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  • Now that very high resolution imagery of the Moon's whole north, above 60oN, can be viewed on one giant awesome zoomable map, I've been taking a close look at a number of craters. Anaxagoras sticks out to me as odd. Here is a photo of the whole crater...

  • We've been lucky enough to see flybys of all planets and many other objects in the solar system, providing us unique close-up views. But on the most giant planet, the north pole remained an enigma until just earlier this month. NASA's Juno spacecraft...

  • Humanity has plans to expand into space: to the Moon, to Near Earth Asteroids (NEAs), and to the moons of Mars. Like any trip to anywhere, we need to know certain things before we go. We need to know about the climate and about the resources we can expect...

  • Almost exactly a year ago today, NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft flew past Pluto after a nine-year journey to take thousands of images and scientific readings of the dwarf planet’s surface, giving us a first look at something we had, up to that point...

  • beautifulmars: The Mars Exploration Program Analysis Group (MEPAG) recently posted a report from the Next Orbiter Science Analysis Group that describes the need for a new orbiter to launch in 2022 or 2024 to support future Mars robotic and human exploration...

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