9/11 truth was partners with al Qaeda financier Mafouz and funding Osama while helping terrorists slip into America? Not to mention famous for his deep involvement in BCCI/Iran Contra?Yes, it does. Mahfouz was a business partner with 9/11 chair Thomas Keane in 1994 on a 29 million dollar realty deal with al Qaeda front company “BMI” in 1994. BMI was created by Osama’s top financier Yassin al-Qadi(a good Cheney friend) whose Ptech had been a CIA-BCCI type clandestine blackhole and an al Qaeda front company that had compromised many government agencies with Promis software.

One of the guys deeply connected to the Heaven’s Gate cult was a computer specialist named Nicholas Matzorkis who employed a lot of the UFO cultists and was friends with them.

He later went on to create a business in China with Nicholas Rockefeller. The same Rockefeller who allegedly bragged to the late Aaron Russo that 9/11 was coming, and it’d be great for the Afghan/Iraq invasion plans and a new world order.(His brother David Rockefeller created the Twin Towers with the bin Laden construction group’s star architect, and helped chair the US/German elite program that recruited Mohammed Atta to Germany called “CDS”)

The Rockefellers have a long history of funding UFOlogy groups. In fact, it was the Rockefeller foundation behind the 1938 War of the Worlds radio psyops experiment.

Heaven’s Gate of course included the brother of the actress playing Star Trek’s Uhura (Star Trek’s Roddenberry is connected to the “Nine”) who committed suicide with the other cult members.


320×240.jpg [ 26.51 KiB | Viewed 21225 times ]

Marshall Applewhite claimed to be the victim of high level mind control programming around the time Leary and the Unabomber were getting MK ultra’d.

Adnan Khashoggi’s mercenary army of global corporate criminals lives in Mafia mansions, basks in the political limelight, enjoys the privileges of royalty in tyrannical desert dystopias, and sips vodka in the shadow of gleaming Moscow spires,” wrote Alex Constantine. “They are kings, Pentagon officials, priests, S&L thieves, assassins, prostitutes, Nazis, Big Oil executives, metals merchants, New Age cultists, drug barons, boiler-room con artists, mobsters, dictators…and terrorists.”

Further investigation reveals Khashoggi has been to Bilderberg, and one of his business partners was a Mossad spy who was killed.

So why is 9/11 truther financier and hugely successful author John Gray partners with him?

Thankfully of the many “Genesis” front companies Khashoggi helped create, the “Genesis Communications Network” listed under his companies isnt the same as the Alex Jones/Jeff Rense GCN company.

As well, thatd be a bit too weird.

Source: The Strange 9/11, Heaven’s Gate, Adnan Khashoggi Nexus

So Khashoggi, who partnered up with John Gray, who was the student of Applewhite in college, later on bought the movie rights to Matzorki’s story about his experiences with the cult through one of his Genesis front companies.


eve_apple.jpg [ 13.4 KiB | Viewed 21225 times ]

Isn’t it interesting that we have an Applewhite in the story, and that the cult ingested phenobarbital mixed with applesauce or pudding, washed down with vodka?

Remember that Hilary Clinton was spotted together with Laurence Rockefeller carrying the book “Are We Alone?” in 1995, giving us some hints about Disclosure and Project Bluebeam:


p3119517_21aug1995_rockefeller.jpg [ 114.44 KiB | Viewed 21225 times ]

Heaven’s Gate was known as a cybersect, these where the early days of Internet, and Nicholas Matzorkis, who found the dead cult members in their mansion, employed several of them through their company Higher Source to develop ussearch.com:


US Search is America’s leading People Search & Background Check web site destination. With its proprietary Intelligent People Search & Background Check solutions and access to billions of public records, US Search is the most effective, accurate and quickest way to find the person you’re looking for. Founded in 1994, US Search has helped millions of happy customers reconnect with lost friends, family members, classmates – Anyone. Start your search today!

The cult where promoting the encryption software Pretty Good Privacy on their website, and at the same time they were working for Rockefeller business partner Nicholas Matzorkis who’s career seem to be all about implementing different means of spying on people. Did Heaven’s Gate have a bad conscience for the work they where preforming and decided to make it up by spreading Pretty Good Privacy? Nicholas Matzorki has been doing business in China with Nick Rockefeller:


Two years ago he founded a company in China with a partner with a slightly-more illustrious pedigree, Nicholas Rockefeller.–[the very person who is friends with Aaron Russo, who told Aaron 11 months before 9-11 some “event” would happen that would allow the Caspian oil pipeline and the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq.]

The press release announcing their company said the principals were “Nicholas Matzorkis, who in 1994 founded US SEARCH, the number one people locator service in the world, and Nicholas Rockefeller Esq., a leading venture capital counselor.

And the other Matzorkis-Rockefeller global surveillance corporation, GlobalAgora, “is believed to be the first U.S. company to launch first in the People’s Republic” Why launch a consumer wireless network in a one party police state? Because a bastion of a police state without any consumer rights or history of seeming rights to privacy (the Chinese supposedly don’t even have a word for “personal space”) seems to be serving the Rockefellers as culture for an experimental society model without pesky human rights issues, a state supremacy model that the U.S. “opt out only” model he desperately wants to emulate and export elsewhere without all those “pesky rights” people have around the world.

So the totalitarian Chinese help Nicholas Rockefeller perfect the bugs in the consumer panopticon, in a police state environment with Nicholas Rockefeller first.

Then he with his PROPRIETARY technology for it, and setting up right before 9-11 (as a “sales tool event”), exports the model to the world–and the U.S.

Says the Matzorkis-Rockefeller GlobalAgora website, about their proprietary “wireless cashless consumer panopticon” technology and vision of society:

“Global Agora China Inc. (“GAC”), a Hong Kong corporation, has developed and deployed (Opening Ceremonies July 28, 2001–mere months before 9-11 made their technology more “salable” in other countries) a proprietary “wireless retailing” technology platform. (“Platform”).

This [private Rockefeller] platform currently enables China for wireless retailing, which allows consumers to use wireless Internet phones (WAP) to browse, pay, and take delivery of virtually everything available to Chinese retail consumers. The company’s fulfillment partner, Wuhan Department Store Group, is the most profitable publicly-traded retail chain in China. Wuhan Department Store Group is under the aegis of the National Trade Union of China (the”NTU”), a retail industry group of 20 state-controlled department store chains with revenues in excess of RMB 40 billion ($5 billion US). A select number of VIP shoppers (“VIP”) can presently order from over 40,000 items of merchandise using Internet (WAP) enabled phones. GAC wireless retailing is available to Wuhan Plaza’s top VIP shoppers whom account for $80 million U.S. annually in retail sales. Next, the service will be made available to the VIP shopper base of the other NTU members’ whom account for RMB 37 billion ($3.5 billion U.S.) annually in retail sales throughout all major markets in China. <b>Ultimately, we will pursue deeper market penetration into the burgeoning general populace.”

“Ultimately, we will pursue deeper market penetration into the burgeoning general populace.”

And with an “opt out only” framework in place similarly, your transaction is public before it will ever be private, if ever.

The “if ever” is soon obviously their global fascist and totalitarian ideal where you can ONLY PURCHASE things on your Rockefeller phones, through such a WAP network.

“Reach out and spy on someone”

Remember that Nicholas Rockefeller “recently chaired a panel at the United Nations on e-Commerce” as well. He’s thinking of making his proprietary global cashless society technology and his “Rockefeller phones” a U.N. mandate or something.

Then there is the useful “Igor” to the Dr. Frankenstein (Rockefeller) here, Mr. Matzorkis. Instead of running out in the dark night to get the brain for Dr. Frankenstein’s creature, Matzorkis is running out in the daylight and building the global consumer database and cashless consumer panopticon technology simultaneously linked to Nicholas Rockefeller, creaing a self-filing purchasing technology connected to a wireless microwave phone network and your Rockefeller phone.

These are the two main tools for the Rockefeller Creature of the 21st century–the Rockefeller “proprietary” global cashless society technology platform, and the Rockefeller phones (the WAP).

This is a global private network of tyranny of his family in the making–over the world’s consumer data and personal monitoring without an “opt out” in sight.

Source: http://forum.prisonplanet.com/index.php?action=printpage;topic=88778.0


The research of Danny Casolaro, the writer who died in Martinsberg, West Virginia while investigating an intelligence cabal called the Octopus, continues to contextualize current events in ways that the mainstream media fail at daily.

At the start of the Clinton administration, Casolaro’s work illuminated Vince Foster’s death, when speculation began on how the banking systems got PROMIS, the software system so crucial to Casolaro’s research. PROMIS had been stolen from the Inslaw company by Ed Meese cronies in the US Justice department under Ronald Reagan, and its infamous “back door” – allowing the Octo-cronies to spy on the clients that had bought PROMIS illegally. According to one theory, Foster’s Swiss bank accounts were made vulnerable in this way and may have led to his suicide or murder.

Casolaro’s name came up in the periphery again after the Heaven’s Gate cult incident when it became apparent that the last significant news from the area where the cult lived, Rancho Santa Fe near San Diego, involved the murders of Ian Spiro and his family. Spiro was a British intelligence spook who had been helping Casolaro’s main informant, the creator of the PROMIS back door, Michael Riconosciuto.

Finally, even the death of Princess Diana has a tentacle reaching back to the Octopus in the form of Adnan Khashoggi, Dodi Fayed’s uncle. Khashoggi’s signature appeared on a document that had excited Casolaro on the day that he died. That very night he was to meet with someone named “Ibrahim” who would have shed more light on Khashoggi’s role in the Iran-contra scandal. Khashoggi is a notorious arms merchant responsible for developing supra-legal contracts that sustain Middle-East defense and oil industry corruption. Those politics certainly play a role in whatever happened to Diana and Dodi Fayed in the Pont de I’Alma tunnel.

Of most interest to the desktop conspiracy student, however, is the ongoing development of PROMIS-like back doors that have been popping up to spy on average personal computer users. Rumor had it that when the original versions of Windows 95 appeared, they contained a back door that surreptitiously read the user’s hard drive and reported it back to Bill Gates.

The rumor came with the story that pressing some key combination during the opening “clouds” screen of Windows 95 brought to the screen a photograph of a prized Palomino owned by Gates. The first draft of Casolaro’s book on the Octopus was entitled Behold, a Pale Horse.

So, Adnan Khashoggi, Dodi Fayed’s uncle and involved in the Promis software affair, was a business partner of John Gray, who funds the 9/11 truth movement, and was taught by Heaven’s Gate’s founder Applewhite in college. And the agent Ian Spiro, also involved with the PROMIS software, was murdered not far from where the Heaven’s Gate committed ritual mass suicide. Heaven’s Gate was working for Matzorkis, who’s connected to Nicholas Rockefeller, whose mission for the NWO is to spy on people through digital networks and create a digital trading platform. Heaven’s Gate were also involved in spreading the Pretty Good Privacy encryption software, which was frowned upon by the intelligence community, because they were not able to break the encryption. At one point the creator of Pretty Good Privacy was investigated for “munitions export without a license”.

So do we have the full story here? Of course not, there are many questions about what was going on inside of the cult. Did TPTB trigger their end-time programming because they started to become a threat to their plans? They probably knew way too much, and they were becoming more and more paranoid at the end.

Project Bluebeam is now being tested as a rehearsal of the big show TPTB have been planning for millenniums. This appearance of “Virgin Mary” happened in Ivory coast, on Hitlers birthday, April 20 2011. The “Virgin” can be seen in the later parts of the video:

I’d like to get every piece of information you’ve got on this cult. Right now, the Internet doesn’t seem to have much more interesting to offer.

Hale-Bopp Caused Record UFO Sightings

Re: Heaven’s Gate – The MK-ULTRA Cybercult Exposed

very interesting information you’ve tied together, thanks raybeam.

I believe Julian Assange also has a role to play in the New-Age-Cultist/Bluebeam/Cypherpunks saga.



Julian Assange along with John Young and some 1400 others were on the Cypherpunks mail list (crypto, politics) from late in 1995 to 2002 (and beyond, Young is among few still on the now very quiet list). Below are Julian’s messages from 1995-98 to 2001-02. Taking them out of the raucous and disputatious context omits a lot about the Cypherpunks vitality and range of interests, but they indicate Julian’s capabilities, wit, eloquence and disdain for authority — the last foretelling Wikileaks. Among the messages is his description of a program he co-invented, ”Rubberhose deniable encryption” (a/k/a Marutukku), mentioned in an interview today:

There is much more to investigate, this is just the tip of the iceberg:


The 1999-2000 gap may be due to a global trip Julian announced in October 1998:

Date: 25 Oct 1998 04:48:22 -0000

From: Julian Assange <proff@iq.org>

To: coderpunks@toad.com

Subject: Travel Plans

Sender: owner-cypherpunks@cyberpass.net

I’m about to escape from the perils of a summer in “the planet’s

most livable city” (Melbourne, Australia) and go treking about the

worlderful world of snow, ice, slush, and imploding communism.

I’ll be hop-scotching though the US, Western/Eastern europe, Russia,

Mongolia and China (in that order). If anyone feels like getting

together for beer, vodka, Siberian bear steak, or just a good yarn,

please let me know.

What follows is a (very) approximate itinerary. Home-grown

accommodation, a warm hearth, pulsating ethernet, interesting company

(or a pointer to it) is capable of shifting dates and leagues. I am

backpacking through eastern Europe and Siberia, so no hovel, couch or

spare room is too small (even in the SF bay area), and would be highly

thought of

28 Oct 98 San Francisco

05 Nov 98 London

06 Nov 98 Frankfurt/Berlin

09 Nov 98 Poland / Slovenia / eastern-europe-on-a-shoe-string

15 Nov 98 Helsinki

16 Nov 98 St. Petersburg

20 Nov 98 Moscow (trans-siberian express) ->

25 Nov 98 Irtutsk

29 Nov 98 Ulan Bator

03 Dec 98 Beijing



e: Heaven’s Gate – The MK-ULTRA Cybercult Exposed

Yes, feels like I’ve opened up a can of worms with this, thanks for additional information, it’s interesting that Assange was connected to the cypherpunk mailing list as well.

Found some more info on Heaven’s Gate, going even deeper, that I will post later tonight.

I would like to get more information on the claims that an object followed Hale-Bopp, disinformation or truth that needed to be ridiculed and hidden?

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Re: Heaven’s Gate – The MK-ULTRA Cybercult Exposed

Here comes the next piece of information that intuitively makes me feel there’s a connection, but there’s a “missing link” here, so there’s no conclusive evidence..


At the start of the Clinton administration, Casolaro’s work illuminated Vince Foster’s death, when speculation began on how the banking systems got PROMIS, the software system so crucial to Casolaro’s research. PROMIS had been stolen from the Inslaw company by Ed Meese cronies in the US Justice department under Ronald Reagan, and its infamous “back door” – allowing the Octo-cronies to spy on the clients that had bought PROMIS illegally. According to one theory, Foster’s Swiss bank accounts were made vulnerable in this way and may have led to his suicide or murder.

Casolaro’s name came up in the periphery again after the Heaven’s Gate cult incident when it became apparent that the last significant news from the area where the cult lived, Rancho Santa Fe near San Diego, involved the murders of Ian Spiro and his family. Spiro was a British intelligence spook who had been helping Casolaro’s main informant, the creator of the PROMIS back door, Michael Riconosciuto.

Finally, even the death of Princess Diana has a tentacle reaching back to the Octopus in the form of Adnan Khashoggi, Dodi Fayed’s uncle. Khashoggi’s signature appeared on a document that had excited Casolaro on the day that he died. That very night he was to meet with someone named “Ibrahim” who would have shed more light on Khashoggi’s role in the Iran-contra scandal. Khashoggi is a notorious arms merchant responsible for developing supra-legal contracts that sustain Middle-East defense and oil industry corruption. Those politics certainly play a role in whatever happened to Diana and Dodi Fayed in the Pont de I’Alma tunnel.

Of most interest to the desktop conspiracy student, however, is the ongoing development of PROMIS-like back doors that have been popping up to spy on average personal computer users. Rumor had it that when the original versions of Windows 95 appeared, they contained a back door that surreptitiously read the user’s hard drive and reported it back to Bill Gates.

The rumor came with the story that pressing some key combination during the opening “clouds” screen of Windows 95 brought to the screen a photograph of a prized Palomino owned by Gates. The first draft of Casolaro’s book on the Octopus was entitled Behold, a Pale Horse.

The murders of Ian Spiro and his family, just doors away from where Heaven’s Gate later committed mass suicide, was executed in the same style as the Zodiac killings, which is probably another intelligence operation. San Diego is heavily tied to MK-ULTRA-style projects:


Riverside, CA was the location of the first of the Zodiac killings… murders that have never been solved.

Riverside, CA is also a place where many covert operations are headquartered… both CIA covert and MI6 — aka NWO/Mossad operations.

An interesting similarity in one contract killing of an MI operative… and his family… to these murders… AND to the original Zodiac killing.

The murders of MI6 operative, Ian Spiro’s family are very similar to these new Riverside slayings…

On November 1, 1992, the bodies of Gail Spiro and her three

children were found in their Rancho Santa Fe, California, home.

Death resulted from gunshot wounds to the head. Three days later,

the body of Gail’s husband, Ian Spiro, was found dead in the

front seat of his Ford Explorer in the remote California desert.

Authorities said the cause of death was cyanide poisoning, and

then ruled Ian Spiro had murdered his wife and children and then

taken his own life. Spiro reportedly had connections to the CIA,

and had been involved in various operations. He was helping

Michael Riconosciuto collect documents to present to a federal

grand jury conducting hearings into Inslaw when he died.


What was NEVER posted about the death of Ian Spiro, is that his HEAD was setting on the front seat of his Ford Explorer. In otherwords, the story about the cyanide was a cover story.

I suspect that Spiro was fleeing for his life to a safe house located somewhere near Riverside when his executioners caught up with him.

The first Zodiac murder in Riverside was a college student whose throat was slit so badly that her head was almost cut off. Ian Spiro’s head WAS cut off.

The McGowan family members were shot in the head, just like Spiro’s family was. The Spiro slayings were labeled a murder/suicide just like the McGowan murders.

The fact that McGowan is a district attorney rings a bell. It seems to me that I have done some research on this man once before… I just can’t recall what it concerned.

Another interesting connection to Spiro’s case:

Spiro and his family lived in a gated community near San Diego, just doors away from where the Heaven’s Gate cult lived.

Source: http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/archive.cgi?read=71203

So there are links to the PROMIS affair. The main one being that Khashoggi’s name turned up in the investigation, and that Khashoggi was a business partner of John Gray, 9/11 truth financier and educated by Applewhite while in college.

IF we could find another connection between Ian Spiro and Heaven’s Gate, other then the fact that they used lived in the same neighborhood at different time periods (apprently the cult came to San Diego in the autumn of 1996 and Spiro was killed in 1992), the case would be very clear. Only connection I have been able to find between Spiro and Heaven’s Gate is a researcher named John Judge mentioning Spiro was a member of the cult. Haven’t found any evidence to back this claim up, will try to contact him to see if he can back up this claim:


Secondly, there was a person named Ian Spiro who, ten years

ago, was a member of this [Heavens Gate] group (which has existed

for 22 years.) Ian Spiro is alleged to have murdered his wife

and three children and then killed himself by drinking cyanide in

a remote desert location.

But no, he didn’t commit suicide, since his head was chopped off.. But the synchronicity of it all, makes me think there was a connection there.

Sam Kouchesfahani owned the mansion in Rancho SantaFe, Ca, where the Heaven’s Gate Cult, lead by Marshall Applewhite, committed mass suicide in order to meet the alien craft that they believed was following the comet Hale-Bopp. Kouchesfahani also housed the 9/11 alleged hijackers.

John Gray Kouchesfahani comes from an Iranian family with close ties to the Shah. He bribed college officials in San Diego to help Iranians and Saudis get student visas, among them the hijackers. He worked for Columbia Pacific University in San Diego, a phony school that basically sold degrees. That also happens to be where John Gray “earned” his Ph.D!

John Gray – Kouchesfahani/Kashogghi links. Kashogghi connected to PROMIS affair, as was Ian Spiro.

John Gray – Applewhite/Heaven’s Gate links. Kouchesfahani housed the cult.

Matzorkis sold rights of the Heaven’s Gate story to one of Kashogghi’s Genesis companies and he created ussearch.com together with the cult.

Another indication that the cult’s demise was connected to Internet security big time, implying that they were doing something very important is that their website was closed down immediately as the story came out, and the CIA connections that goes all the way up to InterNIC:


Originally Posted by J. P. Essene

Please keep in MIND!

The FACT that the web site of Heavens Gate was

recently altered…

Here’s the proof and a bizarre connection to the C.I.A….Since the deaths of this group, I have been writing on this

site, about how something was wrong about the DEATHS

of the group known as Heavens Gate…I wrote numerous articles since March 27th about how

certain pages on the groups site were recently altered

and I speculated as to why…Some pieces of the puzzle called Heavens Gate just

didn’t seem to fit…

Well, it seems there’s a DEFINITE connection of Heavens

Gate and the information on their web site that connects

to the C.I.A., N.S.A., Department of Defense, a retired

Admiral in the Navy, and retired Generals in the Air Force

and Army plus a San Diego company called S.A.I.C. that

was convicted of FRAUD!

S.A.I.C. is the company located in La Jolla CA next to

Rancho Santa Fe, that controls web site addresses on

the Internet through a company called Network Solutions

which in turn owns InterNIC. That’s the company

that controls information on the World Wide Web by

controlling the addresses of all sites on the Information

Super Highway…

What a tangled web we are about to weave…

A good old TEXAS boy appointed to be the director of the

C.I.A. by the Carter administration, who seems to be

somehow linked to cover ups of UFO information, such

as MJ 12, and a little server in Minnesota called

Space Star Communications that hosts the Heavens

Gate web site…

The good old boy from Texas is one named B. R.

Inman, the B. R. is for Bobby Ray. He was most

recently in the news for withdrawing his nomination

by Bill Clinton for Secretary of Defense. He claimed

Bob Dole was heading a conspiracy to slander him

for his connection to S.A.I.C. a San Diego based

company that does a lot of work in security programs

for the internet and banks!

Good Old Bobby Ray is on the board of director’s

of S.A.I.C. as is W. A. Downing a retired General

in the US Army and J. A. Welch another retired

General in the US Air Force, other alumni of S.A.I.C.

include William Perry the head of the Department of

Defense and Casey the former head of the C.I.A…

Bobby Ray who was the second banana at the C.I.A.,

also headed the N.S.A. at one time. That’s the National

Security Agency that also specializes in secret software

to safeguard the nations secrets…

When Bobby Ray retired he went to work in Texas

for some software companies that specialize in security


He also joined the board of S.A.I.C. along with Xerox…

By the way S.A.I.C. is C.I.A.’s. backward… All the ex

spooks of the C.I.A. seem to become board directors


Now, Spacestar.net is owned and run by a little fellow

named Ed Deppe…I hope he doesn’t join the BOOT HILL

list of Clinton casualties for emailing me the following letter

I’m posting on the internet for all to see…

It shows that a missing piece of the Heavens Gate puzzle,

is that the highest levels of the US government were

somehow not only neighbors of Heavens Gate nearby

in Sand Diego, but they also used the same little

server called spacestar.net located in Eden Prairie,

Minnesota which was chosen by Heavens Gate to host

their web site…

Now, it’s a FACT that I reported in earlier articles, that

search indexes like Alta Vista held a record of certain

files from the Heavens Gate site that were posted last


In total the first index I ran at Alta Vista had 144 files

from heavensgate.com which I indexed on March 27th

1997… I note that this index now only shows 111 files

… 33 have been removed from the Alta Vista search


I also had reported, that certain key files such as the

index.html file which is the first page you see at the site,

was recording a different file size on the mirror sites than

the file that was listed at Alta Vista’s index…

I also reported that the file named letter.html (which is

the groups bizarre explanation for being AGAINST

SUICIDE) was also different than the one listed in the

index I had run on March 27th 1997 at Alta Vista… by

the way that file has now disappeared from the Alta Vista

index as of 4/8/1997…

Now that heavensgate.com is back on line (Ed Deppe

the owner of the server admits he took site down on

March 27th 1997 see interview below) you can now

view the dates that these files were modified. The very

files that I had questioned in my earlier articles as to

being authentic… See article below for viewing document

information with your browser.

The index.html file shows it was modified on April 3rd

… the group is dead so who is changing it… Ed Deppe

says he can’t say… see email letter below…

Now, most importantly is the FACT that when you

go to the letter.html file which is titled Our Position

AGAINST SUICIDE… It shows the file was modified

on March 20th 1997 or about when the group started

on their voyage home…

Which is EXACTLY what I reported earlier in my articles

about how files from Heavens Gate had appeared to

be altered…

Now, Ed Deppe admits US government agencies have

been in touch with him concerning Heavens Gate… But,

he can’t give specifics…Ed Deppe says he doesn’t know

what S.A.I.C. is…

However, Ed Deppe admits that good old boy B. R.

Inman is a client of his, so he can’t release any information

about his contacts with old Bobby Ray…

Now remember in Rancho Santa Fe there was another

set of deaths that have been listed on the BOOT HILL

file of mysterious murders that are connected to the

US government and Bill Clinton…

Those mysterious deaths involve Ian Spiro and his

wife and three children…

Seems Mr. Spiro of Iran Contra fame had information

he was giving to a grand jury about PROMIS and the

INSLAW fiasco… That’s the company connected to

secret security software that was allegedly stolen by

the Department of Justice… PROMIS is the name of the

Software program for guarding secrets in the banking

industry and INSLAW is the company that created it which

was run out of business by the Justice Department…

This secret software was used to correlate data base

information from many sources to make a logical thread

out of it… Big Brothers’ key program in tracking what

ever you do…

A bunch of mysterious deaths have occurred involving

all these names and I have a list at the bottom of this

article that is known on the internet as the BOOT HILL

list of about 50 individuals killed that are all interconnected

to either the software known as PROMIS and INSLAW or

other scandals involving either the Clinton administration

or other branches of the US government…

Many in the internet community questioned WHY would

Heavens Gate a southern California company, choose

spacestar.net of Minnesota as a server…

The real question is WHY does Bobby Ray former

director of the C.I.A. appear to be a client of theirs also????

I believe you can now add 39 more bodies to the BOOT

HILL list and let’s just see how long it takes Ed Deppe and

or Bobby Ray to join the list of individuals who died from


That’s what they call SUICIDE in Arkansas home of

OLD Billy Boy the President of the United States…

Don’t worry about me… I’m underground and GOD is

my boss…

Just keep in mind that someone is still changing files at

Heavens Gate and that everything in the media about

the group from their web site was recently altered…

Oh, the tape… Can it be they were forced to say good

bye by some good old boys….

Or did the group really think the ship was coming and

that they were gonna walk on to it and disappear… That’s

what the group preached for 20 years…. They had to get

ready to walk on to the Mother Ship…

Doesn’t Louis Farrakhan talk about a mother ship

landing here soon too…

Below is the email response from Ed Deppe…

Written by J. P. Essene

Dateline 4/8/97

Re: Heaven’s Gate – The MK-ULTRA Cybercult Exposed

nice work here,

Heaven’s Gate came up in the birth of the Sun King thread, and I had meant to revisit them, so thanks for the interesting read.

Central Scrutinizer wrote:

okay so Elvis’ birthday (he was a twin and a Sun King) connects to the Tucson (two Sun) shooting… connection made stronger by the fact that Giffords husband is a twin son and both are astronauts, or skywalkers…. and these events , I believe tie into the Chilean mine event as well as the super bowl…. see previous pages as well as the converging patterns thread…

another type of twin sun is known as a sun dog….sun dog/sun god/sun king… http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sun_dog

here is the trip i took


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