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  • Headlines of the day II: EconoEcoGrecoFukuFoil
    via richardbrenneman.wordpress

    Today’s compendium of economic, political, and environmental events is a doozy. Starting with a taper at home we cover the latest developments in Europe, the Greek meltdown, Ukrainian angst and Russian manuvers, Latin American politics, Indian...

  • Ben Bernanke's Jackson Hole speech is out. The full speech is below. The basic gist seems to be: If things don't get better Fed can do more asset purchases, as past QE programs have worked. But there's little in there about extroardinary new measures...

  • (Zero Hedge) – With 2016 still fresh in most investors’ minds, and questions about 2017 pressing, here is a summary, courtesy of Goldman’s Allison Nathan, of where Goldman believes we closed out 2016, what is in store in the coming year, and ultimately...

  • Weekly Review, July 21st, 2012
    via lewis-mariani-research

        *** Silver (and Gold) remain range bound. Technically, we are still in a ‘coiled spring COT setup’ – with the bullion banks positioned for higher prices and speculators betting on downside momentum. *** THE WORLD...

  • Paul Krugman sends us to Binyamin Applebaum, who writes: Binyamin Appelbaum: Fed Dissenters Increasingly Vocal About Inflation Fears: “An increasingly vocal minority of Federal Reserve officials… …want the central bank to retreat more quickly from...

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