It’s sad to think that Saturday Night Live has gone Obama’s entire eight year term without making fun of him in any real way.

There were so many wonderful opportunities for comic hijinks with the contradictions of his administration.

Just imagine a sketch in which Obama is playing basketball with some black celebrities/sports figures - and every time that he’s about to take the shot he gets interrupted by someone from Army intelligence to tell him that one of the drone strikes that he approved has accidentally killed 40 people at a wedding in Pakistan!


Or he’s talking to someone on the phone about Donald Trumps immigration policy and how outraged he is by it but as the phone call goes on we realize that he’s just upset that Donald Trump is trying to beat his high score of 2.5 million deported in eight years!

He’s so salty!

Or he’s giving a speech about a new attack by ISIS and what motivates muslims to join them. He says “They get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them… oh, I’m sorry, this is the wrong speech… this is embarrassing, I’m not Islamaphobic, I swear!”


Or he’s notified by one of his aids that a shipment of guns that was meant for Al Qaeda in Syria and the government of Saudi Arabia has accidentally ended up being shipped to the NRA!


There’s a lot of things they could’ve done that would’ve been funny… too late now, I guess.

For some reason I think they’ll do better with President Donald Trump - I couldn’t tell you why though.

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