Niceslice Cloudaccess. But we are sad to announce that it will be our last. Our last day of slinging slices on Thayer will be April 15, so lets have a party...

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  • Las Vegas can become your greatest endeavor or worst nightmare. The difference relies on where you go, who you know, and the attitude you have while you’re there. Ask us how we know? Because combined, our staff has taken weekend trips, week long...

  • The No-Tipping Point (Rebroadcast)
    via freakonomics.blogs.nytimes

    Servers get tips and kitchen staff don’t, creating two tiers of employee. Danny Meyer wants to fix that. (Photo: Yuri Arcurs/Getty Images) Our latest Freakonomics Radio episode is called “No-Tipping Point (Rebroadcast).”  (You can subscribe to the podcast...

  • There’s no doubt about it, the food landscape is changing. words by Virginia Chamlee  //  photos by Agnes Lopez Though it may take a while, food trends—cupcakes, food trucks, anything with kale in it—will inevitably make...

  • Barton Creek North Rim 1700 Barton Creek Blvd Austin TX 78735 for $3,500,000 with 6,200 sq/ft built in 1998 on 4.00 acres with a 3 car garage. This 2 story home has 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms and is priced at $564.52 per sq/ft. Enjoy what may be the...

  • Food business is a kind of business which yields profits irrespective of the economic situation of a country. It is simply because they need to eat. Hence one can assume that food business is not as prone to such risky external factors as a number of...

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<font size='4' color='#ff0000'><b>IMPORTANT NOTICE:<br>We only deliver to downtown area. Please call us at (843)720-8816 to confir... popular pages

  • HOME

    HOME In the immortal words of Joe Strummer,...THIS IS A PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT! The month of March marks our 12 year anniversary here on Thayer St. but we are sad to a...


    PIZZA ABOUT OUR PIZZA This is our classic NY Style, Whole Wheat, Thin crust pizza. All pizzas are 18' and have 8 slices. These pizzas come with a blend of low moisture mozzarella and cheddar cheese, a...


    GLUTEN FREE PLAIN CHEESE $10         ADD. TOPPINGS $1EA. While our par baked pizza crusts are 100% gluten free, our pizzas are prepared to order in an enviroment with wheat flour present. We do our ve...

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