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  • Ian Massingham is UK technical evangilst at Amazon Web Services Over the past few years the financial industry has started to reinvent how it operates. Organisations are changing the way they serve their potential and existing customers, while maintaining...

  • Let’s take a quick look at what happened in AWS-land last week: Monday, September 7 The AWS Compute Blog published a Simpler Serverless Test Harness Using AWS Lambda and also talked about Microservices Without the Servers. The AWS Mobile Development...

  • Many market segments have recently been roiled by volatility, along with uncertainty on interest rates and what actions the U.S. Federal Reserve might (or might not) take. Amid this uncertainty, municipal bonds have continued to stand their ground. In...

  • Download PDF Eliminate the causes of the refugee crisis” – is that really a solution? By Dr. Rainer Zitelmann It always sounds good: There’s no point wasting your time tinkering around with the symptoms of a problem, you’re better off focussing your...

  • By Paul Brest & Kelly Born There has been an increasing realization that, along with philanthropy and government aid, private enterprise can contribute to solving social and environmental problems. At the same time, a growing number of investors...

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