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  • Internet Exchange of India (NIXI) was setup by Government of India on 19th June, 2003, to enable the peering of ISPs among themselves for the purpose of routing the domestic traffic within the country. NIXI is managed and operated on a neutral basis...

    via icannwiki

    various corrrections ← Older revision Revision as of 17:25, 21 January 2015 Line 2: Line 2: | logo            = New APNIC logo.png | logo            = New APNIC logo.png | type            = Non-Profit | type            = Non-Profit − | industry...

  • Basic Principles of Domain Names
    via domainersmagazine

    Forensic investigations are often fueled by Domain and DNS research. However, In order to harness the power of domain-based investigations, it’s imperative to understand the anatomy of domains. You’ll notice a short list of critical information regarding...

  • Abstract This document describes a threat model for the context in which BGP path security mechanisms will be developed.  It assumes the context established by the SIDR WG charter, as of April 19, 2011.  The charter established two goals for the SIDR...

  • Shri Kapil Sibal, Union Minister for Communications and Information Technology launched the portal of National Internet Registry (NIR) here today. Speaking on the occasion Shri Sibal pointed out that unless this platform is inclusive, we will not be...

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SOCRATES is an international, refereed (peer-reviewed) and indexed scholarly hybrid open-access journal in Public Administration a...

True Engrossment of Reader is Real Profession of...

True Engrossment of Reader is Real Profession of a Writer. popular pages

  • Japan Network Information Center - JPNIC

    This page is trying to run JavaScript and your browser either does not support JavaScript or you may have turned-off JavaScript. If you have disabled JavaScript on your computer, please turn on JavaSc...

  • JPIRR登録者・利用者向けページ - JPNIC

    JPIRR登録者・利用者向けページ - JPNIC JavaScriptが無効になっています。JavaScriptを有効にしてご利用いただくことで、より快適にご利用いただけます。 JPIRR登録データ検索 ...

  • JPNICが前村昌紀をASO選出ICANN理事候補に推薦 - JPNIC

    JPNICが前村昌紀をASO選出ICANN理事候補に推薦 今後、意見募集(1月8日より4月7日23:59 UTCまで)、インタビュー、 ASOによる選定プロセスと続くことになります。 選出結果は2016年6月13日に発表される予定です。

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