Kidkraft Designer Dollhouse 65156 is one that you should consider for purchasing. As it made up of quality wood, it is beautiful, enchanting and long lasting. As always, Kidkraft equipped this product with most beautiful and detail oriented of 14 pieces furniture including bed, chairs, bathtub, sink, lamp and more. These accessories are one of main parts for a dollhouse, since girls love to decorate rooms, rearrange the furniture or pretend play with their dolls. The furniture has a modern design, well-crafted and sturdy. Your daughter will excite to play it for hour by hour.

Read the rest of this entry to learn more about the specs, review and what’s inside this dollhouse. You can also find out where to get the lowest price.

Kidkraft Designer Dollhouse 65156 Features Description

When your little girl asks to buy a dollhouse as a gift, then you might want to choose a long lasting product, so she can play it for years, even as your child grows taller. If you have no knowledge in this area, then go shopping with your child and assisting them to choose their favorite one. The internet is a potent resource to find the best deals. It is also easier to purchase the product online than if you had to walking around at the mall.

The price is also another reason to choose online shopping, there are many discounts offered especially during the holiday season. Some stores even provide free shipping cost to their buyer. You can easily browse for available items including read the customer reviews for references. Once you and your daughter find the right dollhouse that suit to your budget and make your girls happy, then continue to check out and wait until it is delivered to your home within 1 to 3 days.

This house has 3 dynamic levels with different decoration in each level. There are 4 rooms inside the house including bedroom, bathroom, living room and kitchen. Each level is connected by 2 beautiful curved stairs. It is the whole package of fun for your little princess.

The house is build by considering to be played with dolls, so it has lots of side windows to see the dolls and accessories from many different angles. By a complete set of dollhouse, your daughter will be challenged to use her creativity in order to manage the house and play endless scenarios with her dolls. Most customers take less than an hour to put it all together. The effort and time spend to create this play environment for your daughter is totally worthy with their joy and laughter.

Kidkraft Designer Dollhouse Specification Details

Here are some features and specs that you need to learn:

This dollhouse has 4 big rooms on 3 levels of open space with one balcony and two staircases.

The side open-windows will let the kids see the house inside from many points of view

This dollhouse is large enough so your daughter can play this dollhouse with her friends

It’s made by high quality of wood to make smart and sturdy construction

It’s easy to assemble. Just follow the instruction well.

It is completed with complete set: bathroom set, bedroom set, dining set, and living room set with cute accessories and furniture.

This dollhouse is recommended for 36 months – 12 years kid

It has 21 pounds of weight or about 9.5 Kg

This kidkraft designer dollhouse 65156 dollhouse measures 13.6 x 45.7 x 33.5 inches or about 85.09 x 34.54 x 116.07 centimeters

Kidkraft Designer Dollhouse 65156 Editor’s Review

Here are pros and cons that you need to consider before you buy this dollhouse:


It is a well-built dollhouse with cute and modern design

The walls are bright and beautiful and the room is big enough to play on

The furniture that came with it was fun

It fitted most Barbie doll or other fashion doll size (up to 12-inch)

This dollhouse was very handy and took only an hour to put this thing together


Some customer mentioned that the assembly is a little tricky. Although some say it’s easy. You need to follow the direction carefully

Some also said that the stair doesn’t fit perfectly. But it’s not a big deal because the little girl won’t think it will be a big problem

Final Opinion (9.2/10)

This dollhouse will be a wonderful Christmas or birthday gift for your little girl. It’s beautiful, sturdy, stylish nice, and comes with complete furniture. It is also made by wood, to make it more sturdy and last for years.

Kidkraft Designer Dollhouse Best Price

If you’re sure that you want to buy this dollhouse, all you need to know is the right place to buy. I spent my time researching about dollhouses and found the lowest price with the best deal from some online retailers. You can get the best price for this Kidkraft Designer Dollhouse 65156 on these retailers:

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