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  • Main image © Martijn Kort Flying across the world at the controls of some of the most sophisticated aircraft in existence; for many, it’s the dream. So understandably you’ve asked the question: How do I become a commercial pilot? Unfortunately, there...

  • Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is a corporate body responsible for regulation of civil aviation in Uganda. It manages Entebbe International Airport (EIA) and thirteen (13) other upcountry aerodromes. CAA carries out its work in conformity with International...

  • Has anyone recently converted their ICAO ATPL to the HKCAD ATPL? The following circular suggests that the previous minimum of 2800 hours TT no longer applies, and all that's required is 1500 hours (with stipulations). If one meets the hourly requirements...

  • We know…you have been spending a few hours every day reading various flight training academies’ websites and trying to figure out what exactly are they all trying to say with those abbreviations, acronyms, terms and phrases. In order to make you feel...

  • News 04.03.17
    via easyballoons

    Jumpin’ Jack Wallaby? - Cameron BA012 goes to issue 31 Cameron Balloons TCDS BA012 has went to a mind boggling 31 on the 19th January 2017. Apparently, according to the list it’s a Wallaby-42. A ’42 isn’t that big but for a Wallaby that’s bigger than...

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  • Online Aviation Theory

    Covers fixed wing OR helicopters at PPL, CPL or ATPL levels. Internal question bank of over 15,000 questions. Internal search engine for fast reference.

  • Online Aviation Theory

    1981 Ron Newman was awarded the Royal Humane Society (Australia) bronze medal for a night rescue where he had to operate with the rotor less than 1 metre from a cliff face with one wheel balanced on a...

  • Online Aviation Theory

    REFERRALS There are 7 schools in Australia and New Zealand that are using the Online Aviation Theory course as either their sole means of teaching theory, or it is supplementing their main method. Th...

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