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  • New Baby Checklist
    via health-and-parenting

    The world seems to be filled with products claiming to be essential items for your newborn. Companies are practically jumping out of catalogues screaming “buy me!”. Nappy (diaper) brands and toy shops seem to be vying for your attention as you sit down...

  • Delving deeper into the abstract… The final part of the epic. Find parts one and two here, the rest after the jump. Richard Hsu: As a regular reader, I enjoy your photos, appreciate your lessons, and value your opinion. I have tried submitting photos...

  • We all hit that wall when working on our blogs…we sit down to write and nothing comes. My suggestion to new bloggers is usually to write down all your blog categories on a piece of paper. Then list at least 10 ideas under each category heading...

  • SEOUL, South Korea — One North Korean who worked abroad says that as a waitress in China, she was forced to put up with male customers who groped her and tried to get her drunk. Two others recall the frozen bodies of their countrymen stored in Russian...

  • KumKum is a jewelry line made in Sweden that began in the late 90′s. And celebrities like Emma Watson, Julianna Hough, Hannah Simone (Fox’s New Girl) Anne Hathaway have all wore KumKum. These are embellished pieces of jewelery with ethereal...

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  • OZONE: Fullerene Pips

    - Date & Time: June 14, 2017, 1:20 am - Updated: June 12, 2010, 6:18 pm

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