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Personal Note: This constellation of articles has arisen over the past 4 months of reviewing my experience with an online global unity and collaboration platform called United Earth. Serving as co-founder and steward since its inception in May 2015 (more info on my personal experience here), I have had the immense privilege of meeting and co-creating with numerous inspiring pioneers, guides and mentors in the fields of global unity & collaboration, social & technological innovation, and cultural transformation (a butterfly just landed on my screen as I write this :).

My experience is becoming increasingly synchronistic. That is, I am becoming increasingly aware of how this entire epic unfolding is arising through a living commitment to presence, passion, flow, service, synergistic co-creation, radical idealism and celebration (my gift). From within these states synchronicity appears to be an ongoing reality of pure magic. And I encounter many brothers and sisters on similar journeys.

Here & Now I am happy to invite you into a co-creation space for planetary collaboration. For the past 6 years I have been deepening my dedication to exploring the pathways, challenges and opportunities related to this vision that is so beautifully and succinctly described in the opening lines of the Navajo-Hopi prophecy of the Whirling Rainbow:

There will come a day when people of all races, colors,and creeds will put aside their differences. They will come together in love, joining hands in unification, to heal the Earth and all Her children.

Enjoy!~ Yan Golding

“A new epidemic is spreading among us: more and more people are infected by the recognition of our unity. The fragmentation of human communities, the separation of man and nature, were but an interlude in human history; and that interlude is now coming to a close. We are … moving toward a cooperative world that could be, and should be, initiated by the worldwide consultation of people representing no interest other than that of the species itself.” ~ Ervin Laszlo

Preamble: The Global Transformation Movement Co-creating a Global Collaborative Alliance (GCA) — An Introduction Co-creating a Seed Council for the Global Collaborative Alliance — Gathering 200 mentors and guides and 200 evolutionary organisations from all sectors to represent and steward the Global Collaborative Alliance. A Whole-Systems Funding Proposal — The Seed Council approaches the full constellation of transformational philanthropists with the invitation to fund the coherent formation and stewardship of the GCA along with the intention to refine and implement the Global Transition Plan. A Butterfly Effect for Global Collaboration — a planetary and co-creative physical and energetic action for catalyzing a chain reaction (butterfly effect) that physically represents and invites our collective transformation from a culture of competition to collaboration. The Global Unity Counter — A digital tool that is designed to effectively gather and showcase all the people and groups who share the intention to collaborate for a peaceful, just and healthy world. The Global Heart-Brain — A fundamentally new Internet Operating System and virtual space for a New Paradigm Synergy Hub 1.0 — A first-of-its-kind co-creation space in Rotterdam, Europe, that marries together ancient wisdom with the latest trends in social networking, hack spaces, sharing platforms and permaculture design to create a new lifestyle, urban intentional multi-community. The Global Transition Plan — A co-creative and everybody-inclusive design plan for humanity to seamlessly transition from competition, exploitation and scarcity into open collaboration, planetary regeneration and responsible abundance. Today there are literally hundreds of millions of people and hundreds of thousands of groups working for a better world. The term “Global Transformation Movement” (GTM) attempts to capture this planetary movement that encompasses the full spectrum of interests, innovations, ideologies and methodologies related to environmental protection & stewardship, social change, political & economic reform, indigenous culture, activism, humanitarianism, spirituality and personal development. It spans all religions, cultures, nations, age-groups and sexual-orientations. It includes NGOs, communities, tribes, grassroots projects, ethical businesses, cooperatives, networks, alliances, movements and more.

Throughout this vast, diverse, creative and uplifting movement we have preserved and are spreading the heart and root of humanity’s ancient knowledge and wisdom. Simultaneously, we continue to develop countless ecological solutions, social & technological innovations, equality-based economic & political models, and ever-evolving pathways for exploring the realms of human consciousness — including our inherent oneness, and how we relate to ourselves, each other and our natural environment. In other words, within this movement we already have everything we need to create the More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible (Charles Eisenstein).

Remarkably however, news about this movement is conspicuously absent from the mainstream media, which means that most of the human population is completely unaware about all the new and emerging possibilities for how we, as a species, can all live in complete abundance and equality — as opposed to the current paradigm of artificial scarcity and hierarchy. This “imposed ignorance” is perhaps the most influential factor in maintaining the (dysfunctional and separation-oriented) status quo.

Furthermore, even within this movement most people have no idea of the full scale of the diversity, magnitude, genius or, most pertinently, the latent potential of our unified collaboration. Despite the rapid acceleration in innovation within all sectors, practically all the pioneering organisations and communities continue to operate within silos, re-inventing wheels, and individually struggling for funding and public exposure and support. Thus, we are urgently called to devise creative ways and means by which the GTM can first become aware of itself as a collective body — sharing the same core values and aspirations — so we can then rise above the radar of the mass media in unison with a lucid, inspirational and resounding message for an everyone-inclusive cultural transformation.

The Blessed Unrest, Paul HawkenCultural Creatives, Dr. Paul RayCritical Mass

“Cultural Creatives are not yet aware of themselves as a collective body, they do not recognize how powerful their voices could be.”~ Dr. Paul H. Ray and Sherry Ruth Anderson

“By walking the path we make it visible for others.”~ Hereditary Chief Phil Lane Jr.

“The Answer to How is YES!”~ Peter Block

Yes! We are the ones we’ve been waiting for, and it seems (from my perspective at least) that many people — of all colours, creeds and ages — are ready to stop waiting. Moreover, I am seeing how many of us are ready, willing and able to move into direct, self-organising and co-creative action. We are NOW called to imagine and actualise an unprecedented level of global collaboration around our shared intention to collectively build a world that works for everyone. (Therefore please forward this article to anyone you think should be reading about this— especially at the co-creative level ;)

Our common pathway transcends all cultural, national and organisational boundaries. By living it NOW, we are co-creating a fundamentally new human society that is intelligently self-organised, and whose social architectures are rooted in the values and principles of peace, equality, freedom, cooperation, transparency, sharing and ecological regeneration.

In practical terms, we are called to explore and devise ways through which we can coherently weave together our shared visions and intentions — while allowing for all our diverse ideologies and methodologies — into a global collaboration that spans all the sectors and that serves the welfare of all people equally.

The Global Collaborative Alliance is a pioneering whole-systems initiative that is being co-created by collaboration specialists, cultural visionaries, grassroots innovators, indigenous elders, systems designers, spiritual guides and international organisations with the intention to co-create and co-steward the conditions for a collaboratively-based planetary civilization to emerge. Most GCA co-creators are already well connected to hundreds of networks, communities and organisations for change, and the open and inclusive meta-network is growing daily. The name “Global Collaborative Alliance” is merely a generic description because there is no particular organisation or umbrella that can contain the completely emergent and free-flowing whole that is greater than the sum of all the parts.

By uniting around a universal intention: to collaborate for a peaceful, just and healthy world, the alliance aims to make visible the alignment that already underpins the Global Transformation Movement (GTM), but that remains fragmented and obscured through divided organisational identities, ideologies and methodologies. The reason for initially focussing on the GTM arises through evolutionary systems and intuitive design: we design to create /enhance the conditions for all those who are already flowing (or intending to flow) in the same direction to converge — thus we break through our separation-based inertia and gather momentum exponentially. By inviting the entire GTM into an intentional alignment, with our abundance of practical solutions, collective genius, and lucid transition strategies for cultural re-design, the alliance will undoubtedly attract worldwide mainstream attention.

The sooner we can begin acting and growing as one organism — for the benefit of the whole — the sooner we can inspire and selflessly guide “everybody-all-at-once” to step into global collaboration. Ultimately, the Global Collaborative Alliance aspires to inspire all of humanity to become conscious of itself as one collective and coherent force — the only force capable of requiring and implementing the systemic change that is imperative to realise our collective human potential.

Following this articles will be a series of practical steps towards realising a Global Collaborative Alliance. Please share your ideas, comments and questions. This is all open for co-creation.

The first step is to form a microcosmic model that can humbly represent and serve as a “magnetic attractor” for all the diversity, innovation and wisdom of the entire Global Transformation Movement. This “core fractal” we are calling the Seed Council.

“…a core awakening fractal of humanity will lay the foundations of a new world that will reshape this planet from the inside out.”~ Richard Rudd

The primary intention for the Seed Council is to co-design and co-create a “coherent axis” that will inspire the entire Global Transformation Movement into an intentional — meaning both intention-based and deliberate — alignment, and thereby ultimately inspire all of humanity into a global collaborative alliance. The council will be made up of 200 mentors & guides and 200 evolutionary & grassroots organisations from all sectors (see the Wheel of Synergy below), who will serve as representatives of all the wisdom and solutions that serve the good of the whole.

Diversity is recognised as both our beauty and our strength, hence the council will be balanced in Women and Men, and all cultures, nationalities and creeds, spanning all generations, will be represented. Each of the 12 sectors will be “held” by 12 pioneering and grassroots “leaders” and 12 organisations who represent the full spectrum of solutions, new paradigm models, skills and tools from their field. The remaining 56 members will be made up of collaborations specialists, whole-systems designers, strategic coordinators, evolutionary visionaries, spiritual guides, social architects, group facilitators, compassionate communicators, administrators, energetic space-holders, transition experts and more. Ultimately, the Seed Council will represent our collective intention (and embody the emotional intelligence) to transcend ideological and methodological differences and boundaries, for all humanity to work together to co-create a peaceful, just and healthy world for everyone.

The design and structure of the Seed Council may serve as a model that can be scaled out horizontally to national, bioregional and local councils. Structurally, the objective is to create a global “fractal-like” framework that facilitates a coherent connection and effective flow between the planetary pool of knowledge, wisdom and resources, and the local communities. Thus we envision the co-creation of self-organising local communities (from city neighbourhoods to rural villages) that can freely tap into the abundant wealth of skills, tools, resources, mentors and facilitators to support their self-determined transition into a new culture that is rooted in equality, cooperation, diversity and localisation.

Throughout the Global Transformation Movement numerous field leaders have demonstrated their wisdom, integrity and capacity to serve the welfare of the people and the planet, and, as such, have acquired vast networks and spheres of influence that are based on trust and respect. Thus there is a huge potential for mass mobilization when a large and diverse group of such public figures will choose to collaborate for a common cause and vision. Prospective council members who are movement leaders (like Joanna Macy, Charles Eisenstein, Vandana Shiva, Chief Phil Lane Jr. etc.) will serve the specific function of attracting attention and confidence from the movement, while progressive celebrities (like Jim Carrey, Oprah Winfrey, Lady Gaga, Russell Brand etc.) will inspire the attention and support from the mainstream.

To be clear, the Seed Council, is neither a top-down hierarchical structure nor an “exclusive” group of change-makers, but rather a collective of wise, trusted and grassroots representatives who each connect to a much broader network of knowledge, experience and support. Thus the Seed Council essentially holds and stewards the global space as “magnetic attractors” for confidence, participation, and resources to coherently grow the GCA.

To effectively steward the GCA we need to unlock the financial freedom for us to be able to function at our optimal capacity. Thus the first task of the Seed Council will be to approach all known transformational philanthropists and foundations as a coherent collective and invite them into co-creation towards the formation of a Global Collaborative Alliance. Accordingly the Seed Council will include a finance team to transparently manage and distribute the flow of money and resources to where it is most needed and impactful.

“Transformational philanthropy means having a large vision, one that will create a new paradigm — a paradigm that will exponentially reduce suffering (and enhance the evolution) of people and the planet. It also means asking some big and important questions and having the courage to fund projects that live within those questions, not knowing how they will turn out. Why? Because a new paradigm cannot be adequately described or conceived by the language and concepts of the old one.”~ Peter Copen

A Funding Proposal for a New Paradigm

This funding proposal addresses humanity’s cultural, ecological and systemic dysfunction from a whole-systems perspective. It is all and everyone-inclusive. It inspires trust and confidence because it is [will be] co-created, endorsed and supported by 200 heart-centred change-agents and 200 evolutionary organisations who are representing the entire Global Transformation Movement, and indeed humanity as a whole. Furthermore, it has the undeniable potential to completely shift the current paradigm of scarcity and competition because it offers practical tools and transition strategies (see below The Global Unity Counter, The Global Heart-Brain and The Global Transition Plan) that invoke unprecedented unified and collaborative action on a global scale. Ultimately this funding opportunity directly connects the Seed Council of a Global Collaborative Alliance to the entire body of transformational philanthropy with a pragmatic, whole-systems invitation to collectively pioneer and steward the practical manifestation of global collaboration.

The commitment to forming a Global Collaborative Alliance is now crystallizing within the Global Transformation Movement. As mentioned before, within this movement there is a growing recognition that we already have everything we need to create the world we know is possible.

Thus our primary task is to identify the vital links that can bring this latent potential into full manifestation. At this budding stage, one of the most vital links (co-creation) is to connect the “conscious money fractal” with the “core awakening fractal”. In other words, it is urgent that we connect the Seed Council of the Global Collaborative Alliance with the financial resources that are essential to swiftly and effectively streamline the tools and the vision into actualisation.

What is needed right now is $100 million for the Seed Council to secure finances for the following:

a living income for all council members and their support teams (who require) the physical spaces for in-person gathering and co-creation the tools to build new tools and technologies for global collaboration a travel fund for us to move freely to meet in person. First gathering is planned in Rotterdam in October, 2016. Yes! We need to move. to design and mobilize a global crowd-funding campaign that will fund all GCA activities and indeed the entire Global Transition Plan This seed fund will be transparently and participatorily managed by a team who will be elected by the Seed Council. Expenses will also include communications, promotion and event organisation.

For humanity to move out of scarcity and into abundance as a whole will require wise and strategic investment. A seed council that wields the financial freedom to operate as it deems necessary is the most fundamental step towards coalescing and structuring a Global Collaborative Alliance.

The fact that this proposal is endorsed by the leading-edge of social change and conscious evolution invites the trust and participation of all change-agents and philanthropists to transcend the old protocols of vetting etc. so we can now begin moving as one in full synchronistic and synergistic emergence.

Let us connect, meet and co-create in person and in conducive spaces with high-quality tools and technologies. Together we can devise the optimal architectures for flowing the financial resources to where we can most effectively steward and grow a Global Collaborative Alliance.


A Butterfly Effect for Global Collaboration arose from the intention to help make the Global Transformation Movement visible — to each other and the the world. It is essentially a fun and easy action that any group of people can do anytime and anywhere.


The Butterfly Effect is a collaborative and unifying social experiment that was catalyzed at the Art of CO (“CO” for COllaboration) event in San Sebastian, Spain. It is a planetary Call-to-Action for each and any group or gathering of people who share the intention to collaborate for a peaceful, just and healthy world. The three guiding values for this initiative are COmpassion, COherence and CO-creativity. Through a powerful, practical and playful demonstration of this intention, we are catalyzing a butterfly effect that supports our collective transformation from a culture of competition to collaboration.


We are sending out a message and invitation to all people and groups, who are working for a better world (a.k.a. “The Global Transformation Movement”), to help make ourselves visible as a vast, diverse, uplifting and intentionally-aligned collective body. And, in doing so, we will also attract global attention to the available abundance of ecological solutions, social tools, technological innovations and alternative political and economic models.


The action is to stand together in the shape of a butterfly, a universal symbol for transformation, and to take an aerial photograph of this formation with each participant emanating our collective intention. We then disseminate the photo throughout our networks inviting other gatherings — from workshops to conferences to festivals — to “echo” the effect. Each participant is also invited to co-create and share at least one human butterfly photo on www.facebook.com/asbutterflieswerise . Thus, we are catalyzing a planetary fractal explosion of human butterflies, throughout the entire global transformation movement and into the world at large, with an inspiring message of cultural transformation: We are here to lift each other up into a new paradigm by co-creating a butterfly effect for global collaboration. ❤ 8>|<8 ❤

“We become what we behold.We shape our tools and then our tools shape us.”~ Marshall McLuhan

What is it?

The Global Unity Counter (GUC) is a universal digital tool that is designed to help gather and expose the vast, yet dispersed and invisible populace who share the common intention and desire to collaborate towards a peaceful, just and healthy world for everyone. It is essentially an open membership counter that can be elegantly embedded as a widget on any website in a variety of formats, templates and languages, and it also can be integrated into all popular social media. The “unity” that the counter reflects is our collective alignment around a shared intention that currently, concisely and inclusively underpins the Global Transformation Movement. When worded in the first person the intention that is likely to attract the widest resonance could be: I intend to collaborate for a peaceful, just and healthy world.

Why is it transformational?

We all have some sense of the power of numbers — the Power of the People when we unite for a common cause. With today’s widespread accessibility of the Internet we now have a clear, yet untapped opportunity to gather a unified voice for positive change of global proportions. The GUC is designed to create a digitally omnipresent space where anyone and everyone can express and showcase their support for and participation in a Global Collaborative Alliance (GCA).

The most remarkable feature of the GUC, is the fact that the same counter can be hosted on any website, and in all major languages, which means that the counter itself will become a symbol of unity and our collective intention to collaborate towards a world that works for everyone. In brief, it allows us to gather our collective voice from as many different angles as we choose.

Each person who adds their voice to the counter will have the option to be included into the open database of The Global Heart-Brain that will be designed for mapping, tracking, connecting and synergizing “all that is working”, as well as for sharing relevant information, inspiration and resources.

In light of the intention to make visible all the people who want a peaceful, just and healthy world, the counter will also serve to make visible the Global Transformation Movement that has preserved and developed a wealth of knowledge, wisdom, solutions, innovations and transition strategies that the general public are completely unaware of (primarily due to corporate media filtering). Following the path of least resistance (or highest resonance), the counter will initially be disseminated through websites that support the Global Transformation Movement. Thus, as the counter gains popularity and visibility through a growing number of inspiring website “hosts” so do we begin to attract global attention to the formation of a Global Collaborative Alliance.

How does it work?

As mentioned above The Global Unity Counter (GUC) is essentially a membership counter that can be embedded as a widget on any website. Primary suggested specifications for the GUC include:

It integrates elegantly into any website and will be available in a variety of design customisations and languages It retains the same layout and format to be easily recognised as one and the same It has four main areas: 1. The Intention, 2. The Counter (number of people who have expressed their resonance with the intention), 3. Space to enter an email address (adding your voice to the intention), 4. An “info” icon that opens a text bubble when you mouse-over that provides concise information about the intention and the vision for the GUC It will have its own mobile app and can easily be integrated into all popular social media It can be enabled to appear as a pop-up window as soon as you open a “host” website. Either way it can easily be closed. Once a person has signed up they will receive a once-off email directing them to the emerging website / hub for more information (also about how to engage on a practical and local level). Groups that request to host the counter are invited to share their information that will be showcased on the website and added to the Database. “The Internet (along with the participation of various globally-extended institutions) should be immediately employed to organize and activate the global participation of the total human population on Earth. … The Global Cooperative Forum should (and, indeed, must) be an Internet-based process, in which everyone on Earth is connected via a single website — and in which, as a practical matter, the “global business” is addressed and organized via formalized and completely accountable representatives of everyone-at-large.” ~ Adi Da, Not-Two Is Peace

The vision for The Global Heart-Brain is to re-design (upgrade) the Internet in a way that befits a cultural shift and planetary awakening. The new Internet will be inherently designed for optimising, match-making and revealing all opportunities for collaboration and sharing on all chosen levels. Right now there are numerous digital platforms that aim to gather the specific tools and resources for human advancement. Yet, building on top of centralised systems and common web standard are inherently creating new silos to interact with, via certain APIs or websites.

Evolution is asking us for something more expansive and innovative than repackaging what has come thus far. By inviting synergistic co-creation among emerging sacred technologies and platforms such as HOME, Noomap, Core Network, Nodesphere, CEPTR, Hylo, Backfeed, Metamaps, Kumu in addition to Web 3.0 and Blockchain projects, such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, NXT and IPFS, etc., we can create a fully decentralised yet interoperable web, using the existing internet infrastructure. Let us bust through the stagnant silos into a literal world wide web for planetary scale cooperation. The internet was never going to be a finished product, it is an evolutionary tool, and the tools we use are the tools we become. What shall we become together?

The HOME project, presently in development, is the world’s first social computer Operating System for the world’s first decentralised global computer, Ethereum. This makes possible a new web that is distributed, democratic, fractal-holographic, 3D/4D, and AR/VR ready; this emerging ecosystem of technologies makes possible a new ‘cyber-space’, an online environment within which new socio-economic and educational paradigms are made possible, including synergistic co-creation. Besides making visible the vast amount of information that is already available online, use-cases of this new web will include:

Overcoming the problem of silos! Providing a global meeting ground for all people and groups who have joined the Global Collaborative Alliance. Members can create Personal Profiles — Information about members of the community accessible by the network. Including: Name of person/ organization/ business, personal intention for the future, mission statement, offerings/services/resume, skills desired, contact info mapping and cataloguing whole-systems solutions, “golden innovations” and all life-affirming organisations from all sectors (i.e. reviving and building on WiserEarth) providing tools for highlighting and facilitating collaborations, synergistic co-creation and sharing developing gaming tools for self-regulated cultural re-education (using resources from the database assisting people to reconnect with their unique passions and gifts and to find resonant (play)groups and events both locally and globally collaborative media outlet which supports and exposes in real-time all that’s working, and not working facilitating a new cryptocurrencies that are based on trust hosting a planetary voting platform based on direct democracy and crowdocracy Generally facilitating non-hierarchical systems and self-organisation on multiple levels (mainly but not exclusively due to decentralisation) This Global Collaborative Cyber Space could be designed and implemented relatively quickly by gathering the “right” people and providing them with the financial freedom, spaces, materials and synergeniustic community to fully express their gifts and passions. Thus the co-creation of The Global Heart-Brain can be a shining example of global collaboration itself.

Synergy Hub 1.0 is a first-of-its-kind co-creation space in Rotterdam, Europe. Run by local residents from the community as well as live-in co-creators from all parts of the world, Synergy Hub invites hubbers to self-organise their activities and share skills, resources and ideas in a prototype ‘gift economy’ setting. Using groundbreaking ‘synergising’ technologies and state of the art ‘TEAL’ business practices, Synergy Hub 1.0 marries together ancient wisdom with the latest trends in social networking, hack spaces, sharing platforms and permaculture design to create a new lifestyle alternative. The hub is an invitation to step into a global village that is built on the principles of family, friendship, sharing, whole-systems thinking and well-being; a place and lifestyle that moves beyond what our current ideas of home, work and play look like. Holding a planetary outlook, Synergy Hub 1.0 welcomes people from all parts of the world, of all ages and backgrounds, and supports the local community with its services. Designed and operated using permaculture and integral principles, the Hub includes community kitchens, workshop spaces, gardens, wellness spaces, shared co-creative labs and a planetary technology centre for social synergy.

Check out: www.synergyhub.nl

Calling all Synergistic Shift Catalyzers, Designers and Stewards!!

“If you want to make God laugh, tell her your plans.”

This vision emerges through the foresight that when a significant proportion of all the people and groups, who are creating a better world, openly declare to collaborate for a shared purpose, it will inspire a wave of active engagement throughout the entire Global Transformation Movement. From there, our collective message of intelligent cultural reform, that highlights numerous ecological solutions and alternative economic and political models, will spread across the planet igniting the hearts and imaginations of millions of people who recognise that our social systems can be better designed to serve our collective welfare and that of our planet.

Please read this vision as a completely open starting point that ultimately requires our collective passion and genius to serve a global cultural shift. The strategies provided are primarily initial to give an indication. Further details and timelines will emerge as we collaborate ever more effectively…

With our human resources organised and primed for action, our digital and mobile collaboration and communication tools functioning optimally, and abundant finances at-the-ready, we collectively and intentionally enter a well-designed and progressive Global Transition Plan. We imagine that by this time most of the world’s governments will have aligned (willingly or unwillingly) with the will of The People and thus will be fully supportive and integrated into our collaborative efforts.

Priority #1

Our first priority as a Unified Human Family will be to ensure the basic human needs of healthy food, clean water, comfortable shelter and clean energy are met for everyone — throughout the transition phase and beyond. This work will be profoundly inspiring, healing and bonding; and will be realised by mobilising and deploying teams of permaculturists, transitioners, ecovillagers, natural builders, community builders, social architects, nonviolent communication educators, other relevant experts and hundreds of thousands of goodwill volunteers to collaborate with local NGO’s while using and improving existing tools and infrastructures.


Implement a Global Debt Jubilee Secure a Universal Basic Income for every human being 16 years and older Implementing a 20 hour work-week as many jobs will be obsolete due to their harmful nature Tax businesses and corporations according to their ecological and social responsibility Evolve cryptocurrencies, local currencies and community exchange systems Develop zero-growth, local, circular and resource-based economies Transition into moneyless communities Ecological

Urgently phasing out the most environmentally destructive activities Urgently phasing out animal factory-farms while up-scaling “deathless” meat production Transitioning industrial agriculture into agro-ecological farms Up-scaling urban and sub-urban food production and agro-forestry Phasing out all fossil fuels and minimizing mineral extraction and consumption Realising 100% clean and renewable energy globally Gathering, sorting, recycling and upcycling all land and water-based waste. Moving into zero waste. Building water-retention landscapes wherever appropriate Implementing natural and quantum water purification strategies Implement anti-desertification strategies and commence re-greening degraded landscapes and deserts. Wild animal — especially sea creature — populations are actively restored Creating a global-to-local network of heirloom seed-banks that freely provide a vast variety of seeds for all Eliminating all genetically contaminated organisms Eliminating all toxic materials and residues with the help of fungi, Effective Micro-organisms, quantum transmutation etc. Social

Implement practices of participatory and transparent self-governance such direct-democracy, crowdocracy and sociocracy 3.0 Creating an international system of social organisation that is based on cooperation and resource sharing and for the purposes of facilitating, coordinating and synergising our collective transition at the global and local levels. Restoring masculine and feminine balance to empower the design of realities that acknowledge inner and outer needs Elders are respectfully re-integrated into society, valued for their contributions to life, their wisdom will be sought out Designing and creating inspiring and free learning environments for children Mainstreaming relevant education through the Internet and the television. When most people realise the monumental wealth of inspiring and practical knowledge that is readily available, they will become progressively inspired to self-educate Co-create games that allow people to self-regulate their cultural re-education (and conscious evolution) according to their passions and interests Sharing the most relevant work of growing food and providing vital goods and services at the local level Re-designing healthcare systems that synergize the most effective and complementary innovations in modern medicine with natural medicine and quantum healing Eliminating all synthetic and harmful ingredients from our foods Bringing the journey of pregnancy, birthing and child care into the new (and ancient) paradigm and practices Learning the value of compassionate communication Constructing and retrofitting urban, suburban and rural Transition Research & Education Centres Creating self-organising, zero waste, resilient and vibrant communities, villages and towns. Voluntarily re-populating the country-side that is flourishing with activity and culture while bringing city populations down to sustainable levels. Creating holistic cultures that are ideologically open and support our human needs integrally — mind, body and spirit Technological

Developing appropriate technology that raises our quality of life and enhances our biosphere Up-scaling renewable energy and appropriate technology research, development and distribution Transport becomes 100% clean International product exchange is limited to a matter of necessity and cultural enrichment All production becomes environmentally sound, free of any toxic ingredients Products are designed for durability, repairability and fully recyclable Network people and communities in resonant and heightened states of consciousness using integral co-creation tools so they enhance their creativity and productivity All life and the miracle of Creation is celebrated. We have learned how to see, hear and act in a sacred manner. All political boundaries are dissolved, creating one immensely diverse, yet undivided Human Family. All people share equal rights and status. Women and men are equal partners in the entire flourishing domain of human affairs. All children are safe anywhere they want to go. In full conscious co-creation with Nature, our biosphere thrives, providing abundant food for all the Earth’s creatures. All rivers and streams are drinkable and run crystal clear. Recreation and work become synonymous; with ample time for relaxation, playing with the children and building meaningful relationships.Money is a distant memory and material wealth are seldom thought or spoken about.Arts and culture flourish like never before.Technology has developed to responsibly provide for all our communications, travel, physical comforts and conveniences.

And so our children will grow and live happy and free in a vibrant, diverse, uncomplicated, humane and abundant world. And as they grow they will begin to comprehend the profound significance of our truly epic and timely global collaboration to consciously and collectively rise from the ashes of domination and destruction. Yet they will only be able to imagine what an incredible privilege it was for us to be alive on planet Earth during this fleeting window of astronomical opportunity.

Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing. ~Arundhati Roy

Galactic Activation Invitation (11min video)

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