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  • Course Descriptions
    via eastwest

    Accounting AC101 | Fall/Winter FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING I 4 CREDITS | COREQUISITE: MT155 will also be examination of the standard setting process, the accrual process, and preparation of financial statements. This course uses a rues-based approach to...

  • Introduction: Understanding Trump and His Billionaire Supporters in California During the current presidential race, Donald Trump has come under fire for outrageous and offensive positions on a range of issues. His history of bragging about how he would...

  • GOOGLE: How the CIA made Google
    via nesaranews.blogspot

    HOW  THE  CIA  MADE  GOOGLE Inside  the  secret  network  behind  mass  surveillance,  endless  war,  and  Skynet — part 1 And  you  thought  GOOGLE  was your  friend?! By Nafeez Ahmed In the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris, western governments...

  • Korea’s T-50 Family Spreads Its Wings
    via defenseindustrydaily

    T-50 Golden Eagle (click to view full) South Korea’s T-50 Golden Eagle family offers the global marketplace a set of high-end supersonic trainer and lightweight fighter aircraft. They’re hitting the international market at a good time: just...

  • Dear Reader , Here is your customized Phys.org Newsletter toward September 18, 2014: Spotlight Stories Headlines - Spacesuits of the to come may resemble a streamlined second skin - Ultrafast spikes carry supra-kilohertz signals in the cerebellum...

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    Slow Business Patrick Martins & Sarah Obraitis Faster, sooner, now! Ever feel you’re missing something..? Now there is a groundswell of resistance to the tyranny of speed; to a worl...

  • Automotive | Autodromo news

    Bluebird Speed Records in collaboration with  Autodromo Ltd will be producing a strictly limited edition model run of 100 pieces. The model will have exceptional detail including removable engine cove...

  • Graphic & Web Design in Pembrokeshire

    Comprehensive Graphic & Web Design service by dedicated, experienced, award-winning, freelance designer based in Pembrokeshire. Cost-effective & original solutions for all budgets with special deals f...

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