Oliver Mak. I am Oliver Pattison, a designer focused on the future of the web.


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  • So I’ve been busy. That’s about it, really. Work has been… interesting, if altogether too “dynamic” for me to be able to finish a few things, and I’ve been doing a fair share of coding in the evenings, mostly in Python and mostly using a mix of gevent...

  • The Ceph lab has hundreds of machines continuously running integration and upgrade tests. For instance, when a pull request modifies the Ceph core, it goes through a run of the rados suite before being merged into master. The Ceph lab has between 10...

  • If you’re working for a big company, chances there are that sooner or later your employers will start to target the global market. With this ambition will come the need to translate the company’s website into one or more languages. Even if...

  • Superuser weekend reading
    via superuser.openstack

    Here's the news from the OpenStack world you won't want to miss -- the musings, polemics and questions posed by the larger community. Got something you think we should highlight? Tweet, blog, or email us! In Case You Missed It Ahead of the Amazon...

  • WebRTC is incredibly exciting, and is starting to see significant deployment: it’s available by default in Chrome and Firefox releases now. Most people think of WebRTC as an API for video calling, but there’s a general purpose method for directly sharing...

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  • Oliver Pattison

    I am Oliver Pattison, a designer focused on the future of the web.

  • Oliver Pattison

    Fluid responsive typography 2017-02-07T17:35:00+00:00 tag:olivermak.es,2017-02-01:fluid-typography <p>Responsive web design is often treated as a collection of techniques, but more fundamentall...

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