OFear. Discussion forum offering support for people suffering phobias and anxiety conditions.


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  • Your Questions About Natural Remedies
    via naturalhealthcritiques

    Joseph asks… Supplements for Anxiety, what to pick? My boyfriend is 21 and has anxiety…somewhat general, somewhat social anxiety. It comes and goes randomly, not due to specific situations. He also needs help focusing. Sometimes he just feels blah...

  • Caregiver Spotlight: Toni Brown
    via testicularcancersocietyblog

    Mother of a testicular cancer survivor In January 2014 my twenty-four year old son, Alexander, had the world by the tail. He was in his final year of Geology at the University of British Columbia (UBC) with the promise of graduation in May and dreams...

  • The Anxiety Release Program is a downloadable eBook that promises to teach you how to relieve symptoms of anxiety. Find out how it works today in our review. What is the Anxiety Release Program? The Anxiety Release Program is a digital eBook sold online...

  • Taking your baby to get their vaccinations is a simple process. You stick them in the car seat, drive to the doctor's office, and hold them close while they get jabbed. A few tears may fall (theirs and yours), but ultimately, it's a straightforward process...

  • No Pain, a Real Gain!
    via babybulletblog

    Having come from the trenches of general pediatrics, it was very clear to me that needle phobia and fear of pain was an all-consuming theme for many of the children in my practice, but also teens, and even many parents, as well. When I left my first...

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  • oFear - Anxiety and Phobia Forum

    Discussion forum offering support for people suffering phobias and anxiety conditions.

  • Fear of people touching your food

    Does anyone else fear other people touching your food, or spitting on it while talking to you? I know it's strange but it really drives me nuts! I am terrified of germs or other peoples saliva getting

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