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  • Oakland University needed to protect its web applications from security flaws, programming errors and other threats. It needed a solution that was compatible with its existing security audit tools and a variety of web development frameworks. The university...

  • ← Older revision Revision as of 12:53, 29 April 2014 Line 73: Line 73:   |-   |-   | {{MemberLinks|link=|logo=Mstar_logo.jpg}} ||MStar Semiconductor, Inc. (“MStar”) is a world-class leader...

  • Leave all your worries about rising cross-site scripting attacks, vulnerabilities, malicious activities, code injections and many other types of threats to us. Now you can simply keep safe your website with our advanced WHUK Site Scanner proven technology...

  • Open-source penetration-test automation
    via security.stackexchange

    What order do typical open-source penetration tests operate? Which tools are run first, second, third -- and how do you control them? Does one simply use Metasploit RC files? A network vulnerability scanner in a special way? A command-line, custom,...

  • Few people fully appreciate the difficulty in creating a web application security scanner that can actually work well against most sites. In addition, there is much debate about how much application security testing can be automated and how much needs...

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  • TRACE/TRACK Method Detected

    TRACE/TRACK Method Detected Impact It is possible to bypass the HttpOnly cookie limitation and read the cookies in a cross-site scripting attack by using the TRACE/TRACK method within an XmlHttpReques...

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