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  • I thought this was going to be pretty hard this year. I did not have the time to read as many graphic novels, and I was afraid that it would skew too much toward superheros. Thankfully, once I put it together it looked like there was more genre diversity...

  • IDW Publishing We’ve got 26 titles to look over this week. Who made the top of the list? As always, remember that accessibility is key in these rankings. Quality and personal taste also matter, but the top books will be the ones you’re most able to...

  • 1 0 0 0 0 Depending on who you ask, Hamza Bendelladj is either a Robin Hood-esque hero or a cyber-age hoodlum. The 27-year-old Algerian computer science graduate sentenced  in a US court for using a computer virus to steal money from more than...

  • Welcome to the Ultimate TSR TV and Miniseries Recommendation Thread! ] If you would like to recommend a show just post it in the thread with the relevant information as shown below (TV shows in black and miniseries in blue) TV Show/Miniseries name...

  • It has taken a slow-but-steady climb for The Wire to emerge as a cultural phenomenon, but the show that challenged every cops-and-robbers television trope has permeated just about every corner of our culture. In celebration, here are 23 facts that might...

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